We fade in on the Bellagio hotel in Vegas. We see a hand in front of it doing the old viewfinder thing. We hear giggles as one of the gloved hands brings up a remote and pushes the big red button. A massive explosion occurs as we fade to black.

A pinnacle.

It's what we all strive to reach.

Professionally, Personally, and Physically. The peak of our supposed perfection. Once it is lost you can not ever achieve it again.

Your prime was a while ago wasn't it Evan?

Tell me. What are you really trying to prove?

That you can do it again after all of these years? Please. Do stop yourself.

You showed up running your mouth and decided to take pot shots at people. We all told you to go fuck off and basically you've been curtain jerking to mid carding ever since. I have really yet to see you have a main even caliber match. Yet, as champion, I am suppose to take all comers.

So why haven't I sought you out?

Two reasons. I don't care and you aren't worth my time.

Oh sure, you can strike it up to ego. Then again I think what really bothers you is that a guy like me gets more attention that a former world champion. You are no longer the “flavor” of this federation that everyone placates to.

Hell. Miranda is an annoying bitch.

At least she can back up her trash talk. You. You have been running your mouth for the past few months dissing people in positions of power and it's failed. You are no closer to your goal than when you started.

You think you are going to stop my title reign? How?

You have to beat me and and Dawn.

I dunno if your Sorik hardon is going to subside so please point that idiotic fanboy need away from my presence. You disgust me. A perfectly fine jobber trying to become something that he's not. Back in the day I could see why you were a champion.

After all. This was still a indy fed. Oh who am I kidding. It still is.

So why am I here right? Simple. Your front office seems to think my terrorism thing is just some gimmick. Silly people right? They think that I should have already destroyed this place if I was going to try. I enjoy this game so much don't you.

So tell me. When I destroy this place is it going to make you feel more like a failure?

What exactly do you have to do? Become world champion to prove that as an “old man” you still can? You will still lose it.

You will still be forgotten.

Nothing will change except your pay check.

How cute. Your response is so juvenile I can hardly believe they don't have a ghost writer for you.

Tell me if this “hitman” thing doesn't work out for you are going to become a plumer next?

Oh you dismiss me as a world champion? You are right I have never held that title here. Here's the thing. I've held it elsewhere in a place that mattered. You wanna call bullshit? Okay. Let's look at your argument. Do I care who faces Miranda. No. I'm just pointing out what the people in charge want to push. Let's look at whose in this match. Me, you, and Dawn. Dawn, sadly, to them doesn't deserve a shot. I've never had an interest in this belt save for during The Lethal Lottery when I wanted to use it to further another gold. The job is not about the world title. That's the point you fail to grasp with your wasted mind!

This match doesn't matter!

This title doesn't matter!

Breaking your face in because I enjoy watching fools and generally retarded bitches fail at their mediocre goals...priceless!

Oh you like to talk crap about The Axis. Wow. Still trying to get more “heat” by mentioning people far better than you? I thought you had moved on?

Oh well. Your point about the world title is meaningless. It's all meaningless. Have you not figured out exactly what I am doing now with your feeble mind? No. I wouldn't except you to. Because that would imply that you pay attention.

Right now your gameplan this week is to do these trashtalking promos at me to try and “win” some war of the words and hope to God it somehow deflates me.

Grow up.

I've been watching your old matches since this was announced. I've been training instead of spending time in Vegas like an asshat.

So go ahead.

Keep up this strategy of trying to make fun of the two people united in kicking your ass.

Like it or not. You know you are walking into a trap.

You want it. Come take it. Hell if you can pin me to the mat or Dawn and get it. Go right ahead. I don't need it for what I want. The only thing you will gain is something else that anyone can take from you.

When that happens are the bookers going to give you that shot you so desperately want?

Ask yourself...

Is it worth the world for you to lose your soul?


We fade in on Ataxia in a more spiffy tuxedo than usual is drinking a bottle of water in front of a movie set. Ataxia: Hi there. I'm Ataxia. A lot of you seem to think what you see on television is real. Evan Corbyn claims to be this and that and have his extravagant lifestyle. Also the question is do you care?

Ataxia walks off the set for a moment and we see he is in Antarctica.

Ataxia: You see here at SFT. We pride ourselves on hiding the truth from all of you. Unlike the rest of them I admit to a lot of things that are not what they seem. The thing is what happened in this promo's big opening will never happen again. I promise. Because I'm not going to bullshit you. I'm the most honest one in this bunch of bigots.

The background changes again to a creepy graveyard of a black and white movie. Ataxia is still colored.

Ataxia: You want to call me out? Fine. Stop me if you can prick. The truth of all things is this. The time is drawing near when fun things will happen in this federation and I will bring it to it's knee's.

The background changes to a clip of Evan Corbyn's head atop of Ron Jeremy's body.

Ataxia: And it won't be this video...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Fade to black...