Aw. Isn't this cute. You are trying to be fucking intimidating again.

Note. No one cares. No one has ever cared. That's the whole point of you. That has been the core of who you are for so long. 'Why do I keep doing this?' Because you don't know any other way?

Don't try and play us fuckwad.

You 'could' quit this. Hell. We've all made enough money to never need anything ever again if we just fucking managed it properly. You are doing this for the same reason as all of the D.I. members. This is not about a SFT Legacy. This is not about 'the business'. This is about you.

And let's face it. You don't need a self help book to know that you suck Ace. Hell. You even know it.

It's not that you aren't talented. Far from it. You are just bored. You are stagnant. That's the biggest problem that you have Ace. You feel complacent. You feel like nothing you are doing matters. Did the LL really take that much out of you. Damn, I'd feel sorry for you if my give a shit wasn't busted. You want to talk trash about my mask and what not. Come on. This was the same beat a few weeks ago. Play me another tune besides how down in the dumps you are. Yeah. I trashed you. Yeah. I beat you. Because you let me.

That's right. I'm calling a spade spade. You let me win.

I know it. Because hell. I've seen exactly what you can do. This apathetic bullcrap is my schtick because let's face it. This place isn't worth it. It never has been. Not because of how you superstars suck. Well, that's part of it. The main thing is the place needs some sort of guidance aside from the asshat who shows up and says 'I decree from my dark emo corner that this is how things are.' Follow me on this one. You got the tag titles and defended them against Kyle and Josh. That wasn't a match and you know it. That was a bad sparring match that should have been a dark match. You were given those belts afte I beat you for them. You feel like you actually earned those damn things? No.

You would have rather had me broken and bleeding at your feet. We all know it. Oh. You don't like my promos? Damn. I am really broken the fuck up about that. You don't like the rants. Here's a hint. Quit! Leave! I'm not changing anything especially since I know how much it pisses you off now. You and your little fan club have done nothing but try, and failed, to fuck up what I am trying to here. Admirable. It really is. Fact is all are you are really doing is setting yourself up for disappointment. SFT is still gonna die by my hand. You are still gonna be forgotten.

You will still be nothing.

See. I annoy you. You know what that means to me. That you actually buy into this crap. I've said it before and I've said it again. The best thing that ever happened to me was that I refuse to get pulled into it. Titles are meaningless. Just like you and your cronies. However, this is gonna get really funny. You and your idiots did the worst thing possible in 'winning' that match.

You making me into a martyr.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. With enemies like you I don't need a stable. However, it does help with the numbers game.

Oh. How helpful. Except I really don't care. You want me to take off my mask?

Are you sure?

Are really wanting that. Is that your hopes and dreams? I am not unreasonable. Let's talk terms.

I will remove my mask. On camera. In front of the whole world. If you will flat out. A on hundred percent.

Kill yourself. No. That's still not enough. Kill your whole fucking family line. No. Still not enough. Kill everyone in that pathetic little stable of yours. All one mass homicide/suicide. Then...I'll think about it.

Until then. Get use to it Deuce. This mask will haunt you until I die, or you quit. The latter is the more likely because let's face the fact of life. You are not gonna run. Because you HAVE to do this. I don't. I can walk away any time I want. It's just wayyyy to much fun.

This isn't fun for you is it? What ruined it? The fame? The glory? The long battles in the ring? Is that it? Are you tired. Are you wanting to retire? Go out on top. Can't...perform...well in the ring anymore?

Truth is I say quit. If I really bother you that much Hayes is more than willing to take your position as stooge to Gary.

Let's face it. Despite all of your claims of my unoriginality. You are the one that is a cookie cutter wrestler. You are replaceable. I am not.

That's what bothers you. That is what really makes you wonder about me. Hey. If you are really that scared of it. Put it on. We got them by the millions on sell right now. Hell. I'll even give you one of my spares as a loner.

Hell. Gary even wore it. If Gary does it then all you cool kids have to right?

You know the funny part about all of this. I don't get anything out of this. If Lionel pins one of you two. Then he gets a shot at the hardcore title. If I win. Nothing happens. Maybe you should do something right your stable. Maybe you should.


I'll put you out of your misery real quick. I'll make it look believable. Yet still. Every night. Before you sleep. It will be there laughing at you. This mask saying.

You sold out. You sold out. You sold out.

Hahahaha...pathetic. Isn't he?

We fade in on the night sky. It's beautiful. We see a campfire. Sitting next to it just barely in the light is the masked form of Ataxia.

Ataxia: You know I could go into a lot of things that could be used against you. I could point out that your obsession with me is borderline hilarious. I could point out that everything in the past few months has been my fault. Yes. I admit it. I am responsible for Alexander Hayes. The Hayes of old would have never had done what you did at the pay per view. You would never have turned on your old tag team partner...right?

Ataxia leans in closer to the fire. His red eyes and red teeth glint in the fire light. A sick smile creeping up from his jaw.

Ataxia: It's almost really funny to me how only a few short months ago you even started sharing in Lionel's little delusions. Fighting Satan. Hercules. All of those mythological figures and here you are now. Playing shaman.

The mask keeps creeping closer to the fire.

Ataxia: So I ask you. If your creator is so powerful. Why do I still stand?

The mask touches the flame. Now it bursts forth on fire. A flaming effigy. Ataxia merely stands up and keeps walking. The fire slowly starts to spread to his suit jacket.

Ataxia: Just like the illusion you have about being a real champion he is not real. Let's face facts. You want to strike down someone. You prove it. They don't send an absolute failure to do a real warrior's job. Your people would not send someone like you into battle unless they needed fodder.

The whole suit is now on fire.

Ataxia: I am no invading army. This is no grand arena. You will not intimidate nor corrupt me into some sort of little coward just because you wear a cape and try to hang people.

Ataxia hold out his arms in a cross position.

Ataxia: should stop looking to the heavens for salvation and start looking at yourself. There will be no sword to save you. No mysterious spirit. Just my mercy...

Ataxia's mask burns away and all we see is a flaming skull.

Ataxia: Which none shall be imparted onto you. So sayeth 'The Messiah Pariah'! AHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Fade to black...

Now that we've solved who is more exciting with their storytelling let's finish this.

Whine. Bitch. Moan. That's all you know how to do. You do something. Then you don't THINK anything bad will happen to you for it. You are seriously the definition of a moron if it ever needed a photo example. You chuck out the big gorilla and now you have to pay the penalty. If you really want to be rid of me so easily Hayes...just ignore me.

Can't be that hard can it?

Seriously. Don't even watch the promos. Leave the match. Totally ignore me. That will definitely make sure that you never see me again. Then again you are fucking dumb.

Keep trying to win a battle when you should be focusing on the war.

This is not my last stand.

You will the one to stop me Hayes. Accept it. Move on with your pathetic life.

The truth is Hayes you just can't be yourself. You are just like Ace. All of you can not be yourselves because you care about this game. This game is going to kill you. This game is going to be the death of your 'legacy'.

Wait. You have to be someone first right?

Where would you have been without me getting 'in your business'?

As I stated before you would still be Kingston's bitch. I can understand why you hated it so. Having to do all that 'surreal' shit. Let's be honest here. We all laughed at it. Hell. I still watch them for laughs when I get depressed. Like when I watch an Ace promo.

So sad. I haven't seen this much emo since the Hot Topic had a fire sale on Twilight.

You try to be something you are not. You know, I may wear a mask. I may be a freak. I'm at least honest.

You. Heh. You enjoy hiding behind the trappings I make fun of. You aren't real.

You are just a spirit. An illusion. You have no real power so you try to scare people. It's funny. You talk about this great creator but you have no real power to create at all. Let's face it. Your moves are subpar. Your attitude sucks. Hell. Your work ethic is worse than mine. See I don't give a fuck about this place and still do better in my matches than you do. 'I got you eliminated!'

Yeah you did. You probably thought when you heard 'The Axis' had left that I would leave to. You were glad that Dawn was gone. You were glad Nirvana left. Dirk being gone made your butthole finally unclench for the first time in years even though he was straight.

But when they said I was still here.

I bet you cried. Because you knew that now. More than ever. You'd have to face me again.

Face facts. I'm never going to quit you. You are never going to be rid of me.

You had me at your mercy and you let me slip through your fingers.

Oh the folly of your pride.

'The Messiah Pariah' is now 'The People's Champion'. And it's all your fault.

Thanks. Ahahahahahaha....