Bad taste is simply saying the truth before it should be said.
-Mel Brooks.

See I can quote other people to make my promo seem more deep to. Does it help? No. Besides if you really wanted to go into a more in depth analysis of the true condition of your promo I would have suggested this one by Mr. Stoppard. 'It is better to be quotable than to be honest.' which I tend to disagree with because honesty is oh so much more fun to throw in people's faces than the lies which we tell them to try and seem intimidating.

You want to call me stupid. You talk of a cleansing fire. It must be nice to try and come up with a 'theme' for your promo. Tell me. Did you come up with the fire thing all by yourself or did Smokey the Bear ghost write for you again? Seriously. Was I supposed to be burned by all of these references. In all honesty I think you were wanting to choke me out with all this smoke you were blowing. Truth be told you can blow it out of you ass quite well, but the beauty about me is I don't choke.

That's your 'friends' game. Not mine.

See. I don't run away from my problems like you do. I don't go to a support group to keep myself from falling back into my sins. I don't hide behind anything. 'You wear a mask'. Yeah. So do you. The only difference is people can see mine. It's the same damn face you wear. It's that pretty mass of pink flesh under the makeup that I want to bleed.

Two differences between you and your predecessor. I don't have to half ass my fights with you to put on a good show. I don't have to hold back to get my goal. The other thing is that you have staying far. One loss from me is what really broke her. When she realized that I had beaten her after all the times I toyed with her. Price-fucking-less.

With you. I wanted to prove a point. You want to talk about all the shit you pulled and all that you have done. Let me point out something here and now to you. You are not talking to someone who gives a fuck about any of your past. You are just another old man coming in here trying to 'remake' himself. A cleansing fire. Do me a favor. Come up with a better metaphor for what you are doing because fire is so played out even the non hipsters are laughing at your ass for being so damn tired. Then again I guess someone from the ICP era can't be original. After all that goes against your whole 'identity' right?

Hell. You aren't even you anymore. I've seen the tapes. You don't have it anymore and we all know it. Gust was on his way out and has been for years. Gary ran like a bitch when he found out that I choked him out and embarrassed him! Mother fucker had 'beaten' me over and over and over again and then when he wanted something I didn't want to give him to facilitate my plans I broke his precious little world. Gary Mac doesn't want to live in a world where someone like him loses to someone like me. That's the whole fucking point. Your Divine Intervention dominance was orchestrated by this guy in the mask. Fact of life. I've been playing everyone since I got here. Since Redd decided to stick his nose where it didn't belong. You want to talk about cleansing this and that and all this smoke and shit. Well how about I give you a little bit of burn control.

So how are you handling the pressure? I'm curious. Tell me. Do you smell the beer the patrons have in the front row and crave it still? I'm curious. I'm actually generally concerned for your wellbeing.

Oh shit. I forgot. We're suppose to play fair and not bring up stuff about each other's personal lives right. Fuck. I'm sorry. Tell you what. You go ahead and come up with something factual about me that is a flaw about me outside of the ring and I'll let it slide.

Oh shit that's right. I just exist to do this job. I can walk away from the celebrity and the pressure and you have to sit there and take it because dumb shit that you are has forgotten...face paint comes off.

Defeating Miranda was right. Good boy. You got some morals about you. That's sweet. That's kind. That's fucking pathetic. Thank you for moving my plans forward though it really helped out. Still counted on it though. That's the thing that you aren't grasping. The plan is not a burning. It's downright destruction. It's plain. It's simple. And I have you to thank for playing your predictable part so well.

Hell even if I don't win, you don't win, or god forbid I LET Hayes win...I still win.

Oh yeah you guys don't follow this. The whole point of this whole thing is not to win the world title. That's a short term goal for myself because let's face it any whore can win that damn thing.

I'm looking at you Andrew and yes Hayes that means you are less than a whore cause you haven't won it yet. Oh did I just insult myself? No. Because I've made sure I haven't gotten it until I actually need it. The best part about this plan is that I don't even need the world title to finish this place off.

Everything I need is coming to me and no matter what you can do I have countered it in my mind. There is no way to win. It is inevitable. Except for one thing.

See. Deep down. I don't think you want this place to survive either TGM. I think you want to be forgotten. I think you want it all to go away deep down so you can give up the paint and be the man you use to be. Maybe try and salvage your pathetic life and live out your days hiding in plain sight of the masses and every once in a while get told 'Hey didn't you use to be somebody' and then you can say yes or no depending on how ruptured your pathetic ego is.

It never ceases to amaze me how much you old farts just keep coming up with new things to say that have nothing to do with anything. I came back because...

And that's when we all stop listening because we all know for a fact that no matter what you say or do it's all about you being remembered. This whole thing is about a legacy that will not stand because let's face facts. No one gives a fuck about who is in the hall of lame now and no one will later on because it isn't going to matter.

You left. For whatever reason you left. I personally don't care, but you like to sit back and say I tore up the midcard of this place and got to the top quickly. Yay for you. You went through the special ed kids. Congratulations. You went through and did the underwhelming task of beating your way through DI to get the world title.

Ever wonder why I didn't try to put my foot down and fight for a world title match? Think about it. With everything that was going on I could have made my case and got it. The real reason is quite simple. I don't need it. You say you don't then pull a Hayes and drop the damn thing. You aren't here to save this place. You are here to use this place like the five cent whore it is to maybe find something you 'lost'.

I wish you could have lain down to...wait...laid down. I think that's what you meant right? Because that plus a few other things you said makes no fucking sense. Let's point out something to you that maybe you've missed. I don't need you to destroy SFT you dumb fuck. I've all ready used you to get what I want. Has that not sunk through or do I have to wait for you to dry out a bit before I can get some damn sense into your damn skull. I've got everything I have and need and you have helped me without even realizing it. Rather you win and retain doesn't matter. It's all over. It's finished. You've done got fucked up the ass and were kind enough to say thank you as I did it.

As for your teammates. Let me point something out to you. You want to make them seem so big and so bad. I took out that trash long before you started to declare war on them. Hayes is the last one standing and let's face facts. He sucks balls. He always has and he always will because he hides behind his mask like a good little conformist. Just like you are. The difference between you and I is quite clear. I'm honest and you're hiding.

Jeez. Using song lyrics to make your point. How fucking sad is it that I expect more from you in a war of words. Oh please don't get the dictionary. Hearing you say perpetual platitudes of pretentious puss proverbs would no doubt sound as ridiculous retarded as when Hayes attempts to sound smart. Stop lying kid. You got to Harvard cause you were good in the bitch position and that's it. So stop down talking those fans you want to like you so damn much. Back to you though Andrew. I want to know.

Deep in the night. When you sleep all by yourself and dream of your past. When your mind plays tricks on you. Does your friend still scream? Does the smell of burnt flesh creep into your nose? Tell me. Just what exactly do I have to fear from a man who fears what he himself can do?

ĎResponsibilities gravitate to the person who can shoulder them.í The real quote you should have used from Mr. Stoppard. The question is Atlas are you going to hold or just shrug it off? I am thinking the latter is the appropriate answer. Letís see how you can live in a world when I take what you hold so dear and make that step to the hall of lame even more of an obstacle for the likes of you!

You know you can learn a lot about a man from his fingerprints. You can learn for instance that he probably uses one hand more than the other. What does this have to do with SFT? Nothing. Just like talking about your pathetic lives outside of the ring has nothing to do with me. I figure since everyone else is getting scene worthy I should play along just for the fun of it. Heaven knows I canít compete with a man dealing with the death of a loved one and a recovering alcoholic. After all boys, I am not as flawed as you. Hm. Heís a lefty.

Sorry. Iím working on something for Dude JoB. You know that guy who everyone sort of looks down on in this federation. A fellow, who like you two, is a lost soul that is in this business. Heís not searching for redemption or a legacy. Heís looking for closure. Heís looking for answers. Heís looking for something that actually matters. Tell me. What would you two give to find the answer to the one thing that defines you as humans? Ah humanity. Deny it all you want boys, but deep down we are, none of us, truly monsters. Fact remains we are all suffering the weakness of humanity. We claim to be gods among men, but in truth most of us are just little boys crying for attention.

Take this guy Iím reading up on. The head officer in the investigation of the deaths of Dude JoBís family members. You know itís really fascinating to me just how people like this come to power. The man seems to be perfect. Kinda like you Hayes. Went to a good school. Has a list of accomplishments a mile wide on this resume, but deep down he is severely overcompensating for his lack of actual substance. Ah. Heís had a few run inís at bars. Has been ordered to attend therapy and go to AA. Remind you of anyone else? This guy seems to have both your flaws. Tough guy. Real tough. Probably seen his fair share of shit. Probably deserves a little bit of the payoffís heís been given. Now the question is why am I telling you all this about a man who shall remain nameless. Simple. Less than an hour ago I found out something very interesting about him. A nice little red flag that makes my suspicions justified. The paper trail was hard to find, but I finally hit upon it.

Wait? Since when is Ataxia a detective. Iím not. Spoiler alert kids. When I told you my day job has nothing to do with a wrestling ring I wasnít lying. I mostly do freelance work so there is little chance of anyone finding out anything about what I do. The whole point of this is to explain a simple fact to you. Itís the reason Iím not showing anything to you on camera. Iím not hiding anything. I am merely protecting the very people you say that you want to save Hayes.

Hope is a very interesting thing until it is taken away. You always have hope that things are going to turn out. You walk around winning matches and trying to make a name for yourself. Then the lights go out. Then itís just you and your bad choices creeping up on you like a guilty shadow. This man, if he is watching this, is probably wondering just what I found out about him. What I am about to exploit. The truth is even if heís watching itís too late. See I called DJ ahead of broadcasting this. He should be at your place right now to ask you a few questions. So get ready for fun. What does this have to do with any of you? Not a damn thing. Itís none of your business just like itís none of mine about what you do in your lives. You want to throw insults at me. The only things you two have are just that. My work. In the ring. Nothing outside and that is what really pisses both of you off isnít it? You canít hurt me. You can dig at me. You canít win the easy way so you have to do it in the ring. Which, as history has shown in your fights against me, you both are sorely lacking. I wonder. If I actually give a shit just how much you both would hate it if I walked out of Rebirth, crushing you dreams, as both World Champion and one half of the Tag Team Champions? Tell me. Could you both live in a world with Ataxia as World Champion? It just might be your fates come this week. Enjoy your nights training or drinking or whatever you intend to do. I am off to do more work. The trail doesnít end with this guy. Unlike you I plan to give someone something they have earned. Answers. Go cry about your lives on Oprah and get it the hell off the television screen you pathetic primadonnas.

Alexander Hayes. The name that means hearing an accomplish list a mile wide is probably frantically trying to find a way to talk down to me when truth be told he knows he has no damn ground to stand on. How does it feel to know that for a few months you were Gary Mac's whiny little girlfriend doing as you were told and making sandwiches in the kitchen? You know it must really burn you that for the whole rest of you career all I gotta do to ruin your day is point out that you sold out your honor for the hardcore title and then by your own ego you lost it.

Some champion. Hell I don't really care for any title here, especially the Hybrid, but I defended them like a gentlemen even though I didn't care for them. How does it feel to know that you are less than Ataxia when it comes to being honorable? Tell me Hayes? How have you really changed if it's the same old song and dance? You are still the pathetic little man who I made a joke out of. Come on Hangman. Tell me what ancient spirit of emo has said that you must do to me now...or maybe, just maybe,...nah I agreed to keep personal stuff out of this.

At least you can say I've kept most of your personal life out of this Hayes. I mean. I could say a whole lot of things about your character, but I'd rather focus on the caricature that you play in front of all of these people. Those people turned on you and you loved it. Now. You want it back? Why? Can't you just live with your decisions? No one forced you to do the things you did...well...someone did. I twisted you and sent you off because someone like you could not, in your mind, lose to someone like me. That's always been your problem. I'm trying to help you and you don't realize it.

People like me always beat people like you because deep down you want to win by the rules because the rules are the only way you win. You want to become the world champion to rise this belt up back to what it was. TGM wants to keep it so he can get into the hall of fame. I don't fucking need it to do what I need to do. I got nothing to lose and only a shiny bobble and a footnote on my record to gain. I don't care about hall of fames or saving the honor of the world championship. That's you two ass clowns. I aim to use the title exactly like I have used both of you!

As a means to THE END.

Rather I get it or not Hayes you are on thin ice with me right now. You still try and act like you are some kind of hero. It's pathetic. Heroes are not made by the light. They are made by tragedy. What hardship have you had in your life? Nothing. You got everything you wanted. Harvard. This. That. The other. Everything. Why the fuck do you think you are some kind of hero? Because some drunk ass rednecks think it's awesome that you can do a suplex in spandex? You are no hero. This is not the grand arena. You are not here to save shit.

I may be a joke but at least I know I am one. You two still haven't figured out everyone is laughing at you two assholes as well.

You could have beaten Miranda at any time? Respect? Really? You know what mutual fear is called? Respect. Hiding behind your excuses again. I am supposed to believe that the same man who had passion and drive to come at me with everything he had didn't challenge someone because they were respectful? Miranda was not respectful of any of you was she. Otherwise she wouldn't have dropped the ball with me unless it's what I wanted. You call me some half-baked half scheming weirdo. At least my plans are working. So far you are still failing at everything you do. Hell you couldn't even hold onto a title HANDED to you. Not earned. HANDED TO YOU! You fucking little bitch. You talk about earning and everything in reality the only thing you've done is earned the contempt of the people you are trying to win back. Hell. I think the girl is better off dying than being around you because you are just that much of a poison.

You win you win? You lose you lose? Really? Funny. If that's the case then why am I in this match after losing to Rayn? If that's the case why am I in this title match? Why didn't they let you and TGM just duke it out yourselves...

Or did I just ask the question that points out what you already know. You aren't good enough to warrant a one on one match against him. Think about it loser. Why would Fluffy give you a title shot at the world championship with me involved as well? This is fucking punishment for your stupidity and bad choices yet again. Ask yourself the real questions. With everything going on with everyone else why are you being put into this spot over people who 'deserve' it?

You broke your ass to get here? Wow! I am so freaking impressed. Did you actually step up and be a man or did you just whine when you got made into a joke? Bust your ass? No son. You haven't done shit. You have never taken a risk in your freaking life without a small chance of success. You have never gone into a fight you know you could lose willingly. You have never gone for a moral victory when you knew absolute was out of the damn picture. Let me clear this up for you. You are less than nothing unless you step up your game because honestly Hayes it's becoming way too easy to beat you. In this match...I'm just going to show you just how much I have been toying with you.

The plan won't backfire if I or TGM don't get the title. I've even counted on the fact of rather or not you will win the world title. If you win Alex. Think about it. You honestly don't think I have thought of the slim chance you win that it will affect my fucking plan in any way, shape, or form that will change the result. No matter what fucking happens.

Even if I lose...I still fucking win!

It's not about one match! It's not about how long it takes! It's not about what has to be done to get it accomplished! You think I give two fucks what you or any other idiot in this federation thinks about me?! You use your ten dollar words and I'll still beat you with two cent ones that are just as effective. By the way. If I was a serf I would be enthralled by some sense of duty to someone. I am not some dirt farmer in your history channel mindset of the world you pathetic wannabe intellectual! I am the fucking black death for you!

...Nah. On second thought. I'll explain it this way. Alex. Humor me for one second. What if, and I know it's going to take a while for your brain to process this, I am right?! What if for one damn moment that this whole plan hinges on you and no matter what you do I will still end up achieving the final solution to this problem. What would be the proper course of action? To do what is best for you or to do what is the best for SFT?

Ask yourself if you are truly the heroÖwhat are you willing to give up in order to save us all?