I love it!

(Pulls out plan B.)

You think that I didn't count on her possibly winning. It's fine. Everything is still going to fall.

Including. Excuse me who are you again? Oh yeah. “The King of Shoot” has become a hitman for hire.

I love how people talk about their “criminal” activities. Nice gimmick asshole.

Oh I'm so weak right now? Why?

Because I lost a match I never wanted to be in?

Kinda like I've won two titles I don't give a shit about?

So how exactly are you an equal to me? Because you think you are ultra violent enough to run with us “Action” champion?

First off. When I insulted you. You called out one of my stablemates. Tearing you apart was just to let you know your place. Guess I have to do this again. Sadness really. You think I am the “King of Shit-Talk”, but in reality I'm just a messiah.

Which means, shit for brains, I am beyond being a King. A king will do what's best for him and his kingdom no matter the cost save destroy it.

That's where I come in.

You and I are not the same. We never will be. You will never be on my level because you still care.

Deep down you still want to be a success.

Ataxia is a lot of things. Pun worthy, a medical condition, and the single most under wanted wrestler in any federation.

A dent in my armor. Child. Please. I wear a burlap looking mask on my face and wrestle in a cheap suit. Do you really need to find a dent in my armor? I'm a joke. I am a buffon. I am also damn better than you. You say I have been avoiding you? No.

I don't avoid shit I burn it.

You. Have had nothing I wanted. You still have nothing I wanted. Your little “rants” were to get attention. Yet. They never threw you in with me. Because they don't consider you a threat. Now. You've lost the belt and they want to make this match epic in the mind's of the bookers.

Let's clarify this. This is going to be just a repeat of when I fought Dawn. Except you will be the one pinned. We're going to take turns kicking your ass.

Oh, but what if Corby here is the newest member of that new stable we've heard so much about?


When have I ever not walked into a SFT arena without a plan. True. The Axis lost the world title. I've calculated what happens next into my plans. They will still go off without a hitch. Just with different circumstances.

So why do I keep winning. Because I don't care about losing. You have lost what makes you feel like something important. Hell if you can take both belts from me I will still be more stronger and still, more than likely, the one who will face Miranda for her precious thing that I don't give a fuck about.

And then if I win it. I'm selling it on ebay.

It's worthless but it'll fetch a good price from one of you.

Except you will never get it. Because unlike the rest of SFT you've squandered yourself into becoming a hitman.

Let me ask you a question.


How do you know I'm not going to be taking you out?

After all I can be anyone under this mask?

You wanna be famous. Try and figure that one out.

Because you are no “King” of anything.

Court Jester at best...which is really sad.

I'm the one that you fear the most because I get all that you want without giving a shit.

So please keep deluding yourself with puns and analysis of Las Vegas history to fill up time in your promos.

I've got better things to do.

I'm off to put on my mask and visit my family. You won't get to see this because it doesn't matter to anyone but me.

I got a secret for you though.

Come here.

When this messiah saves you all...He kills you all.