The world is mine. It's all coming down to this. It's all or nothing. It's the ultimate thrill ride. It's a wrestler's dream if he is a ignorant little fool. All of the titles. In one match. What one man calls a clusterfuck another calls a golden opportunity. The difference between everyone else in this match is that I am not a person who cares about titles. I never have in this federation. One of my opponents thinks he has an edge because he took something I didn't care about from me. Another thinks that because I have lost to her for a world title reign that she has some pull over me. The last one thinks he is untouchable because of a stupid black cape. Only one of you is smart enough to admit that I am at least as good as everyone says I am. It all depends on one thing in this match that none of you are looking at.


Something the rest of the teams sorely lack. I've already defied all of you at least once. Win or lose I still win. I have already foreseen how this can go any way. In all of the outcomes I still become victorious. So win or lose. No pressure. What about the rest of you fools? What do you have to lose with all you bragging and trashtalk that I have no fear with. No one thinks I can do this. That is my greatest strength. Because for all you know.

I've been holding back.

Let's dance you and I. Let's go a round and see which of you can actually do something to me. Why don't I do something for all of you just this one time. I'm going to talk to you face to face instead of you just hearing this lovely voice tell you all how much of a group of tools you really are. It's time to face the fear.

We fade in on a set of what looks like a talk show. We see two chairs. In one is Ataxia looking a little flustered. He looks around at the camera and motions it to come in a bit getting both chair in frame.

Ataxia: Hello rubes. How are you all doing? Surprised? Didn't think I had the guts to look you in the eyes? Wrong. None of you have been worth it. This match isn't worth it. However, one thing is worth me doing what I am about to do. This is worth more to me than any title ever is. I'm going to do something that none of you will ever recover from. I'm going to show the world your truths. Not your lies. Your truths. The truth about each and every one of you.

The camera focuses on Ataxia. He removes his burlap mask and we see a white face that resembles Corbyn.

Ataxia Corbyn: (in a voice that sounds like Evan Corbyn) Hi. Most of you know me. Or at least what I show you. I'm the odds on favorite to win as a underdog because that is what I am thanks to Ataxia. He made me out to be this big loser and because I beat him in a match I think I have bragging rights. I think I have a right to say I am world champion. The truth however is far from what you see on television. I use to be a lot of things. Black, Fucked up Freak, and now Evan Corbyn. I was the “King of Shoot”. A gimmick I tried to do by telling people what 'I' really thought of them. The truth is years ago I was the man. I'm a big name for those who watched IHCW, EOW, SCW, XCW, SFW, and now SFT. However, as Evan Corbyn. I haven't really done that much. I won my world title as another identity. A mask if you will to protect you from the real me. Who is a boring, pathetic, washed up wrestler who knows his glory days are behind him. I'm tired. I'm so tired. I am the person who wants to make one more go of it, but I can not follow through. Because I am not comfortable with myself. The shoots I did were suppose to bring up my confidence. Lost my ACTION title. Yeah. I'm so awesome I had to rename a Hardcore title to make myself seem important. This match is my last shot at ever getting a shot at a world title. This is the last go round for me and I know it. The beauty part. No one else does. They think I'm going to keep this going after this match is over. Obviously when it's done someone else's team will have all the titles. So I hope I can remind that burlap sack wearing fool that I beat him a month ago because it has relevance. It has to do something to him because I have nothing else. I mean I took a title from him. That has to hurt his pride. Make him look like more of a joke than me. I know he's not hiding anything because that's what I am doing. I am hiding. I am hiding behind this name to not tarnish my past legacies. I better name drop Emerson like he matters to maybe get some extra cheers in this match. He has to be able to be beaten. He has to be able to be stopped. He's the one I am really worried about. The other three I can deal with, but him. He doesn't care. He doesn't care if he wins and that makes me vulnerable because he will just shrug it off when I lose my life. When that happens. When that happens I will walk away. No one will really miss me. Hell. Let's be honest. I think if I pull a Kris Chambers I'd be more remembered than my previous monikers.

Ataxia takes out a pistol and puts the gun between his head and fires off a shot. He falls back. There is a bullet hole right in the middle of 'Corbyn's' face. 'Blood' drips from his bullet wound slowly. His eyes roll up into his head as he starts talking

Ataxia Corbyn: Even in death...I can't be original. I guess I finally did a shoot that was worth something besides stroking my own ego. My soul isn't the ability is...I...I...I...

A black gloved hand touches Ataxia Corbyn's shoulder and then moves up and shuts his eyes. We move up and see it's Ataxia this time with a white face of Alexander Hayes.

Ataxia Hayes: (In a voice similar to Hayes) I got this partner. After all who knows Ataxia better than I do. I've lost to him in every match I've been in, but I feel lucky. I can take him out early in our match even when I lose. It's a fool proof plan. Which means since I'm a dumbass. This plan is going to fail just like my bad cape job.

Ataxia walks away from the corpse of the other one. He grabs a black cheap halloween cape off of a coat rack. He put it on. He holds up his hands to the sky.

Ataxia Hayes: The Great Creator has told me that I should destroy Ataxia when the time is worth it. The real point is that I am afraid of him. He turned my brother against me. Someone who I really didn't care about until he actually did something on his own. When he actually moved out of my shadow and seemed to be a more interesting person that I actually ever could be. Without my family I wouldn't be here, but my family never prepared me for Ataxia. My ancestors never encountered on facing a man who didn't care about the prize. I'm going to call him a nothing and hope that is an actual insult. It is an insult right? I wouldn't know. I'm from Harvard. We don't have Insult one o' one.

'Hayes' looks a little confused like he's out of his element.

Ataxia Hayes: I got some momentum going. I beat my own stable mate.

He winks at 'Corbyn's' corpse.

Ataxia Hayes: So I'm making a comeback. Right? Everyone on board with that. Everyone believe that. I mean I've fallen. I started getting messed up. Now. After losing...shit how many title shots have I lost? Oh crap. I can't say curse words it'll ruin my wholesome image. I mean I'm an all american. I have an image to keep. This cape thing isn't gonna last long. Maybe I can get a hangman thing going here. It'll work. It'll creep him out. He's gotta fall for his own tricks right? Right? Oh man. I hope so. I really hope so. After that Dirk thing I gotta keep myself from seeming like a little...'female' dog.

He looks worried.

Ataxia Hayes: He's nothing. He is always nothing. The spirits will tell me what to do. Aka. My script writers. I got a guy whose good at G rated insults. I am going out of my comfort zone. That should worry him. I'm more than just a mat wrestler. I'll ask him if he has what it takes. Because I know he does. Because if he didn't I wouldn't be so worried about facing him twice in one night. I keep bringing up people he doesn't know to try and intimidate him. I have to intimidate him. This has to work. Otherwise I have wasted my five minutes in coming up with this spirit crap.

We can see little beads of sweat forming on the mask.

Ataxia Hayes: I am not a fluke. A fluke. Am I saying this to convince him. To make him believe it, or is it for myself. I have to beat him. For my ancestors. For my family. For all those dead people who I 'care' about, but none of them care about me. I'm to far removed from who I am acting like. I am no Native. I am simply a poser who is trying to use my heritage to make myself famous. Sad, but true. Now. I leave you.

A hangman's noose comes down and wraps around his neck. He is pulled up out of frame. All we see is his legs kicking. Coming from behind is another Ataxia. This one with the face of Johnny Legend.

Ataxia Legend: (In a voice like Legend's) Hey Blockhead. Yeah it's me. It's me. The washed up has bean. I thought I'd namedrop myself to get some interest in me winning. I use to be like Nirvana. You know a success. Not a joke. I use to wear a mask. I use to be named after a Spawn villain. I use to be somebody. I am in the hall of fame. That means I shouldn't be here. I should be at home. Enjoying the fruits of my labor. I had to show up to make it even though. Four on four. Four wannabes versus four people who are united in their own apathetic way. I sat there for months. Months. Have you listened to RW and JC? Those guys are annoying as hell! I had to get back in the ring. The worst part. DP is better than I ever could be. I sucked at commentating. I had to make it back. Who did I get. I get the bag man. Ace knows what I am talking about now. I was glad Ace and Gary saved me from an embarrassing pin. I saw his eyes. I saw the hunger. Not for titles. Not for 'legendary' status. I saw a hunger for my life. What I hold dear. If he wins. SFT dies. My legacy is nothing. Corbyn's, Hayes', Miranda's, and mine are all useless. No one can stop him! I'm such a blockhead. So I'm going to pick on Nirvana. I'm gonna say he copied me to make me seem more original. I'm going to say Miranda will beat Ataxia because she has. There is no way she is unnerved by him.

Part of the mask start to expand as he talks. Like a balloon.

Ataxia Legend: So I'll call him a goth kid not knowing his origin. I'm going to say he should drop the mask and leave the Axis. Yeah. Because that would be the smart thing. He could join us and do...nothing. What exactly is the purpose of DI? Shit. I don't think we have one. I am working on figuring out Ataxia's plans, but all I care about is name dropping. Hell. I'll love this parody of me. Or is it a parody? Is it the truth?

The mask is now taking the shape of a cube.

Ataxia Legend: Maybe. I just can't understand it because I only care about me. That's it! I can't see it because I can't take a step back. Hell, Ataxia is so bored he's looking outside of SFT for a fight. I will insult Trent Steel. He won't expect that. Yeah. It's not like no one knows who the hell I am outside of SFT. I'm a nobody out there. Here I am king. I am the craziest man here. Or is he crazy? I don't know. I don't know anything.

The mask now looks like a block. 'Legend' crosses his eyes and walks off camera.

Ataxia Legend: Maybe I should stop calling people what I am. King Blockhead. Maybe I should bow down.

The head explodes. The decapitated Ataxia walks and falls down. Stepping into the pool of blood coming out of it is a sexy boot. We pan up. It's a female version of the Ataxia costume. Wearing a wig and mask that looks just like Annika.

Ataxia Annika:(In a voice like Annika's) Oh. You thought you were going to be here? No. Dear. Sweetheart. Sister. You are not worth parodying because you are nothing more than a joke. Tell me. What was it liked being kissed by me. To get affection from someone who despises you so much. Maybe, just filled a hole in your life. You know that hole deep in your soul that you can't stop with drinking, the random lovers, or the partying. You know. How you stay numb. Oh I am sure that you will say something about kissing me. You know how repulsive that was for you. I saw that look in your eyes. I know that look sister. It's the same look you give me because you are afraid of me. You are afraid of the bag headed little loser. He got to you. He got inside of your head. Yes, He lost the match. We all saw the tape. We all saw your arm. He lost the battle, but not the war. That's something you could never do Miranda. You are always short sighted. Even if you win all of these pathetic little titles. It won't shut him up. It will not stop him. It will not make you the victor. It will go on and on and on and on until you finally realize you can't beat him. Just like you could never kill me. What's so hard about it? Am I that much better than a mercenary that you can't kill me? No. You need me alive. You want me alive. So you have someone to vent your anger onto for how stupid your life choices have been. Maybe because our family knows that I am the real success and no title is going to change that for you. You are still a little whiny girl. I want to kill you! Then do it bitch. Come on! Do it! Or do you lack the courage to do what you think is necessary. Sure you can win wrestling matches by cheating and doing all of your little tricks, but in the only fight that always lose. I think I'll keep you around because it just entertains me that you are the 'little engine that tries...and still fails.'

Annika-taxia lick her lips as she sits down in the chair. She takes out a stick of red lipstick and applies it to her face.

Ataxia Annika: You did quite a number on Tax. Are you proud? You made a man bleed, but you didn't make a statement. This makes me wonder. Just how many more times can you face him before he finally makes you crack? Little girl. Maybe you should try doing something else. Do something really original Miranda. How about you be honest for once instead of living up to a image. I know Ataxia would do a parody of you, but let's face it. You all ready are one. Hell. I think any real sister of mine would have finished him off, but you walked out of there scared you were going to have a loss to him if they saw your arm. Is that what you are really afraid of? Not losing the world title. You are just like him. You don't give a fuck about the title. What do you give a fuck about? Not losing to a freak like him. Everyone says you have him licked. Everyone says you have him beat. Just know this dear sister. When you finally lose to him. Somewhere in the world. You will hear my voice laughing my ass off at the fact you just lost to one of Nirvana's little peons. A man who wears a mask that is a hand me down from another wrestler. He's making you out to be a joke. You don't even see it. It's hilarious to me. Then again. You were always good for me to get a laugh out of because you were so fucking pathetic. Enjoy your success sister. Well as much of a success as someone who can't even kill someone so 'weak' like me. Ahahahahaha...

We see the bagged mask Ataxia walk up behind her and they lean in for a long passionate kiss. He gropes her and then turns to the camera.

Ataxia: Damn you are a good kisser.

Ataxia Annika: Thank you.

Ataxia: To bad about this.

Ataxia reaches around her and snaps her neck.

Ataxia: There. I've shown you what to do. Go do it. So we don't have to watch your staged promos about how you are going to kick your sister's ass. Just do it. Be like Nike. Or go home. think it's over. No. There is still one more person who needs to get the grill. Not Dirk. Me.

Ataxia pulls off the bag to show a white mask neutral face. It has his name written backwards on the forehead.

Ataxia: I hate this place. I hate everyone in it. I hate me. I hate me for being here. I am better than this place. It's not the competition because there is none. There is nothing that is worth me doing this. There is no one here worth the fight I crave. No one to push me. It's all just blah blah blah. I for one am tired of this glorified indy fed not giving me what I want. The Axis is a joke. Nirvana is stooge. Dawn is off in her own little world. Dirk...he's a good tag team partner, but he lacks motivation. It's all fun and games with these clowns. Which is fine. I love games. It distracts me from what I should do which is chloroform the whole roster and blow up the building. Then walk away. Poof. Be gone. No more SFT. No more smudge on my record. No more insult to my honor. So the odds of me beating these teams in a War Games match is pretty high. Let's face it. Everyone there hates my guts. As we have seen the truth tonight. All of you would love to see me be finished. The problem is this. This will never be over until I say it's over. I will never stop. You fucks are so stupid. The plan is so simple. I can't believe that none of you. Even my own stable. Can figure this out. Come on. It's not that hard. If I do it for you though you won't learn anything. I grow tired of this. I think it's time for once to be serious. No more jokes. No more 'purple' references. This is all about finishing all of you off. I may still lose this match, but I will still get what I want. New Beginnings is going to be just that. I'm about to put all of you on the shelf with what I have planned. This is going to be soooo sweet. So I want you to know from the bottom of my heart. Go to hell. Oh wait, you are in here with me. You are going to be in a cage with me! That means the fun stops. That means. I get you all to myself. You might win, but you sure as hell are going to lose this one. I promise. No expecting this. This is the part where I would laugh. The problem is. None of you are funny. Entertaining. Or even worth this whole production. I just wanted you to know how to do a promo properly for once in your miserable lives. Let's up the 'ante on what you are trying to do now. This has been a public service announcement from the people who have to watch your egocentric bullshit constantly. Go fuck yourselves. Good night.

It's done. Go home.