The road to hell is paved with good "intentions."

You intend to offend. Well, I hate to break this to you. You don't offend me. You never will offend me. You call me boring and unoriginal. I say. You're right. I don't do...


To build suspense.







That's the purpose of it. My whole "gimmick" if you will is a parody. Do you not grasp this? Of course not. Because a parody should not rise as high as I have. I agree with you. I think it's downright shame that anyone finds me to be anything more than a joke.

So why are you taking me so...

No. We are not going to go for that cliche. We are better than that. At least I am. You want to say I sit around and say nothing important. That nothing we do makes sense. Well. I disagree with that, but if I were in your position. If I was "gifted" with your "vision" of how things are. I would say the same thing. The difference between us is really a matter of perspective. See, you may have everyone else in the Axis annoyed. You may have everyone else in my little "stable" feeling like we should rip your face off and feed it to you.

I personally don't give a fuck about you.

I never really have. Oh sure, you "beat" me in a match. Did you really "beat" me though? Did I retire? Did I walk away? No. I believe that was you. Truth is aside from my "involuntary" vacation, to which I still wrestled non sanctioned, I haven't walked away from the program a day. I've always been here. Consistency, even unoriginal and boring as it is, pays off. I could point to Emerson. However, I actually am glad he's got a shot at the title. Because I don't care about that title. It doesn't fit into my plans right now.

That's probably what confuses you about me. How I can be so apathetic to the world title and yet I go crazy over this Hybrid thing. It's not really the title that gets me going it's the promise that the owners made to the fans to do something different. To do something unique. They failed at that. So I decided to do what the front office didn't want and push for this to be defended. Not for my own ego mind you. I decided to do it for the "good" of SFT.

Because the more attention on SFT. The more I win when it all goes kablooey. Oh, and I would love to hear what you think about my plan to destroy SFT, but let's be honest. You don't think I can do it and you don't see, or know, what I am doing. That's fine. I'm okay with that Gary. I am okay with you living with such a limited mindset. The limiting factor of how you see the world is going to be what undoes your own future. You don't seem to grasp that everything is going according to my plan. Now, if you took this serious, then you would say well...I'm going against your plan. You sure about that? I've planned this down for every single situation that gets thrown at me. Believe it or not. I knew you would come back.

It was just a matter of time. Sorry, that was mean of me. You are at least a knight. The moves you make on the board are quite interesting. You can pull off a great few moves, but either way. No matter which move you make. Is going to work in my favor. Because you don't know the plan. You can't figure it out. I'm not saying you are not smart enough. It's not a matter of intelligence. It's a matter of seeing things the way I see it. You see the world as you do Gary. Let's be honest here. You see me as something that should not be.

It's safe to say you don't like me at all.

And I don't care.

Your feelings, although justified by your own perspective, mean nothing to the grand equation. That's something that I feel bad about, but yet, you bring it upon yourself. No matter what you do Gary Mac. I still win.

It's just a matter of what is my goal?

"I beat him in a match and he can't say shit to me." Interesting philosophy, but what happens when I do beat you? It's bound to happen at some point. Let's be honest. In this match right now. Dirk and I could pin Josh or Kyle and we would win. You would lose. By the record books which is what you seem to care about. I mean, if we want to be honest, I've already "beaten" Johnny Legend.

I beat someone in the "Hall of Fame". Thanks to you and your little friend.

Where was the part where you were suppose to be considered a threat again? I'm not saying that you have bad intentions. You don't. I mean, in any other situation, I would see things your way. I'm not a bad guy Gary. I just don't think like you do. It's nothing wrong. In your perspective we are scum. We are useless. We are over hyped losers. In most of the Axis mindset. You, Ace, Legend, and Miranda are all attention whores who can't stand to not be the center of attention.

That's not my mindset. That's everyone else's.

I see things in a different light. This is a philosophical debate that will be measured in who stands at the end of it. Wins and loses. Titles and Triumphs. They matter not. What matters is not who wins little battles, but who wins the war! You might have a setback this week. Is that going to stop you or motivate you?

I'm being perfectly honest right now, but I know you won't see it that way. You will call me a manipulative little fuck or some version of that. I won't deny it. I am manipulating everyone. That's what I do. I do it damn well to because I'm still getting what I want.

Now you and your friend decided to beat me up before the bell rang. Good for you. What did that accomplish? You hurt me? I'm feeling fine. I'm walking just fine. For all the damaged Johnny did. Doc says I'm fine. My leg will be more than fine by the time Titans rolls around. There is no real hurt here. Now. This is a tag team match. You. Gary Mac. May beat me. But...what happens if you don't get tagged?

What if it's Ace that gets pinned by me, Dirk, Kyle, or Josh?

Are you still the "awesome" tag team? Are you still the rightful heirs to the tag team championships that I really could care less about other than what it gives me. To me, It means nothing. It is a pair of backwards weight belts with gold plating and smelly undercoating of man sweat and spandex.

To you. It means something more. I can respect that. I can even remember being the same way about my world title. My crowing achievement. Yet. I do not think that way anymore.


Not to add suspense. Just to give you the logic. It's a simple question. Why does it not matter to me? Because quite frankly after all the hype. After all the glam. The glory. The history. This place is still a glorified backyard wrestling federation. It's baseline entertainment without people like me.

Fact. You wouldn't be this pissed off if we weren't so damn annoying. Now you got your beef with Nirvana, Dawn, and Dirk. What's your problem with me? Unoriginality. Then you better start beating up everyone else including you. How unoriginal is it to be offensive just to be offensive. You wanna be Dennis Leary just to get attention? Or do you want to be thought provoking like Bill Hicks?

It's a choice Gary. You chose to be what you are. Nature vs Nurture doesn't even come into play. You can fight it or you can be ruled by it. There is always a choice.

And it's not a wrong choice you have made.

It's simply different from mine.

Now the question is do you need to understand me to beat me? No. To beat me though you have to actually be able to stop me. Which you can't do. Because you refuse to see the truth.

The lie. This is what the whole business is about. It's about a triumph. The fans pay to see a triumph. Either a positive or a negative. The hero they cheer. The villain they hate. It matters not who really wins. The payoff. To some of them this is as close as they will ever see some form of retribution. Life is shit. We all know this. To some extent this sport gives people a merit of what is suppose to happen when it usually doesn't. They have a perspective of "good over evil", but it may not be your perspective of that.

To you. You are doing the right thing. By trying to stop us you are doing what you think is best for "the business" or whatever.

To the rest of the Axis. You are some kind of boogeyman trying to take our spot as the most dominant stable in SFT.

To me. Well. You're of no importance. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think to highly of my opponents. It's nothing personal it's just I think everyone here is a pile of shit. This "war of the words" we do week in and week out is nothing more than flavor to the matches we have to fight against each other. Let's face facts. "We have to wait for you to promo." At least I promo. I don't wait till the last day so that you run out of material. If I go first I will bury you into a hole that you will not get out of, in a verbal sense. Besides if I did change up my habits Gary.

What would you have to talk about in your promos?

There is only so much you can say.



Well you figure it out. I have faith you are that competent. I love how you keep playing to this “unwritten” set of rules that I am suppose to qualify under. That I am suppose to care about this belt or that belt or if this guy beat me or if that guy beat me.

Let's look at it as what it is. If you say. "I haven beaten every member of the Axis!" Okay. So what happens when you finally lose a match? You kind of lose your argument or people look t you as "well he got lucky." You will probably say the same thing and another match will happen. One way or the other you look like a god damn moron.

Then you got me. Who "even when I lose I still win" philosophy means flat out it doesn't matter. Every time I have lost a match one or two things has happened. No one has cared, because's a guy in a cheap suit with a bag on his head. How could he beat such and such. The other is "Damn. Did you see what he did last night!" "He lost." "So?" Do we get it now or do I have to dumb this down and repeat myself some more before you get it.

People don't expect me to beat a guy like you.

That's fine. Let them keep their expectations. However, if you want to keep helping me out I suggest you do something fucking dumb again in this match. You know that whole grabbing me before it's done so your guy loses. I guess it's only "Gary Mac" who can beat The Axis one on one huh?

No doubt you will have a lot to say to me before the final "team" promo is delivered and I will wait. Not because I fear you. Not because I have nothing to say.



Annoys. bitch.

I've already won.

It feels like a long time since I stepped foot into a place that wasn't a hotel. It's odd being here. It's not really a home per say. It's "Seth's" home. I think Zenith is taking this "identity crisis" a little far, but who am I to talk shit about another person's weird behavior. I took him up on his offer to hang out at the house just because it would save me from staying in a hotel. Don't get me wrong. I got no problems with the guy, but just because we get a new member doesn't mean I don't have my hesitations. The one good thing about this is he said that Miranda could come visit me while I am here. Very nice offer. I think I'll take him up on it.

We fade in on Miranda Steel walking into the mansion of "Seth". It's a pretty nice place...although it's starting to look a little trashed. We see Ataxia meet her at the door and give her a kiss. He's wearing street clothes: black and purple "Axis" jacket, Black and green "Messiah Pariah" t-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. His hands are still gloved and of course he is wearing the mask. Miranda is dressed in a cute little black dress and matching knee high boots. She gets done kissing Ataxia and gets a strange look on her face.

Miranda Steel: Is that...Zenith not wearing any clothes?

Ataxia: Don't look directly at his butt it'll blind you. Outside! Now! For the love of all that is holy!

The two dash out of there like Scooby and Shaggy after a big sandwich!

Ataxia: Gah! He does this all the time.

Miranda Steel: I thought you didn't have a problem with nudity?

Ataxia: I don't. It's just he likes to bend over in front of us and do hammer a nail into the floor.

Miranda Steel: Creeping you out?

Ataxia: No. But I do like eating without the taste of vomit coming up.

From the bushes from the front of the mansion to arms reach out and grab Ataxia! Dirk is wearing a purple and black "Glitter and Gore" t-shirt, black leather pants, and stylish black boots.

Dirk Roman: Tickle Attack!


Dirk Roman: Oh wait you're the one who is not tickle...Ohhhh so you finally brought her to meet us!

Ataxia: What are you talking about?

Dirk Roman: Well. I've met Miranda before, but it's not official until it happens in a promo or on camera!

Ataxia: Wow. That sounds stupid.

Dirk Roman: Sorry. Using DI logic.

Miranda Steel: Oh god.

Ataxia: Please don't torment her like that. She already had to endure watching one Gary Mac promo this week.

Dirk Roman: You poor thing!

Dirk wraps his arms around Miranda and lifts her up in a bear hug.

Dirk Roman: I'll go get my dolls. You can show us where he touched you.

Ataxia: Gary hasn't laid a hand on her.

Dirk Roman: I know. I wanna know where you touched her. She's so cute!

Dirk pulls Miranda in close to him and pets her hair. She looks like she's about ready to punch him.

Ataxia: Dirk. I think you better let go of my girlfriend before she hurts you.

Dirk Roman: GIRLFRIEND!!!

Ataxia is now the one in the choke hug of death.

Dirk Roman: Oh I'm so proud of you. You finally got up enough balls to go out and get what you want.

Ataxia: Dirf...Um gunuh hurf ru.

Dirk Roman: Tease.

We see Miranda is holding her sides laughing at this predicament.

Miranda Steel: sides. Tax. Why haven't we hung out with him more?

Ataxia: I didn't know if you could handle his fabulous insanity.

Miranda Steel: I thought you just wanted to keep me away from your boyfriend.


Dirk Roman:...(blushes)

Ataxia: We are not...

Dirk Roman: Shhh...

Dirk puts his right index finger up to Ataxia's black painted lips.

Dirk Roman: My little gory butterfly. Ours is a love that can not be denied.

They move in close like they are about to kiss. Then Ataxia burps.

Dirk Roman: (sniff sniff) Did you eat Beef Ramen and Vienna Sausages?

Ataxia: Yup!

Dirk Roman: I feel dirty.

Miranda Steel: Ick! Mouthwash before you kiss me again.

Ataxia: But...

Miranda Steel: Now!

Ataxia sighs as he goes back inside. Dirk laughs as he turns to Miranda. He holds out a DVD case and hands it to her.

Dirk Roman: Tell Tax I found what he was looking for. I'm sure he's going to enjoy this.

Miranda Steel: What is it?

Dirk Roman: Proof.

Miranda Steel: Of?

Dirk Roman: How awesome he is. By the way. You and I have something to settle.

Miranda Steel: Oh? What is that?

Dirk Roman: You are coming over tonight with Tax and we are going to have some bonding time. It's time you get welcomed into the family properly.

Miranda Steel: Glad you want to talk to me. My dad still hasn't returned my calls.

Dirk Roman: Oh. Mr. Steel? Nirvy's told me so much about him. He sounds like fun.

Miranda Steel: This guy sets his best friend's face on fire a lot. You think he sounds fun?

Dirk Roman: I think he needs a hug.

Miranda takes the DVD and gives Dirk a strange look. There is a envelope with it. She looks at it and is about to open it when Ataxia snatches it out of her hand.

Ataxia: Mine! (grabs her) Mine! We'll see you later.

Dirk Roman: Toodles!

The two go off for some alone time as Dirk heads back into the house.

Dirk Roman:...OHHHH NAKED PARTY!!!

For to black epically fast...

So we got another team and a half of another to go. The reason I let Mac go first is so he can pop out another stupid promo where he says this and that and we get a classy scene with him and his monkey. So let's start off with Murphy.

Thought you could get away? Thought you could avoid your "Glitter and Gore" beatdown? Thought you could get out of doing this by leaving your partner out to dry. What did it get you. A loss at a pay per view and right back where I want you. You are right back where you didn't want to be.

Across the ring from me.

You are going to run and hide like a bitch now or are you actually going to fight this time? Are you actually going to try and be a wrestler or are you just going to continue being a poser. Hayes. For all of the problems I have with that moron at least has the guts to take his beating. You better get use to a fact now Murphy. You are paid to fight. You are now going to be paid to be my personal punching bag!

I am going to enjoy letting Dirk tear into you, but not as much as I am going to enjoy making you a loser again.

You don't have a fucking prayer. It doesn't matter if Mac and his girlfriend win. It doesn't matter if Glitter and Gore wins. You are not going to win. Because I am going to knock your ass into the cheap seats!

They say you are some kind of an egomaniac. I got to ask you this. How are you going to have an ego when every time you run into me you run away. You ran away after I beat the crap out of you backstage a few months ago. You do it again only this time you left someone else to take the beating. The same guy you let take your beating a few months ago. You. Can't outrun me. You are not going to avoid me.

I'm making your career a laughing stock from here on in. I'm going to do something to you that no one would expect.

When I am done with you I am going to make every single member of the Axis looks sane! I am going to drive you either into retirement or into a nuthouse man. I am going to be on you like a stalker on a hot chick. You will never escape me. This is your only damn chance. Run. Run before I get you and make you.

Just like me.

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...Now onto the next moron up for bids.

Josh. Dude. Just no show. Seriously this isn't a fight you want. You want another shot at the Hybrid Title. I'm fine with that. I welcome that. This is just going to be a cause of pure agony for you and I don't want one of the few people I actually like to get messed up all because I hate you partner and the DI team has their panties in a wedgie over us being better than they are.

Besides. I think we all know that I am the ONLY one who has a partner that is completely trustworthy out of this whole bunch. Your "partner" has ran from me before. He'll do it again. Even if he doesn't that thought is in everyone's head. Hell when the going gets tough chicken little will bolt instead of "lose".

Let's talk about you though.

Do you really want these little trophies? Is this part of God's plan for you?

To fight me again. With no help what so ever. Why lord? Why have you forsaken this man to a lose lose situation. You have to look at this from all sides Josh.

You think you're going to survive a DI versus Axis "showdown"? Well. You will. Because this won't be a fight anyway. Come to think of it I know exactly why you guys were thrown into this.

Because after I am done with Ace there won't be a DI tag team anymore.

Wait. Be patient. Be the opposite of your hyperactive trash spewing partner "Ace".

Josh. You'll give me a actual challenge in this match. It'll make me feel like this is actually worth the frustration. This match will actually have merit. This match will be worth the annoyance of having to watch the promos I have to see this week. Hell, I shouldn't even watch them. Let's review.

Gary Mac: Bitch about the Axis, Moan about the Axis, and Cry about how the Axis is better than anything his pathetic little mind could come up with. Talk about how he's beaten ALMOST all of us in a singles match. What? Jigga who? Did Ataxia just call out that little fact about anything Gary Mac has said? Who could he possibly be talking about? Does Gary Mac actually not have a right to claim at total Axis defeat? Why yes...he doesn't.

Kyle Murphy: I'm not running. Nope. I'm awesome. Why are my underpants yellow and brown?

Josh Konnelly: WWJD. I'm gonna quote this and this and then talk about how your going to lose to me even though I knocked you the crap out.

Which leaves only one person. The weak link.

Yeah I said it. I said it for the whole world to see.

You like history don't you? That's what you guys who care about World Titles, and who did what to who seem to want to focus on. I happen to know my history to. Particularly a little bit about yours. Also found something fun to take the wind out of your friend's little sailboat of egomania.

Shhhhh. Be. Pa-ti-ent! Gary. Gary! GARY! Calm the hell down. It'll be told to you when I am good and ready. Not before. Your parents obviously couldn't stand your whiny ass back in the day so you got everything you wanted handed to you just to shut you the hell up! Not this time. This time. You are going to have to wait till the end of the promo. That means you have to listen to me to get what you want. Enjoy it. It'll be the last few moments you have any right to say anything to anyone.

Ace. My. My. My. You've certainly come a long way from when you and I were on the same side of the ring. You remember right? The "I don't need you" speech. The whine about this and that during what turned out to be a handicapped match. You would have lost and been eliminated by that little worm without me doing what needed to be done. Tagging out the trash and doing the job myself.

I hate doing these promos. Truth be told I'd rather not do any of these damn things. They are a waste of my time, but hey keeps the fans entertained and something to keep losers like you who have no lives something to focus on.

You should be more respected by me right?

No. You shouldn't. Miranda has got a reason to boast that she is "better" than me. Gary, for all his bullcrap, has a reason to boast. You and Legend. Aint got shit to say. Ace. I don't get this whole "DI" situation.

What exactly is the problem? Did you just get tired of being ignored because let's face it. Did anyone really miss any of you?

You guys come in saying "we're the best!" Yeah. You both come in here talking shit after having how much time off to heal up and study up on us?

But I'm the coward who doesn't have a cookie cutter promo put together as soon as the time slots are open?

You've ran and hid like a bitch. Now you're "back." To do what? To beat us up? Woooo Soooo scared.

You boys can't even beat someone up properly.

I'm feeling just fine. Matter of fact. I think you guys fixed a kink in my back when you threw me into the ring steps. Seriously. That was your best shot? To drag me out under the ropes and throw me into some steps. In the level of "beating the hell out of someone" you basically just girl slapped me. Thanks for the win by the way. Hey. I give credit where credit is due. You guys have done a bang up job making my record look good even though I really don't care about it. I guess I should send you a fruit basket or something. Wait. You all ready have Miranda. Girl sprays enough fruit smelling stuff to cover up the sweat smell you guys my want something that smells bad to counter act all the girl scent on you boys. I'd send you a basket of day old fish but something tells me that wouldn't help. That could cause some in fighting.

Not with Miranda. I mean after all we all know all three of you have the ability to stink up the place. Hell, two of you vacated. One of you stuck around and did commentary. What? Was there no openings in janitor or referee? Let me guess. To much pride right?

So Ace let me ask you a question. How does it feel to always come in second place? Hell, the last time you came in for tag teams it was just one up above me and that was only because your partner got me eliminated first. I'm not going to dwell on it, but let's look at the facts.

You always lose to the Axis.

Why are you even wanting to do this tag team match thing? I think I know why. You can't cut it solo anymore. Hey. I'm okay with this. As a matter of fact I prefer it. I prefer to see the DI have a fall guy. I prefer to see that when Gary Mac loses this match who he can blame it on since he is the "unbeatable" Gary Mac. All that pressure is on you Ace, but I'm sure you can handle it. It's not like if you lose just once it's going to make you up and quit or anything.

That's Kyle Murphy's gimmick.

You have to tough it out. If you leave then the stable war is uneven! Oh no! Whatever will we all do without the great and glorious Ace?

What we've been doing since you and wet blanket left. Get along just fine. The best part about this is you two think that we don't all know where this is going. It's "all for one and one for all" until one of you gets a shot at that belt your buddy has.

Then it's shit city for all of you.

Gary playing second banana to Miranda?

Please. Do not insult all of our intellects like that. Oh. Shit. I just ruined a possible pay day for you, him, or Legend. Shit. Shit! I gotta quit calling predictable stuff so you guys can surprise everyone!


So "Deuce". Let me ask you this. How are you actually going to beat me? You guys have no real inspiration to do this. As far as I can see you don't have the proper motivation. I think I'm going to have to do this for you. I am going to have to motivate you and your cronies just to save this for what I need.

Yes pawns. I'll make you look good, but just this once. I don't make a habit out of doing stuff for other teams. That's Redd's job if I recall correctly. You remember him? The guy who basically failed you when he tapped first right? Damn. That still has to bother you doesn't it. After all that careful planning by him to get me eliminated and out of your way, "partner", you still ended up losing to Nirvana and Hect. You really need to learn to pick better partners. Particularly ones who don't know what they are talking about. Oh, but what do I know? After all I do nothing that makes any sense to you. Ask yourself this. Is it better to kill a place when it's unpopular or popular? The more money this place makes. The more it attracts "big names" from the past. You know like you. Or as I call them.


I'm not getting involved with your little "beef" with Nirvana because everyone has one. Let's be honest here. Who doesn't want to punch him in the face? Oh yeah. That's right. I did that to. Wait? The Axis will put aside their mutual goals to beat the crap out of each other?

Yep! We'll do it better than you guys can. Seriously. For a former this, that, and the other here in SFT I expected you to hit harder than a two year old. Learn to punch. Please.

What the fuck am I doing here? Well. I'm making this program watchable after all the lovely Canadian humor you so grace us with. You want what's yours? I want you to get it.


I want you to get what you want. I want everyone to get what they want. What they deserve. Kinda like me deserving to get past Nirvana and Hect all those months ago, but someone jumped in and said no. You haven't earned this! You don't belong here!

What's so great about here?

Look around you. The same crap day in and day out. Week after week. Insert this guy into this fight with that guy and eventually we will get a payoff. You don't know why I am here Ace?

The same reason you are. To get what I deserve.

And that is to make this place worth something so when I destroy it I will feel justified.

This isn't about titles. This isn't about records. It's about revenge. A dish best served cold according to Klingons and other philosophers.

Not good enough to destroy Strike Towers?


You (snickers) keep thinking that.

Don't worry. Your legacy will still be what it is. The guy who never got what he deserves. See. The thing about this is I don't care about you, Ace, Legend, or Miranda. I don't want any part of any of you. Mainly due to the fact that I don't give a fuck about you. The more you guys come back. The more attention this place gets. The more attention this place gets. The bigger the audience when it all comes crashing down.

I can't destroy Strike Towers?

Nugget. I already have.

You just don't see the big picture. That's fine. Pawn's rarely do.

"Crazy idea just came to be Ataxia, you don't you do something of worth or value. "-Ace. Hopefully after a bender to explain why this doesn't make any sense.

You know I may not be a good "promo" artist like you guys in DI but you might what to get someone to proof read your scripts. I assume you mean "crazy idea just came to ME Ataxia, WHY don't you do something of worth or value." Okay. Special Ed. I'll spell it out for you again. I have done something of worth or value.

I got you ass clowns back here.

I got you interested in coming back. Oh sure. You got your problems with Nirv, Dawn, and Dirk. However all you guys seem to want is my attention. I have ignored all of you unless you got in my face like last Titans. I don't want to fight you. I don't need to. That's the beauty of all of this!

I don't have to beat you to beat you.

Oh by the way thanks for thinking I'm "hot" and a "edgy cool guy". I'll try not to let it go to my ego. Maybe I should buy one like you and Gary have. I could say I should be world champion! I should be this! I want that! I want to be in the Hall of Fame! I want to be LOVED!!!...That just isn't me. So since I am not you guys. I am going to do something original. I am going to do something of worth and value. I am going to correct an error.

I didn't beat Legend.

Hey. I admit it. When someone else loses because someone else interferes it's not a win. Can we agree to that? I think in between us, as professionals, we can all agree that losing to someone because someone else sticks their nose into your personal, one on one, situation then that win should be thrown out. So Legend. I'm not going to hold it over your head that I beat you because I didn't. Mac and Ace beat you if we want to get technical. My guy may have distracted you, but he didn't get in the ring and screw you. That was your own fault and your buddies. I admit I did not beat Johnny Legend.

However, Gary...can you admit something for me?

The feed breaks for a moment to see file footage of the match between Gary Mac and Ataxia after Ataxia was eliminated from "The Lethal Lottery" by Redd.

Gary Mac gets to his feet and starts to stomp on Ataxia's head. Ataxia finally grabs Gary Mac's foot and pushes him away. This gives Ataxia time to get to his knees. With a better defensive position, Ataxia waits for Gary Mac to run over and attempt a shining Wizard. Ataxia dodges the knee and grabs Gary Mac from behind. Ataxia turns towards a corner and puts Gary Mac into E.R. Stat! Ataxia gets to his feet and starts to laugh out of no where. The ref checks on Gary Mac, as he is lying there, holding his back.

John Cartwright: What the!? Someone just hopped the railings from the crowd! WHO IS THAT!?

Ataxia continues to laugh at Gary Mac. Redd slides into the ring, and stands behind Ataxia. Austin Jolley doesn't see anything, as Gary Mac holds onto his shoulder, trying to buy some time.

Randy White: IT'S REDD!

Redd grabs Ataxia from behind and puts him into The Darkness!

Randy White: Ataxia didn't even see it coming!

Gary Mac suddenly feels fine and gets to his feet, as Redd slides out of the ring and back into the crowd. Gary Mac brushes himself off and covers Ataxia ...

Austin Jolley: ONE! TWO! THREE!

Remember kids. I'm not the one who has ever pointed out anyone's story faults. You won! It's on the record books! Did you do it by yourself though? Now that is where you are a liar. Maybe you guys should hire Redd into DI. He seems to be the only one out of the SFT locker room who has ever fucking done anything right when it comes to screwing with me!

I am willing to admit when something is wrong, but what about you? Can your ego get past the fact that you have not beaten the total "Axis" by yourself. You had help. You needed someone else to put me down. So no matter what you say now Gary Mac. Everyone knows you're full of shit.

Oh, and I wasn't talking about me for your clean sweep. I don't have that much of an ego remember. Someone is just standing there stopping you. Someone is just mocking you.

It's not to hard to do. You make it so easy.

Don't you wish I was like Kyle and waited till the last minute so you could claim that I am just trying to get the last word in? No Gary. I want you to take a few days and think about all of this. I want you to try and get yourself out of this one verbally. Because in the end all of your frustration won't mean a thing.

Even if you win this match Gary. I still win.

Smile Bitch! You get one more of these to watch!