So the question isn't how to beat you in a match like you people obsess over beating me in one on one competition. That is not a difficult thing to do. The question is how do I make you crawl back int your hole like the little rat that you are.

So how do I kill a legend?

Very simple. I make you the new Alexander Hayes.

In other words. You are my new bitch.

Oh. I can't wait for this cage match. I really can't. I am going to enjoy it so much. Because I am going to get to turn that pretty face that you love so much into hamburger. I'm going to make you be the one who needs to wear a mask if I get my wish. I should set your face on fire.

I bet it'll smell like axe bodywash and bacon.

Don't worry. The fans will cheer for you for once. Everyone loves bacon. Even Vegans. Deep's their biggest secret. Powered by bacon.

Are we having fun yet?

What really have you contributed to this group? You pinned “Seth”. Yeah. You pinned the one guy even 'The Axis' admitted was a joke. You pinned Evan Corbyn. Who hasn't?

'I'm a former this and that.'

Let me guess. You're about to become a champion again right? National or Hardcore? Obviously you won't be World champion. That's for someone productive. I got it. You're going got be Ace's fall guy for when your tag team fails again once I get another partner? Come on. Tell me. What have you earned Legend? What have you done for your stable that actually warrants you being in it.

Because stables need four people to be considered a 'real' one.

Hell. You have two new guys who are at least can do heavy lifting 'limp wrist' maybe you should look back into commentating.

I mean Kingston can at least change a light bulb with instruction.

Hayes is good for a court jester.

I'm sure someone else can tell people better than themselves that they are a blockhead.

So why do they need you? I'll tell you why.

They need you as a human shield just to take notes about how bad I am going to destroy them. This match is going to be just the beginning. You think I'm going to stop once that bell rings. No. I'm going to turn you into the next Kyle Murphy of your group.

That's right. You are going to keep losing. That's all you people care about. Losing.

So I'm going to turn you into a loser. So much so that your 'friends' are going to start to wonder just how long they should keep you around.

This is your future.

This is how it's going to be.

Then those in charge will tell you to start wrestling earlier and earlier on the card. You'll take it. You will. Not because you need the money. Not someone as awesome as you Legend. No. You want the attention. The hate. You just feed on it. It's a drug. It's what makes you who you are.

Hey...I'll take that to.

See. The difference between me and your little cabal of crackheads.

I will take shit that makes you who you are. The titles are what you strive for. You have to be the center of attention Legend. So I'm going to take that from you and your precious pals. I'm going to make you all into more of a joke than 'The Axis' was pretending to be.

Get your clown shoes ready. I'm sure Alex will let you borrow his cape to try and make yourself into something new. Once I drive you the short drive it is from sanity. Once I push you over the edge maybe you can finally make something of yourself.

Instead of just a whiny attention whore.

Hell. You locked me in the cage. You beat the hell out of me. You had me. You had me. You still couldn't finish the job. Guess you never underestimated the power of a car hitting a cage. It was great. It was wonderful. The highlight of every time I have watched that match is the look of pure shock on your face that your plan failed! The only reason you have those belts is because of her.

Not Hayes.

Not you.

Just her.

'He got you pinned'. Yeah. Just like Redd got me here in the first place. I won't set your 'face' on fire though Legend.

I'm going to make you want to eat your face off. I am going to turn you into the new Nirvana. I'm going to make you into a self cannibal. You are going to eat everything that you are and shit it out. What bones are left I might be merciful and put out of your misery.

Nah. That's not my style.

You've earned my contempt.

Now. You fucks get my wrath. The best part. You don't just get to deal with me. Every single fan out there hates you just like I do.

They're gonna love me. They're gonna cheer me. They're gonna be eating out of my hand and soon...

You won't hear anything.

I'm going to make it a point for them to give you silence.

See, one fact about the wrestling business.

Good reaction. Bad reaction. Doesn't matter. Wins and losses are not really what determines if you get work. It's the crowd. You know this. If you hear nothing. No cheers. No boo's. Hell. That's death. That kills a legend faster than cancer.

That's your future.

That is what you have brought down on yourself.

Hell. If I do this well enough fucker they might just kick you out of that Hall of Fame you care about so much. And I...I'll not give you a second thought.

Because you will no longer be Johnny Legend.

You'll just be some Jon that no one remembers.

See. I can live with being forgotten. Can you?


I got friends in low places...

We fade in on Ataxia standing in front of Trent Steel in an office.

Trent Steel: No.


Trent Steel: It's not worth it kid.

Ataxia: Fucking coward.

Trent Steel: You think I am afraid of those guys. You are really fishing to get me on your side. I told you. I'm not gonna fight them. There is no point to it.

Ataxia: So did Jen get your balls in the divorce settlement?

Trent Steel: Good one.

Ataxia: There has to be another reason.

Trent Steel: Yeah. It's a good reason. If I start. I won't stop. You know that better than anyone. I won't stop. I will just keep going and going and going even through you if I have to get what I want. Right now SFT has nothing that I want.

Ataxia: Not even me?

Trent Steel: If you ever get that excited to get your ass kicked. Just show up. Not gonna deny you a fight kid. I have no reason to get involved with this fight. You can take care of yourself. You know that. I got no reason to fight. I'm not going to start one. I never started one...I finished all of mine.

Ataxia: Not even after Nirv...

Trent Steel: Jeff King doesn't give a flying fuck about you. If he did he wouldn't have left like a scared little bitch. Jeff and I were always about business. This better still be business. You still going to take this place down? You still going to go in there and kill that fucking federation then you do it on your own. You want to prove to yourself you are worthy of that mask then you better start fucking thinking outside of the box.

Ataxia:...I think I'm following you. Although to be fair you are about as subtle as a brick hammer.

Trent Steel: Think about who you are fighting. Think about their strengths. Their weaknesses. What do they care about?

Ataxia: Themselves. That's easy.

Trent Steel: Right. They have ego's. Ego's that have to be salivated.

Ataxia:...Their records.

Trent Steel: Now you are getting it.

Ataxia:...I gotta go.

Trent Steel: Say hi to my daughter for me.

Ataxia stops himself before he leaves.

Ataxia: So...are we good? You and I?

Trent Steel: Let's just say I'm getting soft in my old age. Just a bit. You break her heart. They will never find your body.

Ataxia laughs in a non psychotic way and leaves. Trent sighs as he sits down behind the desk. He pulls out his cellphone and dials a number.

Trent Steel: He's heading for you. Yeah. No. Thank you ahead of time for what you are doing. I know. I know. Hmm? Oh what'd they say? Well...let's just say that I've had better days. Do me a favor though. Finish it.

The camera zooms in on Steel's face.

Trent Steel: Because if you fuck this up...You have to answer to me.

Fade to Black...