Why? Why did you do it?

I got a better question for you. Why the hell not?

It's not like you really wanted to do this match anyways Gary? Oh sure. I know. You'll turn this around on me and say I didn't want to face you or I am ducking you.

The truth is. I just felt like beating the living hell out of you. I felt like it's time that you get a nice wake up call to reality. I figured that this guy hasn't had his ass kicked in a while and should probably get a nice re-acquaintance with where you belong. In the damn trash.

Just like that Legendary one who is not around anymore.

Do I have your attention now?

Let me spell this out for you. I don't care about this belt. I never really have. They said you are in a tournament. I said great. I win it. Then I have to claw and scrape my way to even defend it because no one gives a damn about it. Yet. The one person who does. Kiba. Has never once said a damn thing to me about this shit. Hell most of the refs don't even know the rules for a Hybrid Match.

Yet. Now. I see you. You wanted the National Title. You got a match for this. It's a shame really that even after I agree to something that a D.I. member still doesn't get what he wants. It's really refreshing to see that it's not just the rest of us lowlifes.

So I basically can beat the living hell out of you in a fun way and thoroughly enjoy myself. I am going to try really hard to crush you like I did your little friend. I mean it's not like the motivation I have for doing anything is to just screw with the system till I get something on my terms. Oh wait. That's you.

I guess turn about is well played eh?

Please Gary. Do tell me how horrible I am. How you don't get my plan. How you are going to burn me with your little parody of a show. Do keep up the charade. Because the best part is I don't have to wait on my plan. I don't have to be patient as long as I normally would be. You see. Rather or not you win. Rather or not you lose. I don't win with this.

We all do.

Because in less than two months. No matter what I do. No matter what happens to this damn federation. You will either have to break your word or you will never come back to pester anyone again.

And you have to be right Gary.

That's why we all win. Farewell forever to your whining.

So go ahead. Take this useless belt. I'll still have the one you want. You still don't get what you want. You still do not get the upper hand. All this is, Gary, is a lesson in futility.

The only thing you can really do about it Gary is try to stop me. Something even with all of your winning you haven't been able to do. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The only real person in the D.I. that even remotely resembles a real champion is Miranda.

Yes. I complimented you my dear. Seriously. I'd tell you to pick better allies, but that's like the pot to the kettle isn't it?

Aside from a few still left outside of the sphere of stupidity that you call a stable who else do you really have left to face? It's only a matter of time before you face one of your own. With an organization as clogged and stupid as the D.I. it really is a matter of time before it tears itself apart. “So did the Axis!” No Gary. You didn't destroy the Axis. Nirvana being a whiny bitch destroyed “The Axis”, and two people decided to take their ball and go home.

You did nothing, but try to rig the deck. The only thing you've done is “earn” a set of tag team titles by someone else's hard work.

I applaud your brilliance at becoming a success without proving anything. It almost dwarfs me who has earned and defeated everyone the way that you say it should be done. Honorably. Oh sure you can bring up the lovely paper, rock, scissors incident. Oh did I take another insult from you Gary. Let me put this is a way you will understand.

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Don't worry kids. I'll send out the super secret Ataxia decoder ring for you later.

“No fair he's copying me!”

No. Mine are all funny letters you did all funny symbols.

Smile. No one gives a damn.

I'm sure your going to stay something here and there that has no bearing on anything anyone really gives to flying fucks about Gary. In reality. It doesn't really matter. Because even if you do let us know in your promo. If it's something of any merit towards my person...I'll still have time to prepare for it!

Maybe I hit you a little to hard last week.

It must be nice to live in such a world of twisted understanding. Oh I live in mine to. There is no denying I don't think the same way you do. The difference is my thinking is actually here to advance things where as you are simply trying to clutch and hold onto your feelings of importance.

Must suck to be so impotent that you have to stand behind talent that isn't your own.

You've never beaten me. That's your only real threat right?

So come on. Give me something else? You always call me out for my philosophy Gary. Come on. Tell me. What does this give you over me? In the grand scheme of things has it stopped me? Has it changed anything? Has it not still set my goal within my grasp? From your closed off perspective probably. You still don't look at the big picture Gary. You still haven't gotten it yet. You still haven't let your mind.

Crack the code.

Come on Gary. If my plan is so simple. You should be able to figure it out. Take a step back. After all you looked at the word with my eyes once when you put on my mask. It can't be that hard. Maybe what you are really doing is just prolonging the inevitable.

Your end is coming.

“Well. If you never beat me it will haunt you for your entire career!”



You seem to be under the impression you are going to even be annotated in the eyes of history. It's not written by those who are right Gary. It's written by those who are left. You have been a really good pawn. I hate to lose you. I really do. You have no idea how much you have helped me get what I want. Hell. If not for you none of this could really be possible.

I don't think you will see it that way though. I think you will see it as you getting the better of me. Whatever helps you sleep at night. When the time comes and you see it. Because I know you. You will watch this. You will see you have done exactly what I have needed you to do.

“How am I going to help you destroy SFT?”

Got a better question. How are you going to stop me from destroying your legacy if you are a sitting on the couch. Is your word really worth letting me win?

Think on it.

Either way. We all win.

Ding. Dong. The Gary's soon to be gone.

It's just a matter of what you do with your last few weeks that matters right?

Enjoy spending some more time with Legend. The rest of your flock will be joining you both soon enough.

I would laugh at you to end this off, but really, it's like beating a dead horse. You know. That thing you do every promo. Heh.

Dear SFT, How do you measure a man? Is it by his deeds or by what he stands for?

My father. Yes. The real one. Is probably known more for being a cruel person more than anything. He's a bastard. He's a monster. Like father like son I should say. Except not. See. I didn't have to live his life thanks to an angel. Before I even graced this planet someone took him out of the equation. Someone did something right. Someone who till this day is haunted by that night. A night where my father gave him a choice.

Kill...or Die.

I would go into the gruesome details, but let's just say that it is not for the faint of heart. I will spare the members of the D.I. a true example of their own name. I was destined to become the heir to the thone of fools. A true evil son of a bitch in every shape of the word. I was given up. I don't suppose that my mother should be blamed. You wouldn't want to see the face of that bastard ever again. I don't hate her for it. She could have aborted me. Something tells me that you people would enjoy that idea. A world without Ataxia the second. A world without sin. A world without fear.

A world that I was taken out of. I was raised by a caring couple who later had their own children. They loved me. Despite knowing all of the details they still did. They didn't blame me. They didn't hate me. They didn't care. They saw a child they could love and they did. I take after them when I don't wear my real face.

You ever just do something on instinct? I try not to. My instinct is usually just to maim things. Despite the best of intentions I have this animal like desire to beat people to death. Maybe that's why I attacked Gary Mac. There was no real reason to. I guess that's what bothers me. I gave into part of the parentage I tried to kill inside of me. I guess it's something no one understands, but me. Oh well. I'm sure I will get what I usually get called. He's a monster. He's a fiend. How dare he attack Gary Mac before a match. Hell, at least I put on a show. Unlike the tournament that seems to be sucking the life out of this place. Let me tell you whats going to happen with that. Spoiler Alert. No one cares. Oh I have my bet on whose going to win. It's really funny to me that everyone else doesn't see it. I guess that is the curse of being smarter than everyone else in this federation. I took a step back. Instead of being sucked into the Abyss that is SFT I decided that it would be more fun to pull the strings. The bookers think they run the show. Fluffy thinks he runs the show. The truth is...I run the show.

Because without me it's just an empty husk. This tournament is a flavor of the week thing to try and make it seem like Miranda has competition. So who will it be? Does it really matter? It'll be someone who might actually put forth an effort instead of Emerson. I get a shot and...I give up. I wonder who all will follow suit. Will Hijo run away? Will TGM start whining like everyone else? Maybe St. Jude...oh who am I kidding. Proverbly won't win should be his new t-shirt and catchphrase. I'd be more entertained by Hayes promos till I die. This is all just a waste of time. Oh. I bet you think I am just mad I don't have a title shot. Unlike someone else, who wears tie dye and has psychological problems, I just don't care about it. The only people who care about titles is the D.I. and the rest of the losers here who think they are worth their merit.

Let's talk merit. Let's talk about what this things are suppose to mean. You win something to prove you are the best. You. You win something. You do all the work. Yet. What has happened. The front office is just as much to blame for this as everyone else. All the titles get taken from those who earn them. Whih setting up these groups to take each other on the whole night would have made a lot more money and made us all entertained for months to come. Now. Look at where we are? Unearned unproven unworthy unappreciative assholes run amuck. I don't have to do anymore work to discredit this federation. You've all done it for me. I've all ready won on that battle front. So why do you care Taxi? I don't. I just like pointing out the holes in this condom of reality you're trying to screw us with. You are all unworthy in my book. Just like me. You are no better. You are no greater. You are nothing.

So what's the point?

I intend to change all of that. I aim to misbehave. See I took a boring match that no one cared about! I took a match that meant nothing and gave it hype! I did you another favor to keep you alive a bit longer SFT! I am your only f'ing life support! I am the plug. None of these so called “big names” would still be here. Hell...even Nirvana came back with a hope of living off of me for some legitimacy. You are all nothing without me and I am going to prove it.

Because when you need me most. That big moment that defines this federation. I will simply walk away. Take off my mask and sit down somewhere quiet and laugh. The greatest con in the history of professional wrestling is coming to a head. Legend is gone. Mac is leaving. Ace is on the border of losing his sense of identity. Then. You got Hayes trying so hard. It's admirable but futile. You got nothing without me. No one can stop this. No one can change it. It's all coming down to what people are tired of.

And they are tired of Miranda. Love it or loathe it woman it's true. See the best thing that's happened is the fact that you are a champion for this long. I'm loving it. Because if you have no one who can stop your champion...the program gets stale. No one wants to watch the same person win each week. It gets old. It gets predictable. Despite what you think we all do this for that audience. That audience will go elsewhere. I was the longest reigning world champion will then turn into I was the one who killed the program. Thanks for being so good. It makes what I did by letting you pin me so many times seems worth it.

Am I lying or am I just messing with your heads. I know the truth and you are now gonna say one way or the other. Sh. Fairy Gary. Please. Just go back to playing with your decoder ring. Maybe if your lucky before you leave I'll let the big bomb go down. No. Not who I am behind this 'burlap bag'. No. What the plan is. After it's over. After it's all said and done. You won't be able to stop it. It'll all be over. Just a little longer Gary. Let's see if you can beat the clock.

Have a good day.