We fade in on Ataxia standing over a grave. No it's not just a random cemetery. The name is blurred out. Ataxia spits on the headstone.

Ataxia: You and I have never spoken before. I didn't want to come out here. I figured I should at least let you know something. I hate your fucking guts. If there is a hell. I know you are there. You ruined so many lives with one bad day. Here I stand because of you. I'd piss on you, but that would be an insult to piss.

The camera moves down away from Ataxia's face as he takes off the mask. It dangles in his right hand as he continues to speak.

Ataxia: I wonder. Just what would you say to me? Oh, I know quite a few topics we would argue about. I'm glad your dead except for one thing. If you were alive. I'd kill you myself. You are a pillar of ruin. I sadly have as a foundation. I will make amends for what you did. Even if it means I end up right there besides you.

He leaves the mask on the headstone.

Ataxia: See ya soon...

Fade to black.

Oh look another wrestler got a copy of a medical journal. Who hasn't tried this since Corbyn did it a few months ago? That was your intro insult. Please. Do us all a favor and quit using the ghostwriter of SFT he really is a one trick pony. Kinda like your mom.

That joke right there. Less lame then the whole diatribe of talking about the medical condition to fill up time in your promo. Now that I've heard you speak it makes me wonder just how did someone like you ever become popular. “Hard work”. Bullshit. The hardest worker in this place is Emerson and he has never gotten where you were. Maybe it was the lackluster competition back in the day. Whose to say. Oh you can say what you want to about me, but the truth is you have no way of really knowing how this is going to turn out. You have never faced me other than your “attack” on me. By the way did you wonder why that went so easy? I let you get what you wanted.

Jigga What???

I let you get your little exhibition fight out of the way. I did it because I knew the second you walked out that you were the next moron up for bids. So why not make you look good for the buyrate for the pay per view. Former World Champion versus Future Destroyer! Old versus new! Tradition versus...well me. Oh how cute you are making a comparison oh me to three people no one cares about. Kind of like what I just did by making fun of your name. That's what you are doing to me right? I mean it's really easy to make fun of someone's name. I could say, for example, what's “joshing” you? That would be a waste of time though. Sort of like why you keep questioning the name choice without doing any research into who I am. “But I have never faced you before.” Right. You worked here before though. Which means you probably watch the damn television show or the pay per views to see how your “old timey friends and foes” are holding out without you. Just fine I'd wager. After all. Just like everyone else including me you are replaceable. Gone is the day of Josh Konnely being the world champion and is replaced by a gutter slut. Oh how the jobbers did rise. Oh how the mighty indy fed regressed back to the bingo hall.

I didn't pick this name. I am the second man to wear this mask. If you were smart. If you were a bit of a researcher. If you were giving this any real effort you would have known that.

I do believe you have been “called out” on your lack of being a real competitor.

I would go into it, and I might later just so you can actually sound like a competent opponent. This whole holier than thou crap may work with the yocals around here, but I find it to be rather shallow.

You wish to use the bible as filler?

How sad.

The most misquoted and misrepresented thing in the English speaking world. I could go into so many bad jokes right now. I could rip this old testament diatribe to pieces. You are not some biblical holy man. This is not some war between heaven and earth...despite what certain promos of one Lionel Kingston might suggest. You are a wrestler. This is a title. We fight for these. So stop making this some sort of religious quest to defeat the evil. When it's not.

It's about me proving you are a hoax.

Kyle Murphy is a self serving egomaniac? NO! Surely not! You lie! You lie like a “virgin” on prom night. I know he's a damn egomaniac. He ran from the fight just like he has run from me ever since I DVD'd his stupid ass through a table! He's a coward. He's hiding behind you. That's the best part about this whole thing is you are the “sacrificial” lamb to keep me from coming at him at the pay per view.

In theory.

So you want my title?


Why is it this that brings you back?

This has interested you since it's first been mentioned?

So where were you during the tournament?

You know the one I won to become the first man to have this title. I am the first champion to a title. A rare thing in the world of professional wrestling these days. Only until I beat the hell out of someone did they finally give me a defense. So I ask you again. Where were you?

Where were any of you?

Every single one of you who use to be somebody seems to have decided to show their face after I got here. It's like I am a magnet for old wrestlers who want to have one last go around. Hell. It's not even really old ones. No. It's like guys who just got bored, got scared, or just didn't have anything better to do are all coming out of the woodwork. So you put me into a very interesting mindset.

What makes you different?

Your MMA like style? Cracka please.

I did MMA for years before stepping foot in a wrestling ring. I am not some cheap theatrical wrestler. Ataxia is a parody of that. Something you would know if you actually did some thinking and decided “Hey. I might wanna check up on the guy.” I've done my research on you as well.

I'd start praying now. I really would. Because in every other facet of reality. God exists.

Except in that ring.

In that ring. He isn't going to help you. If he did he would have done it years ago. If anyone embodies a unforgivable sin.

It's me.

The best part. I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't even commit the crime. I am a reminder of something that should have stayed buried. Kind of like you.

You have done impressive things. You are humble to a degree. You do not call yourself King. You do not parade around here like I owe you something just to be in your presence.

I find that admirable. I just wanted to let you know that there is a bit of respect that I have for you because you are the first one of these so called “fighters” since Jacob to stand up to me for this belt. You are giving me what I want one way or the other. This is where I say may the best man win and all that shit.


Because he won't. Because you are the better man. I wish I could have the faith that you do. I bet you don't like my moniker do you? “The Messiah Pariah” may seem sacrilegious but in reality Josh it's not meant with any doctrine.

A messiah saves those who can't save themselves. A pariah is the person you don't want anywhere near you. A contradiction that best describes me.

I'm not the one you want to save you.

I'm the one that has to.

So you are a good guy eh? Always does the right thing?

Do you do the right thing for you or the right thing for others? It's a question I always want to know how “good guys” think. You see. I'm a former world champion to. You would know that if you paid attention, but hey he who is sinless cast the first stone. When it came to doing the right thing for me it would have been to pull politics and kept my world title when I had it. Instead of taking a match with two of the most amazing wrestlers I have ever faced. I lost. I learned something that night. Something that I feel you know, but you chose to ignore.

Titles don't mean shit!

So remember that when you lose that this isn't the end. Do not be like Kyle Murphy and run away like a coward.

As for rather or not you are the best at making people tap. You maybe. I'm also the man with the highest pain tolerance in SFT next to Nirvana and Hect.

So good luck with making me tap. I would be careful about that claim though. It might change in the blink of an eye that you are second best at it.

I will not point out the flaws in your styles because that would be futile. I hope they help you. Against me though they might just get you broken.

You are going to break down my walls?

Sorry Jericho. Not in this lifetime. You beat me. I applaud you. I laugh. I still stand tall. Because dear boy. Titles mean nothing. Even when I lose I still win.

At Everything Ends my true rival will reveal himself. When he does. The rest of you...will be a footnote to history.

I'll pray for you. I will. I will pray that I get bored. I will pray that I will take pity on you. Because God will not save you. Mercy will not rain down. There is no mercy from Ataxia. There is only sweet release when I stand over you.

Hit me with your best shot. Hit me as hard as you can. I want you to. I want you to do it. Because after you've done all you can. I will stand up. When that happens. I will laugh. I will cackle to the heavens. You will know that I am not like anyone else you have faced.

Nothing ever ends.

New things just begin.

Arise Ragnarok. For the end is nigh.

Since you like to quote things. I'll quote something on par with your biblical inclinations.

“I regret trifling with married women. I'm thoroughly ashamed at cheating at cards. I deplore my occasional departures from the truth. Forgive me for taking your name in vain, my Saturday drunkenness, my Sunday sloth. Above all, forgive me for the men I've killed in anger...and those I am about to. ”

It's from a John Wayne movie.

It's appropriate because it's one of the few times the heroic image of Wayne actually died in a movie.

Enjoy your few moments left of peace.


We fade in outside of a hotel room. A female hand knocks on the door. The door opens to see Ataxia in plain clothes still wearing the mask.

Ataxia: Hey Miranda.

Miranda Steel: Hey.

Ataxia: What's with the camera?

Miranda Steel: Well I wanted to get your reaction to your Christmas present.

Ataxia:...okay. You present is back home. Sorry. I couldn't get it through customs.

Miranda hands Ataxia a black box that says “Bite me” on it. Ataxia opens it. It's a ipod player. One of those speaker systems you can hook your ipod up to. It has a new ipod with it.

Ataxia: Cute. It's black just like I always want...

Miranda pushes play on the ipod and the opening cords to “All I want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey starts playing. Ataxia is a bit taken aback by this as she walks into the hotel room. He puts the system down on the lamp table. She puts the camera down on the bed. We finally see her wearing a long black coat, black pants, and black boots.

Miranda Steel: All I want is you. The real you.

Ataxia: That...Miranda. This is way to complicated. I...

She kisses him. On the lips through the mask.

Miranda Steel: This is the real you. I don't care who you are under the mask. So. For now. You leave it on. All right?

Ataxia: I...I...

Miranda Steel: Just shut up and kiss me.

He leans in and does. This is not going to end well if it goes out. The wrath of Trent Steel is going to be vicious. Who says bad guys can't get the girl. Fade to Black.