Oh look. I survived.

You really look like a winner though. I have to say. It's almost as if I let you win. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge. It's so much fun screwing with you. Now looky what I get to deal with next.

The other half.

Or should I say Caffeine Free Ace?

I'm sure you've been wondering why I haven't been talking to you for the entire week. The truth is...I don't care.

Seriously. I can phone this one in just like the last one. You see, it doesn't matter. None of it matters. It's all just a game. You beat this guy and what happens? Nothing. Nothing changes unless someone decides you get something. Then they decide who gets to come and take it away from you.

This simple game is so dull. So I decided to play by my own rules. Did I pull a job just to prove a point about our dear sweet Rayn?

That's the question he should be asking himself. Because in all honesty no one except him cares about the result. Let's look at some little factoids here. Number one, I am always a front runner for a shot at some title I don't want? Why? Because I don't want it apparently. Same as dealing with stupid little pricks like you and your friend. You all are really just the same. A bunch of retired whiners coming back, doing really good for a short little bit of time, and then burning out. You will burn out. I'll remain. It's the point of everything. I will be the last one standing. I'll also be the one to burn this to the ground.

Which is what I am here to do in case you haven't been paying attention. Which, if you voluntarily have Rayn as your partner, I can safely assume you have not.

That's okay. I'm use to talking down to stupid fucks. So let's talk about what's going to happen. Let's see. We'll have a match. Win or Lose I still win. You won't understand that. You'll make some of the same shitty jokes as your partner. You'll both laugh at how awesome you are.

And I'll just sit here in the dark and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Because quite frankly I don't give any of you a thought anymore till I enter the building or when I have to do one of these things.

I grow bored. I really do, but I must keep the gambit up. See. You all have a goal here in SFT. To rise up and prove that you are worth a damn again. You haven't whored yourself out for attention to much lately and you are getting an itch. You should really get that ADD Crab spray. The truth is none of you do it for any reason, but your ego. Save for perhaps a few people low on the totem pole who know deep down that no where else will ever take them. Hell. I think that's why all these people keep coming back. They see your shitty work here in this waste of a federation and laugh in your face. The only job you can get is coming back here to try and get that thirty to forty five still single basement dweller to come buy a ticket because you use to be worth something to them.

Tell me. Why the fuck should I care what any of you think of me?

I'm a guy in a mask who has a life outside of the ring. Maybe, just maybe, I don't understand you because I think of this as what I do not who I am. Who I am is someone so different from Ataxia. It would scare you. You think I am some kind of freak who walks around wearing other people's faces. Truth is. I'm Mr. Cellophane. You can look right through me. Walk right by me. You'd never know I'm there...till it's to late.

So why keep this going? Why not just show up in a disguise, put bombs around the building, and blow up you guys before people come into the arena and end this pathetic company once and for all?

Because making you guys destroy it for me is so much more rewarding.

You are all like little pawns on a chessboard. Oh a few of you take on other roles, but truth be told even Shadow is a pawn in this game. Fluffy may book the shows but I control everything. How is that possible you might ask? How can I possibly be in control of all of this chaos?


You don't believe.

Could you believe in someone like me? I doubt it. I wouldn't blame you. Most of the people of the world are like the doubting disciple, Thomas. You all want to see something before you believe it. You look up to the heavens to see God and his angels. When really it's the guy who runs into a burning building with no care for his own life who you should look for. You look at me and see a freak. You see someone that no one will like. No one wants to be. No one exemplifies.

The outsider.

The pariah.

So let's think on this for a moment. Reno. What can I do to you to prove my point? What can I do to this match to make it more than just a match. Hey...You know Rayn right?


Now ask yourself. If you were your tag team partner right now. Would you be worried about what I am going to do to you? I think you would be. That means that someone is going to be watching my every move. No worries though. I'm going to make him a star again. At your expense.

Don't worry. I might even let you pin me first before I finish you.

See...I don't have to win to rule the world, and I don't have to win to steal the show.