So let's talk about New Beginnings.

Hey I'm facing Hayes. Nothing new. Oh I know. Everyone says this match won't matter. It really won't. Because on that night I get to face Hayes twice. One for my belt and one for all the belts, including my belt. So what's really the point of this match?

Oh yeah it's SFT. Points in combat is kinda stupid.

Apparently you are mad at me for what exactly? Your brother. Your brother had no personality. No drive. No pizazz. I made him at least somewhat useable compared to you.

So this is the part where you get mad at me for making fun of your heritage right?

What heritage? That you're a Native American? Ohhh. That makes you special. No. That makes you a question on a scantron. You're a Harvard grad right? You've earned the right to get picked on you elitist little shit. That's all you are Hayes. You brag about this. How good you are. The truth is.

I've done more in SFT than you have and I did it before you.

I've beaten you how many times and you have never ever gotten the better of me. Now, you wear a cape and pretend to be something that you aren't.

You are just like your brother. You need me to make you something fucking special.

Let's not pretend what this is all about. This is about you getting one shot. One shot. One shot to beat me before you and your team lose all of your titles in the final match between DI and The Axis. Evan Corbyn is a joke and so are you. You just became Kyle and Josh for this match.

However it's not about that match. It's about the one before.

The one to make you feel fucking special. So you can say I got beat by you just once. It'll be like a little brother getting a win over his older one in the ring and then seeing that older brother win the world title the same night.

Because let's face facts. It doesn't matter.

None of this ever mattered.

That's what you can't stand. No matter what you have done you haven't been able to stop me. Not that it really matters.

Even if you pin me you still help me. Either way. I still win.

You don't see what I see. Maybe if you want to get inside of my head like I got into Miranda's...maybe you should see things from my point of view.

I got a mask for you to.

I think it'll fit you just right.

We'll call you Vendetta.

Then you and your brother can be a tag team called Vengeance.

It'll be the best thing you can do for your career. To becomes just like me. You are already stepping into that direction.

The cape was a nice touch.

The smile I shot you when you let me live. That was a sense of pride. I finally got to you. You are starting to realize what is really going on.

The madness is starting to get to you, but you are still holding on to who you were.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh it's wonderful. You just fucked up in one place Hayes.

You let me live.

You didn't end it.

You had the opportunity to finish me off and you let it slip through your fingers to try and make me think that you have some higher power in charge of you.

Just like you to blame your failures on someone else.

That was your mistake. Because as of right now. I am going to make you regret that mistake. So that the next time you actually get ballsy enough to try and step to me little man you will finally make a commitment to something. What kind of sick stuff do you have planned? Eh? Gonna hurt me? Gonna break me? Gonna hit me with those tired ass moves of yours.

Get fucking creative for once.

I was an All American. That means you played by the rules and you were the best at that particular niche. This isn't some mat where I will take the bitch position. This is my kind of fight. You are in my fucking domain now boy.

Time for you to get schooled.

For the last fucking time.

Because after this Pay Per View.

I am going to be done with you. Because after this pay per view you will not longer be where you are. I was going to leave you alone. Let you take your National Title and run with it. Let you have a little bit of success so your ego would brew.

Not anymore.

Always following after me.

I win the national title. After someone else takes it from me you get it.

Now you think you can take my title?

I guess if I cared this would be the part where I told you no chance in hell. Hell. I might let you win it. Just so I can take it back from you at the end of the night. If you were smart you'd request this be held off, but then you can't be sure that this is going to even be here by the next pay per view.

I'm your only fucking hope for a push.

Right now you are the only one in the UVA that has a shot at the main event. Corbyn is tired. Titania is not ready yet. You. You have a “win” over Nirvana. Whom everyone assumes is the leader of The Axis.

Ah, but the booker looks and says hmmm I would give you that shot Alex, but you can't seem to get a win over Ataxia.

Oh, but this is about some dark power not money right? Not your bruised ego coming up with excuses and playing dress up to try to make you seem fucking intimidating instead of looking like some rejected love child of Tonto and The Count from Sesame Street.

You know this use to be fun.

Now you bore me. I've already moved past you. This game is over before it started.

Farewell Hayes.

I would say it's been fun but let's be honest. You never were fun till I showed up.


So let me ask you this. Have you ever done something you know you shouldn't do? Well that's what I just did. I just sent something to the man who will become the other half of the greatest rivalry in SFT history. Better than Nirvana vs whoever. Better than Mac vs his overly enlarged prostate aka ego. This will actually take this company to the next level so I can blow it the fuck up. I know I shouldn't do this. I'm going to feel like an ass for it, but sometimes you have to do the thing you don't want to just so you can do the right thing. The right thing is killing SFT. The right person for the job. Well. You'll see.

We fade in on a town right on the coast of a tropical island. We see Ataxia outside of a seedy looking bar. He walks in. The place goes silent. The bartender leans over and taps a guy whose asleep at the bar on the shoulder. The guy turns to Ataxia. The bartender says something in spanish and everyone goes back to their own business. The man sits there and orders two drinks.

???: What do you want?

Ataxia: Jack on the rocks.

???: You've been hanging out with Steel to long.

Ataxia: Well I am in training. So one drink shouldn't mess me up. How you been?

???: I'd be better if you didn't have that damn camera in here.

We get a good look at the guy. He's pretty built for a short guy. Brown nasty hair and a long beard with black shades covering his eyes. Blue button up silk shirt with a tiger on it, tan shorts, and brown sandals. ???: So what do you want? He asked as if he cared.

Ataxia: I want you.

???: Not that drunk. You will never be that pretty.

Ataxia: In the ring.

The man spits at Ataxia's feet.

???: Go fuck yourself. Better yet. Get Steel's daughter to do it for you.

Ataxia: Heh. At least I have someone who wants to hold me. I'm not like you right?

The guy grips his glass a bit. He shakes his head and turns to Ataxia. ???: You're just mad that I'm a real freak and you have to dress up like one to be special little boy.

Ataxia: You know. Out of all of the old bunch. All of them. You. You're the one I want. What does that tell you.

???: That for all the intelligence that I know you have you are the dumbest man I have ever met. Now get the hell out of here before I teach you some manners.

Ataxia: All right I don't want a fight.

Ataxia smiles as he walks over and pays the bartender. He looks at a picture on the wall and points to it.

Ataxia: Hey. Did they ever catch the guy?


Ataxia: Oh shit. Did I bring up a bad memory.

???: Doesn't work.

Ataxia: Eh worth a shot. I mean shit how many years has it been and they never caught the guy.

???: You got a point with all of this?

Ataxia: Be a shame if someone knew who did it. Just didn't tell you?

???: What are you babbling about?

Ataxia: Oh come on. Celebrity's family gets murdered and there are no suspects? You know who did it.

???: If I did they'd be dead.

Ataxia: Yeah. To bad though. It'd be fun to try.

???: Try what?

Ataxia: To solve the case. You know my background. Puzzles are my specialty.


The guy looks down at his drink. Ataxia places an envelope on the bar.

Ataxia: Make up your mind. I won't make this offer forever.

???: So what do you want from me?

Ataxia: I want you...Back where you belong. You do good enough. You give me the fight I have been craving. You'll get the bastard. Unlike the rest of these fools. You know who and what I am under this mask. I can and I will find this person for you. Then...I'll let you do what you were made to do.

???: I'll get back to you.

Ataxia smiles as he starts to walk out of the bar. The camera focuses on the back of the man's head.

???: Jose. Get my razor.