First Blood...

Heh. A fun concept. A really fun concept for two people like us eh “sweetie”?

You and I get to beat the hell out of each other until one of us bleeds. Seems to me it's right up your alley, but I know as a member of Divine Intervention you are no doubt going to find something to complain about. It's in your contract. I know. I understand. That's why I am going to save you the trouble.

What am I talking about? Well, kids, let's go through why this is so difficult. I wear basically a full body suit. So finding out if I am busted open is a little hard. Especially with my red teeth and eyes it's really difficult to see any bleeding on those. So to keep you from calling foul Miranda. For one night. One night only.

I'll wear a different mask for Ataxia.

No, I'm not fighting unmasked. That would be stupid. No. This mask will be white. So you can see when blood comes through it that I am busted open. I want to make this as fair as possible for you so I don't hear a rant that seems to go on and on and on and on in a Gary slash Ace slash Johnny Legend promo.


Yeah. We are so favored compared to you guys. Yeah. Totally. Totally gonna go out on a limb here and say that you guys are correct. I get the best of everything. I can pick and chose my matches. I got a nine figure contract. I actually am the booker of all the matches. I am the favorite son of SFT.

Now if we are all done sounding like fucking morons let's look at your evidence.

'Dawn gets this title shot and that title shot.'

Oh No! Someone gets a title shot before one of you ass clowns!

Gee. You think that because you're in the same stable that might do it? Oh, you mean you want to see other people get shots. Well that's all well and good except one thing. You know those people you fuckers like to ignore? You know, those guys who constantly boo you. Yeah. The people say they want you to face our guys. So...suck it up.

You know. Man up. Hell the only one out of your group who doesn't sound like a bitching little girl is the only woman in your stable.

Props to you Miranda. Let the boys take note about how you are being a real opponent instead of a whiny bitch.

'You guys always get this and this and this and...'

Let's review something since you guys are so 'up' on your history.

Title shot this. Title shot that. I usually have to face someone to get the chance. Each time I have gotten one of these stupid title shots I had to beat someone for it or I had done something to merit it. What have you done Johnny? Sat around and talked shit for months. Miranda earned her shot. This is getting boring.

Yawn. We've been here since when? You guys just now show up and try to steal some thunder and heaven fucking forbid you have to work for something. Whoa! Before you start let me point something out to you. You beat NirvDawna. Bravo. So you got put into a match with two other tag teams. You have been calling out the Axis for weeks. What happens. We just happen to be in the match and your ego got the better of you Mac. Ace. Sucks to be you man. It really does. My partner did something I find to be quite interesting. He finally shut up that which needed to be. No doubt he'll have something else to say and we will all pretend that we like Gary Mac. That we all care about Gary Mac. That Gary Mac wasn't an asshole that wouldn't know when to shut the fuck up.

Except me.

I wouldn't piss on him if that fucker was on fire.

Hell I'm surprised he has had brain damage. You have to have a brain first. He pissed off the wrong person. Oh no doubt I am sure there will be revenge. No doubt in my mind. However. I know one person who won't be doing it because the weak link needs help to do anything.

I didn't have to beat you to beat you.

So suck it up Ace. You just...couldn' it.

So now I got two titles. You know what that feels like? Nothing. Because none of this fucking matters. The whole song and dance. Your group versus my group versus another group. This is all just one big fucking waste of time. However let's play this game. Let's have some fucking fun for once with it. Let's put all the ego aside and just beat the hell out of each other. Let's face facts. None of us like each other. I offend you and you aim to offend me.

So why don't we all just meet in an alleyway and settle this?

Because the rest of you are attention whores.

Me. I got nothing I need to prove.

'You didn't beat Miranda...'


Oh. This is the part where I'm suppose to blame someone else right? No. I lost.

Oh shit. I think someone is going to have a heart attack. A SFT wrestler admits he lost because he just didn't have it that night. Bravo deary. You won a match for a belt.

How am I going to turn this into a burn? I'm not.

Because let's face facts. This isn't about your glorified weight belt.

This is about you getting to pummel the shit out of me. I can't wait.

Because I get to crack that pretty face of yours or something else.

I'm sure you and I would like more “brutal” stipulations, but where is the challenge in that?

Oh yeah. We don't care about that. We just want to make each other bleed. This is pretty simple. Then again if it got more complicated.

I'd have to explain it to your stable.

By your team's rules I've already done better than all of them. I'm so far with this current “war” sitting three out of four.

JL went down thanks to your boys being stupid. Ace and Gary lost the match because they didn't beat anyone. So that leaves just you.

According to them.

According to me. None of this shit matters. Although if I do beat you I know what I am going to have to listen to for the next little bit of my life.

Ataxia vs Miranda for the world title.

Sickens my stomach to don't worry. I'm almost tempted to let you win this one just so I can stay OUT of that idea. I have no desire for your title and to be quite honest with you it would be a horrid thing for me to win it.

After all.

RWA isn't open for me to sell it to isn't it?

Oh, is he making threats? Is he trying to hint about what he is going to do if he ever does win that title?

Let's save the mystery. This I don't mind spoiling. If I win that stupid thing nothing will change. I'll just have more assholes trying to kick my butt. Unwanted attention.

Then again with your home life you seem to be the one who wants “attention”. What's the matter? Got sister envy? After all that seems to be the only thing that makes a person like you do the things you do. If you really were this one dimensional you wouldn't have gotten this far.

I think I'm not the only one who needs to wear a new mask. You're good. I will admit that. Rather or not you are the best is highly unlikely due to the fact that there is always someone better than you out there just waiting in the wings. The difference between that person and me.

Is that I don't give a fuck about what you give a fuck about.

You and I aren't really that different. Oh sure. I hang out with losers and so do you in my eyes. You thought the only way to not be bothered by us was to join up with ego brigade? That doesn't really suit your style. You don't play well with others. Then again. Neither do I.

So what exactly is the point of all of this? To see who breaks first? That won't be either of us. All this depends on is scar tissue and how easy it is to tear. You have a good idea about how to make me bleed.

The thing is. I know exactly how to make you bleed. I'm just not concerned about it.

Win or lose.

I'm still going to try and not enjoy what I am going to put you through.

Get ready for a wonderful time.

I'm much better on a solo date than a group outing anyway.


Every hero begins on a journey of discovery. It's a fact of archetypes in the stories that we love to read. Hero finds mentor. Mentor trains hero. Things go the way it always does. What happens when you are not the one who seeks out the mentor. What if you are the one that is sought out by him? After all I don't see myself as a hero. I see myself as something more. I see myself as a messiah. So how do you answer that call?

We fade in on a locker room. It's run down. Dirty. Nasty. The lighting sucks. Everything is kinda in the dark. We hear a crowd of people screaming at what's going on in the arena. In the locker room though we see a body of a person come into view. He's sitting down with his head between his knee's on a bench. He's wearing a hoodie, blue jeans, and white sneakers. His hair is blurred out. We hear the sound of someone applauding. The young man looks up and we see that his face is blurred out to.

Trent Steel: Good job.

???: Sarcasm is not appreciated fuckwad.

Trent Steel: So touchy.

???: Do I know you?

Trent Steel: Not yet.

???: Great. A chaser.

Trent Steel: Beg pardon.

???: I'm telling you the same thing I tell everyone else. I'm not Gay. I'm not interested. Keep your money.

The camera pans over to see Trent. He is wearing a black trench coat, black t-shirt, black jeans, combat boots, and black fingerless gloves. His dark long hair is pulled back in a ponytail and his eyes are covered by his signature gear, black oakleys with red lenses.

Trent Steel: Look. Kid. I aint...

???: Nothing wrong with it. I know seeing all these muscle bound guys beat the shit out of each other turns you on or something...

Trent Steel: Kid. Look at me.

The kid looks up at Trent. His face is blurred out beyond recognition. ???: I know I got hit to hard.

Trent Steel: Nope. It's me.


Trent Steel: Looks like my reputation spoke before I did. Look I...

The kid gets up and walks over to a locker. He pulls out a book and hands it to Trent. ???: Would you sign this for me again?

Trent looks down at the book. He looks a little confused for a moment but he figures out what it is. He smiles and looks back up at the kid.

Trent Steel: Oh. This works out perfect.

???: What does?

Trent Steel: Saw your fight.

???:...That wasn't a fight.

Trent Steel: I beg to differ. The guy's face is probably hamburger by now once the swelling kicks in.

???: I really shouldn't have hit him as much as I did.

Trent Steel: The guy spit in your face. He's lucky it wasn't me. I'd have breaking his fists.

???: Well that's it for me with cage fighting. The boss man says I'm done. This was the only place I could do this without having to register.

Trent Steel: Well. Good thing for you I got a job offer.

???: What do you need a (bleeped out).

Trent Steel: Excuse me?

???: That's what I got my degree in. Because I know you don't wrestle anymore and I can't be a protege.

Trent Steel: Oh this is gonna be a bit of a hard thing to swallow.

???: Is there a reason you are filming this.

Trent Steel: Yeah you might be able to use it for a promo someday.

???: Heh. No. Folks would never let me be a wrestler. They want me to be a...

Trent Steel: Kid. For what I got planned you won't ever have to show your face.

Trent tosses something to the kid. It's a brown burlap looking mask. The kid looks at it and looks back up at Trent.

???:You...You're...No fucking way.

Trent Steel: Yeah.

???: So in GCWA your playing the hero for some big angle?

Trent Steel: No. I'm there to punish someone. The fed head. People are cheering me because it suits them. They don't know. I did get an offer for something though. Ever here of CWF?

???: Yeah it's a fed out in England right?

Trent Steel: Yeah. They got this tournament coming up. They sent me a invite as Ataxia. Part of my deal is them not knowing who I am, but I have to stay focused on what I am doing in GCWA. Can't get injured in one place and then have to do what I have to do in GCWA. This is where you come in.

???:...You want me to wear this mask and get my ass kicked in CWF?

Trent Steel: No. You got a month. You're brutal in that cage fight which is what you need to be to be Ataxia. I'll get someone to help train you along with me in how to be the character.

???: I...I can't.

Trent Steel: Why not?

???: My folks will kill me.

Trent Steel: What are they gonna do when they see that shiner of yours?

???: Oh it'll heal up before they see me again. Look. They're really worried about me fighting for some reason. I'm really good at it. It's just...they want something better for me I guess.

Trent Steel: Heh. Must be nice. Well. The offer stands if you want to try it.

Trent turns to walk away.

???: You forgot your mask.

Trent Steel: You seem to be under the impression that you won't take up the offer.

??? why me?

Trent Steel: Hm?

???: I am sure you can find a lot of other people to do this who fit what you want. So why me?

Trent Steel: Clever kid. I got a reason. You'll find out...if you put on the mask and do what I tell you.

???: I'll think about it. How do I reach you?

Trent Steel: I'll contact you. See ya around kid.

Trent puts down the young man's book and heads out. The cameraman stays on the kid for a moment.

???: I don't see how they can put up with you guys following them around.