What the fuck is this shit?! Is this god damn copy a cliché week?

We got one guy pulling the “evil twin” shit. We got another one doing the whole “I'm fighting my sibling” shit. Dawn's meeting with her arch rival?

Jesus, family done right here in SFT! All we need now is Grudge and Hayes to sit down and toke the peace pipe.

Yeah. I insulted you Hayes. It doesn't take much. Just mentioning your name is a fucking name is an insult to any language.

Back to the hot topics at hand.

Starting off with you!! That's right you!! I mean you!! You!!!!!

That would be Dawn.

So your going to kick me in the balls. Go ahead.

...Cracka whaaaa????

I want you to go overboard once we take out these two bitches out of OUR match! Go for it! I don't give a fuck! I aint using them anyway. Go ahead. Be the most fucking action I'm going to get for the next few months. Hell. Who the fuck would want to fuck this guy?

Hell the whores say they don't want to.

See Miranda. I helped you out. I love how that little witch keeps trying to act like she's so cool only talking to one person at a time in her promos which shows us all that she's got a script writer.


I would ask for originality, but I know “what” I am talking about.

Trying to “suck up” to the Fairy. How cute girl. Seriously. You're going to screw something that looks like Jacob Connelly?

Ohhh how the standards have fallen!

Then again what standards did you have to begin with?

Oh I could keep going and going and going on about how much of a whore you are, but that's like calling water wet.

No. I didn't say I'd get you wet. I already know I will once that match starts.

Wet...with your blood.

“You're a good bleeder Tax!”

Yeah. I do bleed a lot. It's because I can take it. You think you can beat me just because you can crack my face open and cause a lot of “damage”. Please. Blood splatters whenever you punch the wound. The damage you think you did is less than everyone is making it out to be.

But you know that don't you? After all you are a merc with a mouth.

I believe that like I believe this little attempt to show you're a badass. This sister sister shit isn't flying with me. All it shows me is where you are physically weak. I've been taking notes. Even though this fight looks faker than the final fight of a Rocky movie it does share so many secrets.

I hope you enjoy what I've learned.

Oh I know you think you have me figured out to. Not giving you to much credit, but you have your own strategy.

“Go in. Kick ass. Get out.”

Simple. To the point.

Except it's not going to work with me. Everything you think will work I'll still get up from and I will stop you. The whole point of this entire endevor is just to stop you and Fairy.

Why? Because you don't deserve it.

“I have just as much right...”

NO! You! Don't!

You have earned nothing! You have done nothing. You are nothing. This is all just a waste of all of our fucking times because I know what's going to be asked of us by Director Wilde. Carry her. She's not as good as you guys, but I want you to make her look good.

And we will laugh.

Taking a shit on you wouldn't improve your appeal.

Everything about you is a pathetic attempt at trying to become something your not. You are not this badass. You are a sad little girl who is trying to better than your sister. When are you going to start being your own person and stop living up to this horrid self image of yours.

You could be the best.

To bad for you. It will never happen. Title or not. You are not anything.

You never will be. So go drown yourself in a bottle of booze.

It's about your speed.

Now. Let's talk about Captain Fugly.

Hey Fairy! So nice of you to make mistake number fucking one!

You showed us who the hell you are. And guess what? It doesn't fucking matter! You jumped the shark for our kind you fucking idiot. Good job! You showed us who the fuck you are and now you are powerless. You have no fucking credibility to being this man beast. Face it Polly. You all ready lost!

Now I know what you are plotting in the back of your head. Ask yourself. When have I never walked into a place without a contingency. Besides. I still know something about your boy that people don't want said. I'll let this die down till tomorrow and then I will show the world exactly what you and your boy are made of.



Now let's talk about the one person who is kinda being ignored in this match. Dirk. Man. I really hope you step up your game man. I know you are my bro in the Axis bro, but this is your chance to prove that you belong in these main event situations. I'm asking you politely. Kick my ass.

Do it!

Come on. I want you to do it! I want it to be you or Dawn Dirk! Come on! You got to stop me! You are the only ones who have any chance of it because you know how I think better than anyone else!

Dirk. Do it.

Because I sure as hell will.

This match is just about to go to a level none of you thought of. The reason this is brief is because I got a lot to think about. You better hope I calm down.

I'm about to let loose the dogs of war.

I spent the rest of the evening trying to not to cause a scene. This isn't my family. I stayed in the back of the place. I talked to everyone who came up and wanted to say something to me. One of the kids asked me how I got my teeth this red. He thought it was cool. It's amazing what a little trick or two you know can add personality to what you try to do. I told him I'd tell him if he didn't try it without talking to his dad. The last person to show up is a gentlemen named Duke Steel. Trent and him don't get along that well. He's in a chair from a car accident. He was the only other wrestler out of the bunch who had any technical skills. The rest were power wrestlers or high risk wrestlers. Duke eyeballs me for a long time before he finally wheels himself over.

Duke Steel: So you're the little shit eh?

Ataxia: That's what I'm called by some. Nice to meet you sir.

Duke Steel: You fight like a pussy.

Ataxia: Well at least now I know I'm all wet.

Duke Steel: You make me sick.

Ataxia: I have that effect on people.

He smells of another type of turkey. I know why he is coming over here bugging me. Duke's daughter died a few years ago. She was Trent's goddaughter. He put on the Ataxia mask and became a hero in GCWA. A hero that his little girl always admired. Now I wear it. He spits on me.

Duke Steel:You fucking little bitch! What do you think of that?!

Ataxia: I think I should go get some more pie.

I stand to leave. Everyone is watching this and not interfering. They know better. He'll just get violent. For a man in a wheelchair he can still dead lift about seven hundred pounds. Trent is starting to get up, but Tracy stops him. Duke Steel: You don't deserve that mask! He shouldn't be here!

Trent Steel: Shut the fuck up.

Duke Steel: What the hell are you going to do? Beat me up! What else can you do to me ya fucking bastard! This little fuck is the big hero of the family. Fuck you! He's an asshole. He treated us all bad and because he's putting together this get together? You aint been right ever since you shot that fucking rapist!

The hurt on Trent's face. Like opening an old wound. Everyone in the family has tried to put it behind them. Denise starts to cry remembering what that bastard did to her. I know that look. Trent's mind is replaying it. Shooting the guys head off. Clean. The rest of the family has a new look of fear on their face as I turn and glare at Duke.

Ataxia: You need some air...

Before anyone stops me I kick the son of a bitch's chair sending him to the balcony. I am outside and tackling this fuck to the ground. I pick him up over my head. He weighs a ton but I don't care. I look down. We're on the tenth floor and I don't give a fuck if he can bounce from this height of not.

Duke Steel: Pu-Put me down!

Ataxia: Bad choice of words.

Miranda Steel: TAX!

I feel him get lighter. I didn't drop him. Frank, Justin, Tracy, and Cain have grabbed him. Trent walks over me and grabs me by the throat. I smile. I can't help it. It's my nature. Trent shakes his head to snap himself out of it. Ataxia: Are you all right now?

Trent Steel: Yes. Get him out of here Frank! You've worn out your welcome Duke.

Ataxia: I better leave to. Sorry...

I walk past everyone some with looks of disgust, but those in the business are trying to hide a smile. They've wanted to scare the shit out of Duke for years. Denise is in between me and the door.

Denise Steel: He...he didn't mean that.

Ataxia: I'm sorry.

Denise Steel: You. You have to understand. He's lost everything and...

Ataxia: Still doesn't give him the right to bring up that.

Denise Steel: Thank you.

Ataxia: For what?

Denise Steel: You stood up for me in a way. Trent's been the only one to do that besides my husband. It's hard. I still see Raul's face some days. It...It's hard.

Ataxia: I can't imagine what that's like. You have my sympathy. I need to get out of here now.

She hugs me. I...I really am not comfortable. I bolt out of there as fast as I can. Maybe I can get a taxi or something. Ha ha. Bad joke. As I walk down to the lobby I hear someone behind me. It's Miranda.

Miranda Steel: Hey! I'm coming with.

Ataxia: I'd rather you not.

Miranda Steel: What the fuck was that back there?


Miranda Steel: God damn it you answer me!

Ataxia: He brought up something he shouldn't have. I over reacted.

Miranda Steel: I have never seen you that way.

Ataxia: There is a lot you have never seen. Now let me go. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Miranda Steel:...all right.

She kisses me on the cheek. For a moment the rage subsides. I tell the hotel to call me a taxi. They do. I wait outside. It's cold. The heat is only warmed by my tears. I promised...I promised...I promised...God...fuck my life.