Alex. You've been a great pawn.

You have done more for me for my plan than anyone else here and I think you for that. Mainly due to your sheer ignorance you have not seen the whole bit of string. See I knew a long time ago that you were special, in more ways than one. When I got here and decided to start taking this place apart I needed someone who was so prideful that they would do anything to beat me. Even turn on their friends and fans to do so.

Now before you say this whole thing about you have not manipulated me. Think about this. You joined up with the UVA to take out a stable I was in. I, who had been toying with you and the DI for weeks at this point. The whole reason I joined “The Axis” was a ruse. It was simply to get what I wanted faster. Nirvana saw me as a freak. Since it was the group at the time it made sense to go a little nuts with these people. It's the reason I held back against Lionel. It's the reason why Dawn got the world title instead of me. Because being world champion then would not help me right now. Who do you think had the brilliant idea to make you into a joke. Me. That whole thing was a plan concocted by me to make you a laughing stock. You took so much pride in yourself at the time Alex that it was so easy to push you over the edge. I didn't have all my money on you though. Actually I knew it was gonna be you or Corbyn who was gonna betray UVA and one of the other groups. The odds were fifty fifty so I spent time on both of you. Oh I acted mad when it happened, but truth be told I was impressed. Impressed that you were so predictable.

Just like you still are.

See everyone in UVA lacked conviction at the time. That's the point where all of this happened. The whole “spirits” thing was just a side effect of me getting inside of your head. Where I have been all the time. Where I still am. You see I've used everyone in this federation to get what I've wanted. It is well within our grasp now. I say us because this will help all of you.

Think of Alex. What is it you fear the most? Is it not being a champion? No. You've gotten over that. You settled for a shitty lackluster title to keep your ego checked with your little friends. You didn't want to get stomped by Miranda. Admit the truth Alex. You were afraid of her. Where as I was merely toying with her.

Do you know how much fun it is to just give up in a match to let your opponent think that they've beaten you?

Oh. I think I hit a nerve didn't I?

You mean all of this time I've been letting other people win and giving my all to beat you every fucking time? Why? Why didn't I give you a break. Simple. You hadn't earned one. You whined. You complained. You bitched. You turned on friends. You turned on your fans. All because just like the world title, beating me, is out of your fucking league.

Now why have I wound you up so much that it's infecting your whole fucking life. You say you made the decisions Alex. Alex. Look at me. I'm a manipulative son of a bitch. Self admitted. No matter what you do I have taken it into account for my plan. Get mad and somehow beat TGM. Fine. I'll still use you for what I want. I'm counting on it Alex. I'm counting on you or him winning this so I can keep what I want going.

I mean look at you. You are still dropping all of your accomplishments, but who are you really? Who is the real Alexander Hayes? The whiny person who pushes everyone away when he is exposed for the LOSER that he really is? No. You see. I get you. Better than you think. You see everyone who came in here and you were like how can I be different.

You can be like me and just be yourself. No. You chose to hide behind the mask of your past. What you did does not make you who you are. Who you are is made by what you did. You go on this rant like we haven't heard it thousands of times before. The fact is this Alex. No one cares. Except me.

Because it plays right into my plan.

Thank you.

So I'm not here to win the world title so that makes me into some sort of person who shouldn't be here. You are right.

Yes, I know admitting you are right about something is gonna shock you. I don't belong here. I am what you claim to be. I am better than every single fucking person in this damn pathetic federation save for a few who could make it outside of this circle of jerks.

I spit on all of the legacy of this place. See. I don't want your world title. I don't want your fucking acclaim. This is where wrestling goes to die! This is where wrestling is spat on and shit on and we all act like nothing is wrong all because we got Big Bad Shadow over our heads. Fuck Shadow. Fuck you to. I don't need to beat Shadow to destroy SFT. That's right folks. The plan is made. The trap is set. The best part. No matter what you do it will be sprung. So thank you all for your help.

A face it can truly look up to? You mean a place that has Nirvana listed as a world champion can have redemption? I doubt it. Oh you are the best you are at what you do? Sure thing “Bub”. You gonna cut me with your claws to or are you going to go play the lead in Oklahoma? Seriously? Copying comic book characters now. It's sad when even Lionel Kingston can seem more original than you Alex. Really fucking sad.

Oh I don't scare you? Really? Tell me? What is the big fear in your life? What does scare you? Turning into Gary Mac and living a life of lies to cover up the fact that you have NOTHING outside of this ring? Tell me? What do you fear? I know. I know deep down what you fear the most Alex.

Me, proving that I am better than you by taking the one thing in YOUR mind that will seal that deal.


If that happens. If. Alex. You have NOTHING! I beat you to it! I beat you to your goal! I proved I am better than you by the rules of the game YOU play by. Not me! You! That's the fucking point. All I have to do is actually give a shit and beat the alcoholic and you yet again! I'm the only one walking into this match with wins over BOTH of you! You still wanna count me out? You still want to call me a coward because I wear a mask. You wear one to I just fucking admit it Alex! You've faced down your demons and are a better man for it? Bullshit! Because you are still hiding behind that pride Alex. Pride is your weakness. Pride is what got you into this mess. You couldn't stand to be on a losing fucking team so you jumped ship and played like a good little boy to keep your spot. That spot meant everything to you. Now you turn over a new leaf cause you got some humility? I don't fucking think so. This is you trying to take up some kind of banner to stay on top. The real reason you are challenging TGM is because I've beaten him. He's not invincible like I made Miranda into.

Because you finally think there is a world champion that you can possibly beat! The thought of facing Miranda scared the shit out of you. Oh she was a member of your stable. So was Evan. So was Diet Dawn. You can't hide behind anything with me Alex because I can see through your lies. Your lies about betterment, honor, and heroics. You use big words because you think it makes you sound smarter when really all it does is show us all that you are just a pile of shit who thinks a dictionary and a thesaurus can make him into something special. You aren't special Alex. You are just a conformist whiny bitch who isn't getting what he thinks he deserves. You want to talk about helping the fans? How? You gonna actually give two shits about them again till I dress you up like a gay clown and throw you in front of them. What are you going to do when they LAUGH at you again?! You gonna turn on everyone and become a painted up zombie to try and get me. Tell me. How does that noose feel when you pull it? Oh you thought I forgot that did ya? Tell me can you look them in the eyes and expect to see trust? Faith? Care?

Hero? Feh. SFT doesn't need a hero. It needs a coffin. I just happen to have one made for it.

What it really needs is a Messiah.

That isn't you. That's my copyrighted nickname.

Now before you take your vitamins, say your prayers to the ancient spirits of emo, and tear your shirt off after you grow a fu man chu let's talk to Mr. TGM.

So before you ask. Yes. I am using you to. For a different purpose. You see. I know the bitterness in your heart. The truth is I know you. I've followed your career to. The man who made this place what it is was not Shadow. It was you. Why else would you come back here? After all this time did you really need the paycheck? No. You are seeking a win over something that matters to you. You are seeking a win...over yourself.

I'm not gonna try and psycho analyze you like Rayn did. I don't need to. I all ready know of a weakness or two I can exploit. That's not what I am here to talk about. I want to talk about how it feels to see what you've made be perverted like it has. Think about it. How can someone like me do so well here. Let's face facts. I am better than everyone here but a few people. You are one of those people. I admit that on any given night I could lose to you. I'm fine with that because you push the envelope. Even at this point in your career you give a hundred and ten percent and I am glad for that sir.

Because it means I have to give more than my usual five for a show. I've been holding back in a lot of my encounters. I admit it. That's right folks. I took self imposed dives. Oh sure call me a disgrace to the business, but I did it for a reason. It's the same reason guys pick up a chair to beat someone and lose by disqualification. There is a method to the madness. That's something I think you can understand TGM. You see I didn't come here to make a name for myself. I was all ready a name. I had all ready found my home. I came here to help promote that place and got robbed of my chance. What would I have done in the LL if I had won the world title. Held it till someone beat me. Help out the ratings for a few weeks to see who would take out the usurper. Then I would have went home. I would never have touched this darkened door again.

Then someone did something I just couldn't let go.

I call out Alex on his pride, but really it wasn't my pride that leads me to this course.

I feel it is my duty to destroy SFT. If that means going through you again. Suits me just fine.

I've all ready done what few people can claim in your run here. I pinned you. Which is all that these people seem to care about. Who “wins”.

The answer is simple. Win or lose. I still win. Because I have counted on everything. You win. Alex wins. I win. I still get what I want. It is inevitable that this plan will go on without a hitch. The only difference is how I get from point A, when I made my vow, to point B, where I destroy SFT. It's getting close.

So why should you care about all of this? I don't expect you to. Even if you do give a rat's ass I'd be surprised, but it's still be accounted for. I've even counted on Rayn running into the ring to cost me the match, or cost you the match. I've thought of everything that could go down even to someone we haven't seen for months or ever running down to that ring and tipping the scales. I've even counted on Sarah showing up.

What's the point of all of this? I just want you to know that you are walking into a situation that even if you injure me out you will still lose in the long run.

So don't worry about Diet Gary or Hayes. Don't even worry about Fluffy walking down to the ring in nothing but a thong singing the numba numba song and dancing the drop it like it's hot dance.

I've thought of everything.

Especially you.

Your move. I look forward to what you have to say.

From one Pariah to another. I'm glad you can at least wrestle your way out of a paper bag compared to Miranda.