Little pieces of the game. How do I get you to come into play?
Little things that should not be.
Little things that will not heed?
Let those who think they know the game.
Be stopped by my dark refrain.
This game is mine to play and run.
So sit back fair audience, and enjoy the fun.
This madness wrought shall be quite salivating.
To thine bloodthirsty appetites concernings.
I am that which should not be.
A pawn that has become king.
Let those who try to figure it out.
Their minds are forfeit to figure it out.
They think they know.
They know think they.
Ka lew. Ka lay. Come run away.
The Messiah Pariah rises.
As this Shadow...falls.

So what do we have here?

We have Kyle Murphy running away like a little bitch. That's what you did Kyle. Did the thought of me beating you again just seem to much to bear? I guess so. You ran coward. End of story. Oh sure we won the match, but damn did I get it.

I got...a fool.

Let's look at the big picture shall we?

Everything is still going according to my plans. As a matter of fact. This plays right into it very nicely. So thank you Josh Konnely.

Former SFT this, that, and the other. Come down from his exile from the spotlight to take little old me out? Well. I guess I should feel honored. Merely another of the masses of attention wanting fools who have won slight fame here.

What makes you different.

“I can stop you.”

Really? Another one trying to stop me? I doubt it. That's a routine that has gotten older than even my tired old facade.

Just what exactly is your purpose in all of this? The returning hero? Here to take the last “title” off of a once up and coming superstar? Are we really playing out this pathetic role in the dramas of wrestling?

Oh no. Not by a long shot.

See. I've already won. You've already helped me. Even when I lose I still win. If you had enough coherence to follow along it'll make perfect sense to you. If you are obsessed with your own self and ego well...I pity you among the rest of the foolish.

Most of you don't look at the big picture. You focus on a goal. A prize. A symbol of your worth. The World Title of SFT is the thing most you attribute this attribute to. Tell me though. What do you do after you win it. Over and over you keep winning this thing and then you still aren't “the best”. Are you following in Evan Corbyn's foolish path of trying to get one more run? Are you merely here out of boredom? Money? Power? Or perhaps you just really hate how annoying my promos are.

Maybe a “friend” put you up to this.

How you got here or why is not the problem though. The problem is your assumption that this is going to be easy. It's not. For one thing. The only reason you are even getting this is because of me.

I did what no one in the front office is doing. I made this match happen. You are just simply the lamb they sent to slaughter. If you win. It gives the title prestige. If I win. It gives the title prestige. Win. Win. Gotta love it.

This is suppose to be simple isn't it?

Rarely is it ever going to be that way.

Now. Right now. A lot of people are wondering what I have planned for “Everything Ends”. Truth is the plan is already in motion. It's been in motion every day since I signed the contract. Step by step things have aligned just the way I needed them to. Am I being cryptic. No. I'm just being honest.

Truth is always stranger than Fiction.

This is not the Grand Arena. I am not some two bit comic book villain. I am more than some man in a mask. I am an ideal. An ideal that will not be stopped by the likes of someone seeking former glory or trying to reprove themselves.

I suggest you evaluate why you are doing this before you step into that ring.

I aim to misbehave.

I've been to kind for to long.

You know the best part about all of this. Is that no one see's what is coming. For months I have played everyone save for my stablemates. It's about to pay off big time. I just need to call in my nemesis.

To bad. It isn't you. It isn't anyone of you because I know none of you can handle the job.

Enjoy your time before our match. It might be the last time anyone looks at you as a threat.


It came without ribbons. It came without tags.

We hear the sound of a gunshot.

It came without packages, boxes, or bags.

The sound of a child crying.

It will keep coming no matter what you do.

A old apartment building set for demolition.

It's coming again. So sad so soon.

We see Ataxia in a dark room. One overhead light is on over top of him. We see pictures of people that we have never seen before with their faces cut out. He spreads them out over a desk.

Ataxia: Oh what a tangled life you lead. Oh what a wonderful person you could have been. You had it all and you walked away from it. Soon. Very soon. It will be your greatest challenge to take on me. You don't know it yet, but I can't help but feel sorry. Sorry I have used you in such a way. You have to understand though that this is the way it has to be. I have to manipulate what I must to get what is needed. It's not about what I want. I would not ever want to do this. I wish I could let you just lie down in the life you have made for yourself now.

He sighs. He holds up a photo that has the whole body cut out.

Ataxia: If God would allow one thing to be forgiven I hope this is it. I am sorry old warrior. You have one more fight left to lose. One more challenge left to face. One more mask to claim.

Ataxia turns to the camera.

Ataxia: Not quite the angel nor the one that fell...after this...I know I will go straight to hell. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA...

Fade to Black.