Gee. I wonder why no one is 'happy' about your little takeover?

Well. I'm happy about it, but you can't seem to grasp why. I would explain it to you, but your feeble mind would require me to downgrade it to the intellectual level of a snail. Therefore you will just have to figure it out with hindsight after this place has been turned into cinders. You don't see the plan because right now you are focused on the wrong things. You want to figure out exactly what I am doing you have to think the way I do.

Wait. That requires thinking. I forgot who I am talking to.

Sorry. Won't happen again.

Free of all corruption? AHAHAHAHAHAHA...

God you are an idiot if you expect us to buy that. Look who you work with. You call me a egomaniac Legend, but it is the pot calling this kettle slightly a darker shade of black than the grim the covers your soul. Lionel Kingston? Ace? Miranda? Gary Mac? Alexander Hayes? Uncorrupted?

Every single one of you are as sin filled as the rest of us for being corrupted. Hell blockhead, you are probably the one who has used the system more than us. Was it worth it? Was it worth taking out the competition? Who is going to want to watch you people now?

Oh...let's watch Miranda take on...oh wait...they are in the stable. It's not worth buying the pay per view to see Johnny Legend take on Redd after they paid him to come back.

So you wanna keep bashing me and Corbyn? Pretty soon your biggest competition will be Kyle Murphy.


That would be amazing wouldn't it? Just to walk out in a world title match and then...who'd be left. If Evan and I decided to leave. If we left you would have nothing. SFT would have nothing. You would be having to take a pay cut. You would be the only one who would to. You know why?

Because you are a whore.

Why would I thank you? For making me the focus of your little campaign.

Because without me. You and your little friends are nothing.

Now. This is where negotiations come in. Hayes was smart to pull the move in the pay per view. Got people interested, but it was not that surprising was it. You now have to deal with his whiny ass. Good luck curving that ego. Oh and I love the bodyguard thing. That has to be the most never used thing in wrestling for what we call 'wrestling challenged'. It's nice to know you can go from world champion to personal bitch for a wannabe sociopath in less than three months.

Yeah I'm calling it. Gary Mac starts eating babies in a week.

Oh I am sure Nirvana will come crawling back at some point. He's served his purpose. Oh. Did you expect me to have sympathy for him? Did you think that attacking me by using his name would give you some sort of leverage?

I don't give a fuck about that cannibalistic cyclops. He ran home to eat baby back ribs. I'm still here. You wanna waste more of my time with you lack of effort promo? Please! Do! Be! Original! For once you fuck!

If this is cleaning house you need to fire your maid. There is a reckoning coming for your little group. Something stirs in the air. Can you feel it? Can you smell it? Do you see it coming before it cuts your vision in twain like an ax to the face?

This is gonna hurt. One more thing.

Do not ever compare yourself to me. You were a man in a mask. I am a man who wears a mask. Big difference fuckwad. You use to 'back in the day' run around doing this and that. Oh you may have inspired Nirvana, but you had nothing to do with my origin.

You want to ever take a walk into my life Legend then you need to start wondering some things. I've given you all clues as to who I am.

Start digging.

Maybe you might find something. I know I did.

You guys should really check your skeletons.

You never know when one is going to come out of your closets.

And I would show you what I've been up to. However, where's the fun in that.

Oh well. The war of words is over and what do we know kiddies?

Well, probably nothing. I do know one thing we are going to learn.

Just what sort of sound Legend's head makes when I smash it into the cage wall. I'm gonna start playing music.

I think I'll go for Beethoven's Fifth. AHAHAHAHA...