No. I'm not ready yet.

I sat in my room thinking about everything from the past. I watched the matches of my career. Matches against the greats. Matches against the losers. I spent time watching my enemies this week as well as my allies. I watch them all and take notes. I write what I need to know. I take notes of what they've seen from me to. I just have to wonder if I am ready yet.


Still not ready yet.

I wonder what she's doing right now. I normally have no distractions in a match. I have never really lost my head in a match before. I keep it all business. The trashtalk aside. It's all business. The goal is not to put someone over or to make a match look good. The goal is what my goal has always been for SFT. It's destruction.

I have to wonder just what I can do to get her off my mind. How can I focus on hurting someone when I have to fight four of the most dangerous people in SFT. They still only equal one opponent in CWF. Still. That's a risk I am not willing to take. I need to talk to an expert at separating this.

...Patience is a virtue. Let's see how much virtue you have. I know your quiver with antici...pation...AHAHAHAA...

I met up with Trent a day before the match.

Trent Steel: Hey.

Ataxia: Look. I got a problem.

Trent Steel: Yeah. You need to work on your form.

Ataxia: No.

Trent Steel: What?

Ataxia: I can't stop thinking about Miranda.

Trent Steel: She's got a big mouth don't tell me her trashtalk got to...oh...you mean my Miranda.

This awkward moment!!!...

Trent Steel: So...what do we do about this.

Ataxia: Look. I'm not going to tell her to be with me. You know that. I just...how do you focus on being brutal when all you feel is...happy.

Trent Steel: She makes you happy?

Ataxia: I know. I make it sound so dirty.

Trent Steel: For guys like us. It pretty much is.

Ataxia: So what do I do?

I feel like a kid asking his dad about sex. This is embarrassing. It's irritating. It's so damn stupid. He finally speaks after he lights up a marb.

Trent Steel: When you put on this mask are you a different person?

Ataxia: No. I'm me.

Trent Steel: Right. So be the person you were before you fell in love.


Trent Steel:...How long have you had this crush on my daughter?

Ataxia: You remember your retirement match?

Trent Steel:...Jesus Christ!

Ataxia: I'm sorry! Fuck me for having some fucking feelings!

Trent Steel: Kid. You got issues. Serious issues. You know that's not going to...

Ataxia: Stop telling me how you think reality works and tell me how to fix this! I don't want to fix it Trent. God damn it. For the first time in my life someone gets me. Me! Not who this person thinks I am under this name, or this person because of my birth name!

Trent Steel: That was low kid.

Ataxia: What do I do here? I'm in love with your daughter. I can't help that. That's part of who I am. What do I do to stay focused?

Trent Steel: If you don't do a hundred percent of what you should do in that ring you will disappoint her.


Trent Steel: Do you want to disappoint her?


Trent Steel: You got butterflies. You're a young kid in love. I know. I've been there. Now you gotta get your game face on. You got the one thing going for you that none of those assholes do.

Ataxia: What? The titles? The stupid prestige in this fuckwad of a federation! Tell me what I got?

Trent Steel: My daughter! You have to get up because she is worth getting up for. She is worth what you are going to put yourself through. You got a monster and a badass coming for you! You better kick this into overdrive. Now. If you don't...you're going to die.

Ataxia: So focus on her instead of fighting it.

Trent Steel: Best thing to do. Feel better?

Ataxia: Yeah. I couldn't promo.

Trent Steel: Good. You all right after last night?

Ataxia: Yeah. Sorry about your brother.

Trent Steel: I was talking about what you and I talked about on the balcony.

Ataxia:...yeah. I'm fine with that.

Trent Steel: Good. Now as for you and my daughter.

Ataxia: Yeah...

Trent Steel: You and I are going to have to settle this.

Ataxia: Rock. Paper. Scissors?

Trent Steel: No. Good luck. Next time. We're going to have to settle up.

He leaves. I know. I know this fight has been coming. Now I have something to look forward to. No fear. Because I know fear. It's not anyone for this world title. It's Trent Steel. My hands are shaking...with anticipation. With nothing to lose now...what do you have to lose kiddies.

Now I'm ready.

And you are all fucked.

So you are going to destroy me Fairy? How?

Threatening Jacob didn't scare him off did it? What can you threaten me with? You are going to destroy me? How? How can you hurt me? How can you hurt someone who has nothing to lose? If I lose this match what happens? I'm still National Champion and Hybrid Champion. I am still a threat to everyone in this federation. You want to shut me up get the fuck to the back of the line boy. I will forever keep talking about what you are and how much you suck at this. You have gotten lucky. If you honestly think that your luck has any chance now that you have been unmasked you are mistaken. You are a fool. Then again with a face like yours...I would be a fool to.

Everyone want to know the truth about Fairy boy?

He's going to fail.


Now onto the next one.

Dear Miranda Reizeger,

This is annoying. This way you promo is worse than the guy who just talks like I do. Seriously. Get a new way of trying to diliver your trashtalk. Comparing me to Bill? Really? I think you need to get your insults. I am not a republican shithead dummy. If you are going to insult me call me a misinformed Jon Stewart or a Stephen Colbert because I at least make people laugh with how I make you look like a moron. I'm sorry about calling you a slut. Everyone who is a slut or a whore has been insulted. I apologize to them. I will not apologize While I could spend my time countering everything you have said I just want to point this out to everyone. I've been healing up and you have been “fighting” with your sister. Let's think about this. If you are hurt. You're fucked. And we all know it. If you aren't well. You're still fucked. When I say get back up. I'm going to get up before you get that belt. You want that belt you are going to have to do the impossible and actually find a way to hurt me long enough to stop me. Good luck. You'll need it. I kinda hope you do. I get tired of proving just how week the SFT Elite are. I feel as if I have no challenge aside from Emerson. This is what I yearn for. Someone to fight. You ran last time. That's what you did. You ran from a fight bitch. You didn't prove anything other than that. Oh and I detect some fear in your voice. Maybe I should just give you a kiss. I think you'd like it. Then again I also think you'd like it if I took you out of this game so you could actually spend some time putting together a good ending to your story instead of a cliché. Seriously guys? You buying any of this because I want a refund of the few minutes of my life wasted by watching those piles of garbage this week. In short bitch I don't need to counter your trashtalk I already have.

You've all ready blinked once. Sincerely, with loathing and shitting in your mouth. Ataxia.

P.S. You still suck. Even with a style a four year old could make fun of.

P.P.S. Enjoy last place. I think Fairy will last longer.

P.M.S. Get over it!

Now onto Dawn and Dirky...

You two are going to be the highlight of this for me. This is going to be the hardest thing for me to do next to having to endure Lionel's and Miranda's promos. This is going to be hard. It's going to make me cry. I hate to put you two out of your misery, but if I have to save the world title for the stable I will. I will not strike you unless you start it. Remember that.

Stop me.


I grow tired of always coming out on top. I grow tired of winning even when I lose.

Someone stop me.

If you don't.

No one can...

I don't think you want to just yet...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Enjoy the agony of the ecstasy that is Ataxia kids.

I promise. You aint seen nothing yet.

Remember kids. You all want this damn thing. I don't care. I got nothing to lose...

And everyone to maim...