Oh. Waiting till the last minute. How me like? Don't tell me you two wonderful gentlemen can't just churn these recycled piles of crap out like another reality television show. Excuse me. I got shit to do. Bear with me folks. This is going to be something slightly new.

We see Ataxia in probably the most bizarre place that you could ever see him in. At the opera. He is sitting wearing a nice tuxedo but still the bag face mask. Next to him is Miranda Steel wearing a nice black evening gown.

Ataxia: You're going to love this. It's his adaptation of Othello.

Miranda Steel: I still can't believe you like opera.

Ataxia: Why? Do I not seem cultured to you?

Miranda Steel: Sweetie...you're wearing a bag over your head.

Ataxia:...I hate this damn thing sometimes. It makes arguments valid.

Miranda Steel: Look. I'm happy to be here, but I'm glad you did your promo to. This is worth a little aggravation.

Ataxia: If you wanna leave I understand. I just...well I wanted to share something special with you.

Miranda Steel: You all ready are something special to me Taxi. You know that.

Ataxia: With everything going on with this mask I thought this is a way for you to get to know the real me.

She leans in and kisses Ataxia. He smiles.

Miranda Steel: I already know the real you. This is just a bit surprising. If I fall asleep will you be mad?

Ataxia: No. I'll let you drool on my shoulder.

Miranda Steel: I do not drool you ass.

Ataxia: I know. I've slept next to you enough.

She smiles as she holds his hand. The lights go down as the show starts.

All right. I'll spare you guys the bullshit about opera. I know it'll make you upset to have to sit through some culture for once. After all we got the soap opera of Miranda to entertain us and Gary Mac...well Gary just rants a lot.

Matter of fact that's all you really do.

Which is sad coming from me the rant master, but at least I have something to say. I think it's funny that you and your partner have nothing really to say about me other than you don't understand the plan. I could be like Iago in Othello I guess if that would make it better.

Let's skip all the rehashed crap you are going to spew about the videos.

It's not important because I just did that to get you wound up like a child's toy. Let's talk plot. You know dramatic structure. Something you lack as a human being to understand.

Let's talk about what makes me better than you. I know how to space out a conflict. You just want to prove how good you are. Well! If you are so fucking good where the hell is the world title? You complain about me saying she sucks. Okay. What about you? What about the Gary Mac that has to prove something and prove that his stable is the best in the world? Why not face her?

Because you know you'd lose then your little streak would be over.

You are ducking her because you know you will lose. Why bother. You are leaving soon right?

Which is exactly what I could have hoped for. All of these people coming back. I've had a hand in it! Do you think it's just you! I've used you! I knew if I left with “The Axis” you'd bail like the little bitch you are. That's what pisses you off really Gary.

I said fuck you when the others ran like cowards.

Go ahead hit everyone you want.

I'll still stand and that will make you a liar.

That will make you want this even more. You want this title. Not because you want to be national champion. Not to go out on top. Because I have it. You talk shit about MMA. Where the fuck does a wrestler have room to talk about another sport. After all the crap we get about 'fake' and what not you might learn to shut the fuck up about something you don't understand. I've beaten men half to death in the ring and all you've ever done is play by the rules of this ring. I saw a challenge with Hybrid stuff. You. You scoff because you know your old ass would lose.

You are not a winner.

You are a coward.

You want the National Title. Fine. I'll give it to you. You want it! You got it! I get to pick the stipulations though. Since you can beat me! Since you can do all of these big things why don't you let me pick the field of battle!

Or are you a scared little bitch Gary?

So let's book this on Titans! If you think you are so unbeatable.

Excuse me a second.

KIBA! Learn to fucking promo you annoying rushed to the last minute little bitch!

God. Sorry Ace. Sorry Gary. I apologize for that. That is sub par work for even Redd.

Damn I hate people who can't do their job. Oh well. He's still possibly a better partner than Ace...

You're right I should bring a shovel. This is gonna end hilariously.

Oh well. Tag team belts to make you both feel significant blah blah blah.

I really don't care honestly. Not about the titles mind you. I care about fighting you two beause it's fun. Because the fans love it. Because the fans love it I fight you more. It pisses both of you off. Happy dance for me.

Enjoy your pathetic last minute rant.

I'm done. In before you could.

OHHHHH...I guess that makes you lazy huh Gary?


We fade in on the end of the opera. Ataxia is cheering and whistling as Miranda applauds as well. They start to exit the theatre being followed by our camera.

Ataxia: So not that bad eh?

Miranda Steel: I admit it was interesting...a little insightful to?

Ataxia: Really how so?

Miranda Steel: How you like to string people along and send them on tangents. It reminds me a lot of that Iago guy.

Ataxia: I admit to some literary similarities.

Miranda Steel: No. Really? Hahaha.

As the couple gets outside we find that they are rushed by photographers.

Ataxia: Damn it.

Photographer 1: Hey Taxi! You suck!

Ataxia: Obviously from the Gary Mac school of insults.

Photographer 2: So is this slut actually putting out?

Ataxia: You really need to get better insults if you want an angry photo guys?

Suddenly Ataxia is hit from behind by a brick! He turns and scowls at the thrower. A lady in a brown business suit. He thinks quickly and keeps Miranda from attacking her.

Ataxia: Ouch. Lady. If you don't like the mask just say so.

???: You are a fiend Ataxia! These people thinking you are some kind of celebrity when you are nothing more than a coarse buffoon!

Ataxia: Coming from someone who throws bricks at people I'll take that as a compliment. Miranda! Come on!

???: Young lady! How many drugs did he give you to sleep with him!

The scene shifts to the inside of a rented limo. Ataxia has part of the mask open in the back as Miranda looks at his head.

Miranda Steel: Well. It didn't break the skin thanks to the padding in your mask. You still want me to call your personal doctor to check out your head?

Ataxia:Yeah...I guess the date is over.

Miranda Steel: Oh hell no. That bitch isn't going to ruin our good time.

Ataxia: I'm not in the mood. Shit like this just really makes me wanna crawl back into a hole.

Miranda Steel: Nope. There are a lot of thing being your girlfriend takes away from me. Pictures. Being ignored in a crowd. I'm not letting that bitch ruin your night. The only woman allowed to make you miserable is me and your mother you know that.


Miranda Steel: What's wrong? Really?

Ataxia: The roofie thing she said kinda hit hard.

Miranda Steel: Oh. You know you don't need to get me doped up to sleep with you. Just say the word and I'll give you a night to remember.

Ataxia:...I just feel like I'm the one holding back to much in this relationship.

Miranda Steel: Look. I slept with a few guys since high school. All they wanted was a one night stand at best. It's nice to be wanted for me...not just for my smoking body. When you feel like you can let me experience that with you. I'll be more than happy to.

Ataxia: I know...I just...I hate this.

Miranda Steel: I hate it for you to. I love you though.

She kisses him.

Ataxia: I love you to.

Fade to black.