So I beat Gary Mac and he gets a shot at a world title?

Gotta love SFT. You get choked out by me and you head up the ladder. You're welcome. Oh, and they think they are going to steal the show. How cute. They think going apeshit on each other with promo after promo is going to make us all clammer for that match. The hype will not live up to the effect.

However. I love that the front office said fuck you to the D.I. with my match. Either way. The Dead Pac still keeps the National Title. By the way before this goes any further. Evan. Bro. I have to say this. As your teammate. I am so proud. You choked out that big goober! I...I am crying from tears of joy. It was like a Christmas present to me. Oh. I hope I get a shoot from this. Come on Evan. Shoot me! SHOOT ME!!

Why am I telling you to come at me bro? Simple. Everyone is glossing over us. Everyone says we can't do it. Well you know what I say. I say Evan Corbyn has got more than enough to give me a epic match. Evan Corbyn is probably the only wrestler I know on the entire roster who I have put aside my differences with and we work towards a common goal. That's right Dawn and Nirvana. Someone who actually listens. Someone who actually gets it. Someone who understands exactly what I am trying to do.

We're both people who want to watch this place burn. So let's toast it up a fun way Evan. What do you feel like? Street fight? Ladder Match? TLC? What? What would be fitting for the next round of our battles?

Or are you tired of all the bullshit stipulations to?

I think you are. I think I am to. I think I am tired of everyone throwing both of us under the bus. I'm use to it. It's a humbling experience. Everyone says he's a loser. He's this. He's that. He's a pathetic pile of shit.

Frankly bitches, I don't give a fuck. Just like you Evan. I think that you and I have come the farthest. I use to want to spit on you every time I saw you backstage. You didn't like me. Hell you probably still don't. The enemy of my enemy is a good friend now eh? Well since no one has said it I will. I thank you for the shirt. I know how much of a pain it was to toss something like this to a freak like me. Everyone says that you and I are failing to live up to this. I think they don't get it. They don't know you like I do. It's funny. Look where we are. This belt again. It's kinda funny.

You were the first guy to take a belt off of me in this place.

Feather in your cap over that little pathetic bitch named Injun Jerk.

So some people will probably hate this promo and to be honest I really don't care. Evan, you pride yourself on being the “King of Shoot”. Well. I guess this time I should do one. Despite everything you are the first person to look past the mask and actually give me something. The Axis. They only saw a freak on the rise and wanting to exploit me. Which I was using them so it worked out. You. You actually manned up. You looked at me and saw someone who is more than just a freak in a bag. I thank you for that. As for this title. You know it means nothing to me. It still doesn't. You want it. Come take it. You're gonna have to earn it, but if anyone should have it it's you.

Tax...if you lose to Evan won't that ruin your momentum?

What momentum? I'm right where I want to be. I am exactly where I need to be right now for my plan to work. Everyone keeps scratching their head trying to figure it out. The thing is. I'm tired of trying to point out the clues. They've all been there. Look. Watch my old promos. I am sure you can figure it out.

I guess I should say there is something I could tear Evan up over. The truth is this is the end of the promo. Nothing against Evan. I'm hitting the gym. I'm building up what I need to work on to make this match the best possible for everyone to see. My apologies to my fans who enjoy my verbal tiraids. The truth is I got nothing bad to say about you bro. I'm not gonna carry you. We're going to tear the roof off this place.

This time I'm just laughing from happiness.