Oh why wasn't there a war of words this week from you? Such disappointment. Not really. This is all been about one thing since this match was announced. That's putting on a show for you guys. The plans can wait till next week. This is all about a fight. A fight between two men just to see whose better. I say no matter what I always win. Even when I lose I still win.

This is the best example of this.

If I lose this match I lose not to a better. I lose to an equal. I don't have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night wondering did I do all I could? Did I do the best? Did I leave anything out? Did I have anything left?

Now there are a lot of people talking about all the other matches.

This match. That match. Then they skip over us. It's nothing special.

It's the most special match on this card. This is about two men who are fighting. That's it. No ego's. No feelings of right or wrong. You want to see a good old fashioned match between two of the greatest men period in this sport. This is your match. This is what it is all about. No hurt feelings. No egos. No feelings of needing to prove our worth.

We're don't need to prove it.

We already have. This is going to hurt. This is going to be painful. This man. This man right there. He is going to beat on me. He wants to break me. Not for the title. The title is meaningless! The title doesn't matter! Nothing else matters! The D.I.! The Front Office! Hell this is one of the rare occasions that you can be selfish just a bit in this business.

He wants to beat me.

Just to beat me.

To ask himself can I take him again? Can he be stopped? Can I get the win?

And I'm asking the same questions. I'm wondering...Can I? Will I? Am I? What difference does the theatrics make in this match? What move will put him away? What can I do to push him farther than he can go? What could he be thinking about me to try and defeat me? What are my weaknesses? What are my strengths? What is the thing that will make this match tip one way or the other?

I am nervous for the first time in my wrestling career and I love it!

This is more important to me than any world title match. This is about me! This is about what can I do! This is about what can we do...what is it that makes us so damn good.

What can I do to make myself better?

I haven't planned any trash talk. I haven't thought of how to get into his head. I haven't pushed the limits of his psychology because this is all about what we can do in that ring together. How much does he want this. He's got everything to prove by kicking my ass! I want to beat him...because I want to. I don't have to. I chose to beat him. I chose to walk down that entrance way. As my theme song plays I will look into that ring. The crowd is not there. The cameras are not there. The only thing there is him and I. I will look across the ring with unfiltered eyes. No red contact lenses that make you all look very foolish. Nothing will change my focus. My focus is you. My focus is Evan Corbyn. The man. The myth. The real legend.

Then there is me. For once. You will see the real me. You will see what I hide from this world with this mask. Not a mask of fear. Nothing to make you question yourself other than...what can he do? I am invincible no longer. You have a great opportunity. To see me for who I really am. To see what I can do. Tomorrow isn't about Ataxia.

It's about me.

It's about you.

May the best man win. For once...

I don't know if that's me.