Oh looky loo. What a mess you've gotten into.

You talk about faith. What a novel idea. You know another novel idea is suicide. It's less painful than you promos. Seriously. Go suck off the Pope and get off the air. You talk about faith? Faith in what? God? Okay. I'll bite. Wait. Do you have faith in yourself? Because that's the real question. That's the reality of this whole thing.

Do you have faith in you?

I don't think so. You call me out for my mask. All right. How about yours? You hide behind scripture and religion without ever really talking about what you believe in. Oh, I'm sorry did you expect me to just talk shit about religion and piss you off? No. Not my bag. You want to believe in the flying spaghetti monster. Fine with me. I don't care. It doesn't matter.

Because God isn't gonna save you from me.

God isn't going to strike me down in that ring. Only you will. I think in reality you are envious of the mask Jude. Is your problem with me just because you don't like me or because I beat the shit out of your brother?

Do tell me.

What is it that bothers you? Then pretend I care.

Because unlike everyone else I will look you in the eye and I will laugh in your face! That's what you are not prepared for. Someone who see's you for what you really are. Scared. You are scared of failure Jude. You always have been. You hide behind this 'God's will' crap so you can pull out the old excuse card. Let me tell you something. God doesn't care about a little worm like you. Because in reality unless you make something of yourself.

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

The earth is not my title nor is it a victory over me.

He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind.

So how is your house these days. How is ol Redd? How is the man that decided to interfere in the fate of your home Jude? You talked a long time ago about putting me in my place and here I still stand. Here I am. I aint going anywhere boy. Come on. Come at me bro!

You are a gutless worm. I wear a mask. You hide behind yours.

You talk about a disease. Are you the cure? Are you going to fix me? Are you going to save this place? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Oh that's too silly. The sad part is I think you are serious. Tell me. What exactly does one have to do to beat you besides know of a better coffee shop? I could bore you with where I am, but all my fans care about is me tearing you apart verbally and physically. If you win. You still won't win the world title. You aren't that good. It's out of your league. I've all ready proven I've let people slide by so they can have their shot because it makes the world title look like you. A joke. With no real good punchline.

How does it feel to be a pun and a pawn?

You think I am dangerous now? Go ahead and take off the mask. Do me a favor and condemn you and your fellow fools into a hell on earth that you can NEVER get away from.

You talk about my darkness. What about yours? Who is the real St. Jude? Who are you really? You ask me to step into the light. Buddy. You don't want that. You think what I did to Redd was bad. Oh. Wearing his face and setting it on fire for the whole world to see is nothing compared to what I will do to you if the urge hits me. You talk about complacency. You do not want me to get active in making you all my bitches again.

I will make you beg for God to kill you.

You have faith in me. Good. That makes two of us. I have no faith in you. All you are is words, words, words. You are nothing more than a man who uses the pleasant poetry of the bible to try and find an audience because you can't wrestle your way out of a paper bag.

Fact of the matter is this my dear sweet Jude. You have never stepped up your game enough to be worthy. You hide in the back and take cheap shots while others who are 'lesser' than you move forward because they at least have guts. You sit back and make your philosophical points and then you stay stagnant. You want to prove what your worth. Come and get it. Stop using the Lord to try and get you over.

Hasn't he done enough for all of us to not need you pushing him to give you a push?

You want to know if I am the hero or the villain. As a wise man once said. It all depends on your point of view. You could argue I am a bad guy by what I do or if you like it I am the good guy fighting the good fight. Some people see you as the good guy and some see you as an annoyance. The truth is. Good. Bad.

I'm still the better wrestler.

You might win. Truth be told I don't care either way. This title has no bearing on what I do from here. You see I've all ready proven my point. I have broken the D.I.

They run. They hide. Now I sit and wait for them all to fall. I can't wait for next month. Because after that I can finally start giving twenty percent instead of ten. I beat the world champion. I beat Miranda. I beat Gary. I beat Ace. I finished Legend. I have never lost to Hayes.

Tell me Jude.

What have you done lately?

Start praying for mercy. God might be nice and let me treat you with kindness.

Know this. I won't hold the same grudge as I do to your brother.

I don't hold another man's sins over his brother's head. Just like you shouldn't try and say you are better than me. We all were sinners once Jude.

I just know not to throw stones apparently. AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA...