Hehehe. This is funny.

You are actually talking about merchandise in a promo. What do I give a fuck about rather or not the colors are purple or plaid.

I get my part of the funds.

Which is use to buy what I need.

Which is more than you can ever get with your little promotion. I love the fact that your turning into "Shadow".

Oh I'm dishonest?


How exactly? From day one since the "incident" I have said what I am doing. That has not changed. Through titles and everything else I have stated the truth. You claim to be the one who always does this and I'm calling you out on it. You need SFT. I do not. This is a game.

I've already won. I'm just relishing in it.

See. Let's look at what I really have to lose in this match. Aside from nothing let's see what you still do not get from beating me. Number one, if you get the belt. Congrats. I still have a title. I'm still ranking high. Unlike you. I have never lost that title. First Champion in this oh so prestigious bullshit federation.

Suck it Corbyn I still am a winner by these standards that you have? And you will be on your way to failing to take anything from Miranda.

So maybe I should just let you have it.

I mean why should I beat the shit out of you when you are not worth it?

Simple. Because despite the fact that I don't need a title I am still a champion.

Besides watching you fail is quite damn hilarious. About time I got in on the act of making your last stand into a bigger joke than it is.

This "dishonest" masked man is going to make you, "shoot" artist, look like a fool.

Just like everyone else you've complained about. Could it just be possible that I am just better than you?

What power do you have?


What can you do to me?


"I'll take your title!"

Take it. CWF's World Title was the only one I cared about. See it's a measure of quality over quantity.

You know I am the name brand and well your the Food Lion cheap knockoff.

Oh if I give up the belt I'll be nothing.


Oh Evan. How surely you do not know what you speak of. Then again. I have a spoiler you do not. You want to meet the worst thing the wrestling world has ever seen when I remove this?

No boy. You don't.

I'm desperate though right?

No. You are. You are desperate to climb the ladder once more to make yourself important and get your little side project more glory.

I wouldn't blame you. Bad management is already it's fist strike.

You want to use me just like everyone else here. You see me as a stepping stone. That's fine. I want that. I want your overconfident ass to go nuts.

See all Dawn and I have to do is just bury you under ladders.

Oh shit has no one ever really mentioned that yet?

Ohhhhhhh nooooo!!!

Knockout blow?

He's right you know. I really have nothing left. I got nothing. I got...

Thank you inspirational movie trailer.

(Pops knuckles)

Ready for the final blow?

You keep telling me I'm some sort of fake. Like I have been lying to these people all these years? I'm afraid? Fuck you. You are afraid. You got psychological problems. Projection issues. You think that your fear of losing this match being placed one me is going to somehow unnerve me. Please Corbyn, you have to have more sense than this. This is a ladder match. You can not seriously think that you got the best chance here. Dawn is old. You're old. I'm still in my prime. Logistically speaking you got the numbers game against you. This is a lose situation for you.

Yet you keep trying. Admirable.

If I believed in such stupidity.

So if I am not here for the world title what am I here for? What is the purpose of all of this. What is the point of holding onto these belts? What is the deal with this man in the cheap ass mask?

It's so simple. I want to destroy this place. I will destroy this place. Because even if I lose. I still win.

I am still going to win.

If you win. Enjoy your "moral" victory. Because no one will be talking about the match, but they will talk about the aftermath I guarantee it.

I will break you old man.

They made a match where I can use a ladder against you.

You think you are "hardcore"?

Bitch. I will make you feel the truest of pains. One way or the other I will walk out of this match a champion. Either a double or a single. I will walk out of this match. You will be crying. You will have failed because they will still chant my name! I will still be standing above all others because no one can beat me! There is not a man in SFT who has a chance of truly stopping Ataxia!



I am the scum of the earth. I am the saint of all sinners. I am the one who does what has to be done.

You have to have it all.


You had a good career. Why did you come back?

There is a small voice in your head saying stupid shit. That's pride talking. Every good fighter has one good fight left in him. Maybe two. I'm going to take one of yours from you on those ladders.

I'm going to break your spine on the top of one of them. Let Dawn keep the belt.

I want your soul Evan Corbyn. If you think you are better than me prove it you chain smoking waste of life. A broken man with a broken dream trying to take on that which can not be stopped. It's any booker's dream.

And soon...you will live the nightmare.

You asked why I haven't faced you yet. Because I would do exactly what I say I will do now Evan.

I must break you.

Trent Steel: What the fuck was that?

Hark I do believe my mentor be angered with me. Trent Steel: What was that green screen crap about?

Ataxia: Umm. Screwing with my opponent.

Trent Steel: He's going to use that against you so much and make you look like a fool.

Ataxia: He smokes. He's all ready a fool.

Oh. I got the death glare. It's Christmas already.

Trent Steel: When are you going to start taking these guys seriously?

Ataxia: When it gets serious enough.

Trent Steel: I am beginning to think you don't have a plan for this at all. You're just fucking with these people.

Ataxia: I have a plan. You just aren't stepping back enough to see it. Besides. If you could figure it out you'd stop me.

Trent Steel: Oh. We're going down this road again?

Ataxia: You keep pushing me old man.

Trent Steel: Swing bitch.

My cellphone rings. It's someone I actually want to talk to. I smile.

Ataxia: Another time.

I walk away. He's fuming. I think this is starting to come to a head. He wants to beat me up. He wants to do it. I want him to do it. I want this to be over.

Ataxia: Hello Cuddlebug.

Miranda Steel:(on the phone) Hey Tax.

Let's see how long this takes to blow up in my face.

So now it comes to this Dawn.

You and I once again. Such a successful fight that everyone wants to add more people to the sequels. This time I hope we can have no interference. You want to the belt. Go for it. I won't hate you for it. Everyone is expecting me to say it's your fault that the Axis doesn't have the World Title anymore. That's not true. You did your best. Now you are going to do your best again. That bitch is having to take a week off to recover. You and I are still fighting. Everyone else in that match is fighting and she is hiding like the coward she is.

So understand me. This is going to be an epic ladder match. We are the whole f'n show. Let's see how you fair.

I expect you to at least be something of a challenge.

As for the one who doesn't belong.

You want the final blow? You want the last word? No. You don't get that. You want a shoot. Okay. I'll show you how it's done.

You fucking suck. You are the worst god damn wrestler I have ever fucking seen you pathetic pile of predisposed paste. You can't fucking fight. Your technique is all wrong. You have no skills anymore. Your slow. Your knee's are starting to go and you don't even realize it. I'm going to break you in half without even trying you pathetic waste of old man.

Now what did that accomplish.

That's how I "feel" about you. Is it the truth? No. It's your perspective. Way to many people mistake their point of view for truth. The truth is this place sucks. Yet, I try to fix it the best way I know how.

You. You use this company to get what you want.

Hello Shadow. I didn't know you had a really ugly son.

Maybe you should quit jerking off on toilet seats.

As for you Evan. I hope your federation fails. I want it to blow up in your face. Since I “never” get what I want it means it will do well. I do hope you make a better promoter than a wrestler.

Your promos suck.

Get a better writer.

Above all else learn your place "hitman".

It's called a bait. It's called I fucked with you to talk about something to ignore the fact. The fact is this ladder match is going to show your true fate. Falling down the ladder of success with no chance to grab onto a rung anymore. This is going to be the beginning of the end for you.

I would feel sympathy.

However, This is what you "wanted".

Maybe you should have just settled for what you deserved.

Pleasant dreams. The nightmare begins soon...

And by the way. The cigarette doesn't make you look cool. It's about as effective as this mask making me look threatening.