It's all a blur...

We see a wall of television screens start coming to life. We see reporters from various internet websites and pro-wrestling news groups come on the screens.

Reporter 1: The fall out from “New Beginnings” has the wrestling world focused on SFT more so than usual. Rumors flow that four wrestlers have left due to the events of last night's pay per view.

Talk Show Host 1: Two stables died and one remains alive. The 'D.I.' just killed the competition in SFT.

Reporter 2: Four wrestlers that were involved with the stables 'The Axis of Ultra Violence' and the 'Ultra Violent Alliance' apparently are no longer a part of SFT. Due to the recent booking and no response from the wrestlers about anything SFT related many people assume that they have left for other places.

Talk Show Host 2: What's really sad here is that this kills them. This kills the competition for the entire federation because now all the titles belong to one group. To be honest it's the worst group out of the bunch. The UVA and Axis at least had REASONS to fight each other. This is all just one big ego trip from one Gary Mac and company.

Reporter 3: There are reports of two members of the stables that we know contractually have to be at the arena for this weeks Titans. One of them is Evan Corbyn. A long time veteran of SFT and pro wrestling in general, but the person who is sticking around that has people talking is the most enigmatic member of 'The Axis'...Ataxia.

Talk Show Host 3: This is the best thing to happen for SFT. No more of those freaks running around. Now we can get back to good honest wrestling. This is a great thing for Corbyn because now he's got the fans on his side. He is their hero. The only person left that needs to leave is 'The Bagman'.

Reporter 4: All we know for sure is this. Everyone will be watching Titans.

TV Show Host 4: I'm watching. I want to see just how bad this beatdown is going to be for whose left.

The television sets all start to cut off one by one.


Fade to black...

You know. It's funny.

All of you people get so worked up about this shit.

'They got ALL OF THE TITLES!!!!!'

Wow. My give a fuck is still not working.

Oh shit. Did...Did I just ruin your strategy of gloating? Yay. I got beat again by Miranda. Who takes a week off because she can't work for two weeks in a row? Who takes some 'time off' from the ring, but claims to be this badass fighter. Whose the god damn workhorse for this federation?


So what washed up has been living on her petticoat tails do I get this week?

Senior Blockhead.

I'm shaking in my fucking burlap panties.

Now that your grossed out by that image let's talk about this match. You know. That thing. That isn't for a title. That means nothing to you guys. Yet. I find to be more refreshing than any title match.

'You lost you Hybrid Title!'

Is this the part where I cry like a little bitch, or can I be just a tad bit original?

I'll go with not playing your corny little routines.

Besides. Two things we have learned from that match. Hayes is a gutless little worm who I am going to feed his own testicles to. The other is that you still can't beat me.

Clean pin.

No help from Gary Mac or Ace this time for you to hide behind.

That has to eat at you doesn't it Hall of Famer? That has to bother you that some little freak like me just makes you feel damn special doesn't it?

Tell me. What exactly do you think it's going to happen in this cage match? Oh, I'm sure you and your little stable of sheep have got some plan for this. I'm fine with that. Matter of fact. It's just your speed. Slow and retarded.

Maybe you'll actually do something honorable for once. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAA...

Yeah. That's not happening. However I got to ask you one question. If you are locked in that damn cell with me even for a few moments.

You and your friends got rid of my allies. Ending your career on my way out the door just sounds like a great way to go out. I'm going to finish this out the way that I want to.

Yeah. You heard it right folks. I'm not gonna be sticking around here.

Not because people have left. That has nothing to do with it.

Seems like the right thing to do. I never...I never. Ah fuck it.

We fade into Ataxia with his back to us in a dimly lite booth. He doesn't have the mask on at first but he does put it on as he exits. He walks over to the recording booth and talks to the guy running the sound. He walks out of the studio for a moment and goes and gets a bottle of water in the break room. He's wearing his usual ring gear. In the room we see Miranda Steel wearing a skimpy black dress, black knee length leather coat, and black knee high boots. Her eyes covered by a pair of black shades.

Miranda Steel: You all right babe?

Ataxia: No.

Miranda Steel: Is this about...

Ataxia: It has nothing to do with them.

Miranda Steel: Then what is it? Look. You talked to 'dad' about this. You got no real reason to keep doing this. If this is your pride hun...then you need to walk away.

Ataxia: I have never walked away from a fight before...and I am not going to start now.

Miranda Steel: I thought you wanted to take some time off after this match to think about it. To spend some time with me. To do something that you. You! Not that damn mask wanted to do.

Ataxia: Yeah...I had a girl moment didn't I?

Miranda Steel: Yep. I was wondering when you were gonna let your balls drop again. Now get in there and fuck his world up.

Ataxia leans in and kisses Miranda.

Ataxia: You sure you don't mind?

Miranda Steel: Hell no. Knock his block off.

Ataxia:...bad pun hun.

Miranda Steel: Better than all his one liners.

Fade to Black.

So consider my time off revoked.

Consider your ass mine.

If you think Dirk Roman was bad. If you think Nirvana was bad. If you feared Hect. If you pissed yourself at the thought of Murder Ninja. If you were freaked out by Dawn or her possible sister...

Then you better get back at the commentating table.

I'm going to kick your teeth out of your head rectally. I am going to shove my wrestling boots up your digestive track so far you will be licking my leather for a month maggot! You little fucks want a war? You thought it was over? You thought it was done?

Not on my watch fuckface.

Let's look at what you've really done with this. You guys have all the glory. You guys have all the fame. You guys have all the attention. Until...those cameras roll on Thursday. Live up your limelight for the last time uninterrupted Legend. We all know none of you earned those titles outside of Miranda. You haven't done shit since you got back here and I am going to end this little legend come Titans.

The best way I know how.

All of that precious attention that makes you feel important is going to go away. Once I make my stand the world will be focused on me.

Which is exactly what I wanted in the first place. Thank you for getting rid of my team. Thank you for recruiting even more losers for me to break in half in one location.

Thank you for helping me destroy SFT.

So here's my question for you. What happens to D.I. if I take all of their titles from them? What good are any of you? What exactly makes you special without those things you care about...and I don't ever fucking give a fart about?

Hell...I might just injure all of you out just for the fun of it.

Tell me. Do you really want to be locked in a cage with me Legend?