Oh what a night. Doo doo...Ah hell.

This is where I wanna shoot the bookers? Really? No. No. Why? You didn't have me face him in the tournament so why the fuck do you want me to bitch this little clown boy down now? I'm infuriated. I mean the unproven champion gets to face someone who constantly pisses off the front office by not sticking to script. This is really unfair to him.

Oh, but he's a legend. I'm sure he can handle it. He's not gonna quit or go on a retirement tour when he loses to me. It's not like everyone else is already doing the same thing.

I'd be satisfied if D.I. actually had the staying power of The Axis instead of the ability to run like a bitch when shit starts to not go their way.

So this is the DI's resident freak? Am I suppose to be impressed by a clown boy? Nah. I mean I'd be slightly intimidated if I had actually seen IT and not thought it to be rather stupid. Seriously. A clown. I know I'm not one to judge on "bad alternative looks", but let me ask you something that may be a little personal. What the fuck is the point?

I'm so tempted to do a why so serious joke, but the hypocrisy of that would just make me want to rip my eyeballs out. Here we have what I like to call a odd looking mirror. Yes Alice, this looking glass is a bit askew. It is off. It does show us something that is slightly disturbing to us. A point of an interesting parallel.

This ladies and gentlemen is the ever interesting apathetic object against the uncaring force. Two people who have titles that don't give a fuck about them. Two people that see beyond these trinkets. Two people who don't fit the mold. Two people. One problem. One of us has to give a fuck. In all honesty I fail to see why we should. Why? To up the programming. To make this place more popular? Fuck that. It doesn't deserve the popularity it gets. This place is the most backwards over funded indy fed I have ever had the displeasure of seeing come to fruition and in the months I have been here it has served only one purpose. My own. It's slowly coming to fruition and yet here I stand yet again as the front office tries desperately to make me go up against DI yet again.

I'm done with it.

This serves no purpose because all of it is now a shame. Without the unstoppable Miranda you are all weak yet again. Hell. I've proven it. Gary stated he was retiring but after I kicked his ass it really jumped into high gear. Oh let's sweep under the rug that Ataxia choked him out! Good. I want it to die. I want it to be buried. Because the facts are simple. His time is over. He's dead. He's done. He's fucked up for the final time. Whose left standing?


Evan has taken some time off after our match. I don't blame him. I'd take some time to figure out shit on my own to if things just kept not working out. I don't think he's gone and if he is. God speed. I'm still gonna wear the Dead Pac shirt because it's something I earned. Just like this belt. This belt says I am a champion. The mid card runner up to yours. You know what that means to me? Nothing. You think you are better than me? Good. Think that all you want. If I beat the crap out of you do you know what I got to put up with for the next month to three months?


Personally. I don't think it's a card anyone will want to buy. Oh I'm sure we'll get stipulations a plenty that will make us both out to be monsters. Two abnormal wrestlers going at it freak to freak and see who is left standing. Who will stand? Will it be the Clown? Will it be The Messiah Pariah? Who will stand and who shall fall? So many fucks are not given on this day.

'Aren't you tired of facing the same people Ataxia? Don't you want to fight someone new?'

What's new about him? It's some old fart from back in the day who wants to relive his glory days. It's one of Mac's wannabe friends who gets a title shot and thinks he's gonna change the sport. It's laughable really how stupid this shit is getting. It's like insert random cliche here and suddenly it works in SFT. Hell look at Dude JoB. Talk about a cliche that's gone horribly wrong, but at least he admits it.

So I have to ask this. Why TGM? Was Piggy Pie taken by someone else?

Yeah. I've heard the music. I use music because what I really want to call it the censor won't allow to pass through and I would hate to give you a break from my tirade So what's my real problem with you? I'm sure everyone is noticing that I'm a bit more venomous right now that I usually am? Is it because you did something I couldn't do? No. Because I know the truth.

She took it easy on you.

Maybe you are that good. Maybe you can stop the unstoppable farce that was going on. However. I don't buy it. I mean you guys are on the same team. Hey. You won. I'm giving you props for that. Finally the slut has been shut up! I danced a jig. Finally. Someone that can actually promo about more than what pole she slid on.

Then I saw this card.

I hate to pull out my diva card. It's not like me. I just can't fucking stand this crap anymore. They are really running out of ideas. What they should do. What they won't do is send someone who is a real 'hero' to go after you. Not me. I am not here to save this damn retarded place. I'm here to end it. You stated in one of your promos last week that you want to amp things up a bit. Get more competition yet you aren't going to go all out for the world title. Good. Finally. Someone who actually fucking gets it. Then what happens. Hey Ataxia's got the national title. He's destroyed anyone else who a possible threat to TGM. Let's throw them into a match.

Am I going to no show just to prove a point that I don't like it? No. Despite the fact that the thought of having to wrestle you makes me want to vomit my own soul up I will be professional. However. It doesn't mean I'm going to go all out either. There is no reason to. All you are is some flash of nostalgia. I've had my fill of that shit in this place.

Nirvana has history.

Mac has history.

Legend is history.

Shadow is a living legend in his own mind. Then you got me.

I don't give a fuck about a legacy. You do. I don't give a damn about anything that matters to these pathetic front office people. I aim to destroy this place and that's what I have done. It's all ready happened. It just hasn't dawned on you people yet.

I'd sit down and explain this to you Great, but see every promo with Gary Mac to get a better idea. I don't wanna get accused that I wasted your time.

Although if you were to go there I wouldn't be surprised.

Sad to point this out to you but the only reason this is a main event match is because I'm in it.

They're all waiting to see just what I can, will, and am going to do to you.

Truth be told. I don't care. This is just more filler to my goal. By the way. Welcome to being my new pawn.

Your move.

No. No. That looks to weird. That looks to normal. Fuck this is annoying. I keep looking over the new concept art I'm thinking about turning into my new look for Ataxia. No I'm not changing the mask but the suit and tie is just not working anymore. I hear the door slam and I look up. It's Miranda. My girlfriend. Not the dumb bitch who just lost her free ride.

Ataxia: Problem?

Miranda Steel: Yeah. Big problem. Cops are down stairs wanting to talk to you.

Oh goody. I get up and put on my jacket. I make sure my mask is on straight as I head down to the hotel lobby. There are two cops waiting on me. It's like a stereotype. One fat balding one and a slim one with way to ugly a haircut.

Detective Ericson: (Fat guy) I'm Detective Ericson this is Detective Daniels.

Detective Daniels: (Skinny guy) We need you to come with us.

They flash their credentials. I give them a strange look.

Ataxia: Um. Am I being charged with something?

Detective Ericson: No, but we need to know the location and any information you have on a Mr. Fredrick Brennan.

Ataxia: I don't know that name or anyone with it.

Detective Daniels: You sure about that weirdo?

Ataxia: I don't appreciate that tone.

Detective Daniels: Well you wear a brown sack on your face. Don't seem to normal to me.

Ataxia: My identity is kept secret as part of my contract. By the way this is being filmed.

The notice the camera. It's always nice to see people squirm.

Detective Ericson: Look. We are doing an investigation of Mr. Brennan and your name kept coming up. We just need you to come to the station and look at some of these letters that apparently seem to link you to him.

Ataxia: I told you I don't know him.

Detective Daniels: Then we come back with a few papers from the judge. We book you. We take off that mask and take some pictures. Then we get your girlfriend as well since she's mentioned in the letters. Do you really wanna do this the hard way or do you want to take your happy ass down to the room. We get ya a nice cup of coffee and there isn't any problems. Deal?

I smile. The red teeth always gets a look or two but this guy doesn't budge. I'm gonna enjoy playing with him.

Ataxia: The cameraman and I go with. If it's nothing. No problem. I just wanna make sure you aren't trying to screw me.

Detective Daniels: How about I...

Detective Ericson: Joe. Back off. You'll censor out what we don't want coming out right?

Ataxia: Sure.

Detective Daniels: Sure. Let's just blow our investigation wide open for a nut job in a mask.

Ataxia: We can either do this my easy way or my fun way.

Detective Daniels: You threatening me?

Ataxia: No. But if you did do what you said you were going to do you would be paying over seventy five thousand dollars up front to cover my lost revenue for my identity being revealed as well as a gag order on any private information you find. I have a nice team of lawyers to cover my ass. A old situation made me realize very carefully just how screwed up people like you are. Now. You want me to look over these papers. Sure. It'll be good for a laugh.

He doesn't like it. He doesn't have a choice. Let's see who this guy is...