Can it be that the living embodiment of talking out of one's ass has finally decided to shut the fuck up for good? not that kind.

Of course, I am a lot worse than any god. I am going to enjoy this so much. I am going to enjoy it because I know the fear has taken you. That's right Johnny. You aren't getting your way. You are getting thrown to the wolf. You are getting fucked over.

'This is suppose to be Ace...or Hayes...Not a LEGEND like me.'

Oh...see I beg to differ.

At this point I see you and Gary Mac running back to whatever retirement villa they have you guys in after you leave here.

I'm picturing a trailer park in hurricane alley.

'Psshh I got more money than God.'

Then why do this? Because you are doing it for the business? BAWAHAHAHAHA...That line of bullshit may work on the tax man wondering how you are going to pay off your debt, but to me that's the ultimate sell out line. Everyone's doing it for the business that has given so much to me.

Let's review what this business has done for you lately.

You get handed a title. Handed. Not earned. Handed a title. This make you look like a joke. You got eliminated from the big main event for this even after your swerve took out one stable. I took you out. Then you duck me. This business has taken what little reputation you hadn't 'violated' into the ground and taken a big shit on it.

See. You all have these cute little plans. Miranda has her plan. You have your plan. Alex has a plan. Gary has a plan. Ace has a plan. Ace's plan is the only one that is going to come true. Total fucking failure...right Cap'n? Yargh! Such a pirate you shall make yar har har.

See. It worked with Hayes. I'm gonna make all of you into joke gimmicks by the time I'm done. I'm thinking a nun for Miranda will be most suitable.

You...Heh. Charlie Brown outfit just screams for this on a level of irony.

However you don't get irony unless I hit you with a tire iron.

Each one of you is going to get it. You don't seem to grasp this. You guys turned me into the hero. You gave me a reason to beat the hell out of each and every one of you. This is all you've done for the business.

Guess what.

The business said go fuck yourself.

Here's the chainsaw to do it with.

So let's get off of you for a moment because no one in the right frame of mind would ever get on you. I want to talk to a certain person who keeps whining constantly for attention. I want to talk to if you will Diet Johnny Legend.

Jeff...go asphyxiate yourself.

Go choke on a baby.

Oh I'm sorry. Did I just cross a line?

Let's clear up one thing right now. The whole Axis thing. You and I had a mutual understanding. Maybe “you” didn't understand it so I'll tell...Jeff “Jobber” King in a mask...what he has done by chosing to run and cover. See. I don't really get pissed off a lot Jeff. I try not to get mad. It's never good when I get mad. You think you can handle me. Let's clarify one thing. Jeff. You have never even beaten me without outside help. Remember that for one reason Jeff.

I'm going to make you wish you stayed out of here like a bitch.

If there is one thing I can't stand it's cowards and you are the biggest one.

We “lost” a match. Normally we'd laugh this off. You. Ha. You run with everyone else because you don't wanna look like a loser. To bad for you always have been.

So you go somewhere else and no one wants to put up with your diva card.

Then you come crawling back here and act like nothing happened.

I thought you were made of sterner stuff. Oh well. Trent Steel never was a good judge of character. You know the only difference between you and D.I.

As a group they have about one percent more respect from me than I do for you right now.

Oh and just so the world knows. No spoilers or anything. Over my dead body are you getting into The Dead Pac.

I've had enough of carrying you.

Wait this just in...Yes. Johnny Legend has done a promo!

Wow. Just wow. Just...Just...


I am reminded of many things.

I am reminded that if you want to change things you have to be willing to cross a line.

I don't ask for much. Hell. I've never asked really anything from anyone here. So I'm going to do what needs to be done. Not for the fans. Not for my honor. Not for anything other than the sheer simple fact of...

I want you to get fucking motivated. So I'm going to motivate you.

I'm going to motivate this entire federation to actually give me a challenge.

And I'll getting rid of the garbage for good.


Fuck it. Just fuck it.


You know what. This is by far the single most biggest waste of fucking time I have ever had to endure in any walk of my life. You think it's easy week after week after week coming up with insults and dealing with these snot nosed diva whiny ass little bitches?!

Fuck you. Seriously man. Fuck you. I don't know who I want to hit first. The booker for making these matches. You for pulling out worse than a forty five second money shot. Or...Fuck.


Spoiler Alert: I'm going to win.

Yeah. Don't even bother buying this pay per view. It's a fucking joke. Like none of the matches would even make a good Titans main event. Fuck Emerson. Seriously. Fuck him. Fuck Miranda. Fuck you fucking fucks.

I'm damn fucking tired of this and I'm just gonna do something I should have done before even starting out this week.

I'm going to shut up and wrestle. Then...I'm going to fucking finish this.


Just go before I start really losing my cool.