Out with the trolls.

In with the screwed.

No I do not refer to the Dearly Impaired as internet trolls. I merely refer to the fact that they were all so ugly they needed to be under bridges...better yet under semi wheels, then reversed, and run over again. Then they might be presentable to the rest of the world as looking somewhat human.

Taxi...why didn't you send them off well?

Simple. If I had shown my wonderful masked face at their little going away circle jerk they would have stuck around. I would have given them a reason to fight because the one thing Gary Mac and Miranda can never say about their career is that I never beat them. That's when all this retirement talk happened. It was when I actually gave a shit. It was when I actually cared to put forth a fight. It was when I did about fifteen percent of my total effort.

Anyone else wondering who else I took a dive for just to stay in my position. Moving on. The funeral is going to be pretty darlings. So tune in. Ataxia has something very special planned for this lovely card. It has nothing to do with my opponent, but I have to ask.

Rayn. Are you really as stupid as everyone else who has faced me.

Oh he made fun of the name. The outfit. The mask. The teeth and eyes. Congratulations you are doing the same shit everyone has been saying to me since I got here. Yay. The originality of your insults remind me of the diatribe of a homeless man who relives the same day in his mind over and over again.

Then again you might just be turning into one of those guys.

Sorry. Let's get the obvious out of the way. OH NO YOU BEAT NIRVANA!! OH NO!!! I'M SO SCREWED NOW!!! EEEEPPPP!!!!

When you actually accomplish something worthwhile you can actually use it as padding for your promo boy.

Le sigh.

I guess I'm going to have to go through a whole new slew of people who got tired of being ignored because of their mediocre wrestling ability and just had to come back to fill in the roles of the D.I.

So I'm going to call you Diet Gary from here on out. I'd make fun of your name, but to be fair, I don't need to pad my promos with definitions of what my name could mean.

So why would I name myself after an illness? Simple. You lose all control when you face me. You don't seem to realize which person you are messing with here in SFT. See, I'm on a nice mission to destroy it and strange as it may seem to you. You are helping me do it. You've been helping me do it the moment you signed the contract to come back here. Even when I lose I still win is pretty much a fact. Throughout my tenure of SFT it has been all one big fuck you to this company who allow things like you to have some sort of merit.

Truth be told you'd be better off dead than a 'star' here.

So what's the purpose of you coming back? You been attending AA with our world champion? You get off the antidepressants long enough to think golly gee I can come back and be a star again till my meds flake out on me and I go captain loopy loo once more. Tell me. Just what exactly are you trying to acomplish? Are you here for the business, the title, or the attention? Because those are the only three reasons anyone is here. Well...except me. You see I am here for one reason and one reason only.

To end SFT as you know it.

So go ahead. Tell me just how you are going to destroy me. Just tell me how I am never going to beat you. Just set yourself up for a fall. Because now even if I lose to you on the card. All I have to do to ever shut you up is beat you one time. One fucking time. That's it. Then you are invalid. You have no arguments ever with me ever again. You are all ready assuming your bitch position so well Diet Gary. I am impressed. It's so good to see someone know their place and role without me even having to give you proper direction.

'What big plan are you going to have to kill SFT?' That is what you are wondering right? Is it Nirv's plan? Is it Switchblade's plan? No. Because my plan will actually work. My plan will succeed because I am thinking outside of the box.

Where as you are fitting yourself for a pine one.

Lack of Order.


You haven't got a clue what's going on. So go ahead Rayn. Beat me. Pin me to the mat. Make me tap out. Come on Rayn. Do your worst.

Then after the match is over I want you to remember.

You 'won'.

Because after this match you might, possibly, get a clue into just what kind of shitstorm you have landed in.

You see the truth is Rayn. This place doesn't deserve to exist after what was done to me. I am sure in your research you found out all of those lovely things. You want to call me a wannabe Nirvana? Hardly. Far from it. When D.I. won all of those titles a few months back only two people from the other stables stuck around. Only two people stuck it out and everyone else ran.

Nirvana is a cowardly bitch.

And I am saying that to your fucking face if you dare to get into mine Jeff. You fucking ran. You ran because you didn't get your way. The others. I can understand. They were tired. They were tired of having to catch flack because you wouldn't shut the hell up. You wouldn't play ball. Me. I didn't care, but that mattered to them. I saw a challenge. You saw a fight YOU couldn't win.

You are a coward.

So thank you for ruining his comeback Rayn. Thank you from the bottom of my black twisted heart that I didn't have to sully my hands to give him his first taste of what hell he is going to have to reap for his sins.

You see Jeff. I told you when I joined your little team. Don't fuck me over. You did. You know you did. Then you decided to come back. I stayed out of your way. Now you want to be here permanent. I don't fucking think so. As a matter of fact. I know so.

Because you are going to run little rabbit.

Go back to the baby back rib bar where you belong.

Now back to you. You are going to live up to your claim that you are the best in the world? How nice of you to defeat yourself before you even really get a chance to start. This is amazing to me. It truly boggles the mind how you people say I am the best in the world. If you were the best in the world then why aren't you all ready facing the world champion. Umm I haven't earned it yet? No. See best in the world means that you don't have to earn anything. Everything is handed to you on a platter and we all love you for it.

Truth is no one loves you Rayn.

And I think you are okay with that because with a personality like yours I dare say you would even notice.

So you are the best in the world.

I spit on your claim. I dispute your claim. No one will ever allow your claim to go as it stands. You are a fraud. You are a charlatan. You are a liar.

You are a fuck up.

Congrats. You just lost any argument you could make with anyone here that you are worth a damn. 'I'll shut you up when I beat you in A match.'

You really haven't been paying attention if you believe that.

Fluffy pays your paychecks kid. Shadow acts like he owns this place. Truth is you work for me. You just don't know it. See I know just where to place you and get what I want. You won't know what I've done to ensure it, but it will come to pass.

And you will end up a loser in the gutter because that's what you are Rayn.

Are we paying attention yet?

Because truth be told I'm getting tired of having to repeat myself to you fucking wannabes from days gone past. I got a great question for you? Why here? Best in the world? No. That's bullshit. You can't make it anywhere else. Fact. Fact of life. Me. I could go anywhere else and make any roster soar high if I actually gave more than two shits. So let me ask you why are you here and not elsewhere? I know why. Because you think this is going to be a cakewalk. You think this is going to be just like the old days.

You should really stop taking so many dives on your head.

Might rattle some voices loose.

Truthfully we all hear voices. There is one I want to point out to you. The one in the back of your head. The one that says you shouldn't do this. You can't do this. You will not win. He's being truthful to you right now. You see even if you win this match I still win.

Because my dear boy I'm not here for small fights. I am here for a sweet, long victory.

Thank for helping. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA...

We fade in on Ataxia as he sits in a black leather chair. The lights are dim. We can see in the foreground is the mask of Ataxia.

Ataxia: You see. I don't do scenes of my life like the rest of you reality show wrestlers. Always having someone follow you. I only let you see what you need to see. The truth is Rayn. You wish you were me. I know this for a fact. As a matter of fact.

Ataxia leans forward. He is wearing a white latex face that looks just like Rayn's except with the red eyes and teeth.

Ataxia: You could be me. Hell. The envy is there. The want is there. You would love to just walk away from the hard part of this life and just be someone else for a while. You are a symbol and a man. Quite a odd conundrum. Tell me Rayn. What's it like being you? How many mistakes haunt your every night when you sleep? The dreams of a failed life? How do you deal with it? I'm the worlds greatest! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Ataxia starts to tear at the flesh of the face and underneath it spews out a yellow mixture that looks blood like.

Ataxia: Cowardly little bitch. Whine. Cry. That's all you will do! That's what you all will do! That is the key! You see. The difference between you and I is you are a coward like Nirvana. Jeff King hides behind a mask so he can feel like he is separate from what he really is. A freak. Just. Like. Me...And you!

The lights flicker and now the ripped up yellow blood spewing face is on the manikin head that held the Ataxia mask. Ataxia is now wearing his face...his mask.

Ataxia: So tell me. How are you going to beat something that knows JUST what you are? You gonna try to make me tap out? You gonna beat me with a chair? Tell me. Are you going to hit me with your best shot. Do it! Come on! Stop me you son of a bitch! Do it! Because if you don't I promise you one thing you little cowardly child. I will put you in a time out you will never recover from. The truth is as plain as the mask on my face. You say I'm afraid of you. No. See you are afraid of me. Because I am not one of your old ilk. I am someone new. Someone who can spit on your legacy and get away with it because you have never beaten me. You never will. A match is a match. To truly beat someone you have to make them blink. I either have to leave or admit it. Leaving is not an option. You will run just like Gary. Just like Jeff. Just like Miranda. Just like Gust. Like rats from a sinking ship.

He reaches over and pulls off part of the mask around the eye and starts eating it.

Ataxia: Tell me...Just what do I have to fear from a little pathetic piss ant like you? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Fade to black...