It's so nice to get an opponent who is at least attempting to understand some of my motivations.

It's refreshing. Instead of you suck and here is why this is at least a mild relaxation before the assured shit storm I am going to face at the pay per view.

At least this is someone who enjoys her work. This isn't some half baked plan to become world champion to prove to your ancestors that you are worth a damn. This isn't some lackluster shoot. This is all for the fun of it.

I'll be nice and not mess up your face to much dear.

Oh and to answer your question. Just because it's burlap on the outside doesn't mean it's the same on the inside. It's a nice breathable fabric for my delicate skin.

Tips for you if you ever have to wear one. Not saying that you will but in the event of something dreadful happening or you just wanna screw with some people make sure it's something that can let sweat out.


I think we just had a bonding moment. Let's never speak of it again.

Uhhh. Hate. You suck. Umm. Gee I really feel like we're repeating ourselves here. Yay! You won a match exactly as you predicted. There is absolutely nothing I learned from that encounter so we are going to pretend it never happened lalalalalalalalala...

Aren't we glad I'm not like everyone else.

This is just for fun Miranda. I figure you could use a break after all your hard work.

Now as for why I am making the mask white and my outfit white for our match is simple. Yes I don't show a lot of skin, and I am not going to reveal anything with my outfit except one thing. Just how easy it is to get what you want with a little psychology.

What do I mean?

Well. You're just gonna have to wait and see.

Besides I have to have my fun the same as you. Win, Lose, or Draw it doesn't matter. I don't want what you have around your waist. Although you never really wear it that way. Just dragging it around on the ground like it some kind of annoyance. Poetic really.

Go ahead and insult Dawn all you want. It doesn't matter to me. Glass shoulders. Nice. I was answering their complaints as I saw them. Not your complaints. However if you do want to raise any grievances I suggest you talk to the other half of the world tag team champions and get “who you want” in a bed match. I have no say or sway with him. He actually seems to dislike me a lot. It's probably because I'm costing the company money by going out and making my own defenses.

Truth be told. I've held a belt longer than you. This Hybrid Title thing. As fun as it is. You talk about months and months and weeks and days and hours and minutes. Really. There is always someone out there who has held something longer than you. Ohh. That could be dirty. I better rephrase. Nah. I know my audience. Hehehee.

Enjoy thinking about my “long reign”. I'm sure you'll run some long diatribe about how I really want to be with you and a whole other bit or two about sex. That is the focal point of a lot of your promos. I guess it's that women using a weapon of sexuality to intimidate male opponents in wrestling.

Sadly it doesn't work on me. I'm quite happy with the Miranda I got.

Really glad your “cleared up” as well. I would hate for you to lose on a technicality of womenly problems. I say wear black underwear just in case though. I am making this more than fair I'd say for you since I am not wearing my usual black and brown.

I'm looking forward to this match.

So much so that I am not going to waste time trashtalking you. It serves no purpose. See. The other thing you and I have in common is knowing when we walk into a losing fight that we still walk in with every fucking thing we have. I'm just doing this for fun. This is nothing to be concerned over.

Because while we lack incentive to be champions we will fight like them.

For once I am letting someone else get the last word in for time's sake. Sadly I wish I could see your response. However. I have stuff in my “other life” I have to take care of.

Something I really wish I didn't have to do today.

Oh and I hope you get your chance at your sister real soon.

I mean real soon.

Have a wonderful day. I look forward to tonight.

There will be blood. The question is...are we gonna stop with just one bust open even after the ref stops the match. Something tells me there is something going to happen on this card.

Something fun.

Pleasant dreams of carnage my dear.

Let's dance you and I.


So why did I chose to become Ataxia? This is the thing that worries a lot of you. My opponents are curious even if they don't pretend to care. Well truth is. I did it because it was what I wanted. I took a long hard look in the mirror. Something was always off about me. This clean cut mask I wore didn't suit me. There was a side that had to come out. wasn't Trent that brought it out.

We fade in on a gym with a ring in it. We see Ataxia in the full ring gear but with yellow eyes and teeth instead of the red we are use to seeing. He's standing across from Trent. Ataxia: This is surprisingly comfortable.

Trent Steel: Hey if I couldn't see out of it you wouldn't be wrestling in it. Now. The one good thing about you is that your younger than me. This high flying shit should be easy for you. The style of Ataxia is way different than my technical side. It takes a lot for me to relax into it. So this should be easy for you to learn compared to me. The guy I got to train you is one of the best.

Ataxia: So who is he?

Trent Steel: An old friend.

Ataxia: It's not Jason Blood or Justin Zane is it? That'd be awesome, but their styles are way to similar to yours.

Trent Steel: Been studying up on me?

Ataxia: Always have been.

Trent Steel: Heh. Okay fanboy.

???: This wasn't part of our deal.

We see a man in the shadows walking towards the ring as the camera pans around.

???: Get that damn thing out of my face.

The cameraman pans back to the ring. We can see Ataxia's face light up with a psychotic looking grin.

Ataxia: That's awesome. This is awesome.

Trent Steel: Look. I know the deal said...

???: I told you I'm done. Coming on camera with you is one thing. This. Fuck this. Fuck him. Fuck you to. I'm done with anything in that ring.

Trent Steel:...Do you remember what I emailed you about him?

???: Damn it Trent. It's not my problem.

Trent Steel: I'm asking as a friend. I helped you out a long time ago and never asked for anything.

???: Bullshit. (sighs) Fine! Fuck. Look kid. Start warming up. You and I have got some shit to clear up Steel.

Trent Steel: I was prepared for that.

Ataxia: So he knows. You know. When do I get to know.

Trent Steel: When you earn it.

That was when I got my first lesson. The ultimate lesson. Never assume you have a right to know a secret just because it's about you...