It's really funny to me.

We got two guys trying to get something going over something that means nothing. You know what makes a world title more important than your secondary belt. Nothing. It's just a name. The whole thing is just a name. There is nothing that makes this match better. This is just a marketing ploy to get you people to see this as a main event. So why am I involved?

I was booked. I didn't ask for this. Ninety percent of the time I could care less who holds that belt till they throw them my way and I get to make them question their reality. The truth is everything you own or owe is all in your head. Money is only more important than toilet paper just because your mind tells you it is. Think about that! Think about the truth of what I am saying to you people. It's not about what someone else tells you is worth more. It's about what you see as worth more.

Most people chose family over money. They're the normal people who get up, do a job, and go home to what really matters. Those people have their heads on straight. Yet they strive to live vicariously through us to say that I'm like that guy. If I could I would be that guy. A lot of people see Hayes and want to be him. They see a man who has achieved greatness and is trying to climb the ladder of success again! He's fallen by the wayside thinks to someone's machinations that he now is trying to make amends for it. Such a noble want and need. It's kinda hard not to pull for him. Except that I see the truth. The truth is this smug little son of a bitch has an ego the size of the grand canyon.

What about you Ataxia? Don't you have an ego?

If I did...I wouldn't be here. I'm too good for this place.

Think about it. I'd go where there was an actual challenge. What are my challenges here? Some guys who believe they are fighting the good fight on the low end card, a few random tag teams, Hayes, and a bunch of whiny old men who think the world owes them something because they wrestled here when it was nothing more than bingo halls.

Oh...the competition sure is fierce!

Am I saying everyone here is talentless? No. Talent has nothing to do with it. Let's take a look at exactly what SFT stands for? Anyone? Anyone at all got anything? What is Shadow's promise to the people for a show? Anybody got a fucking clue? I'm being serious here! There is no company direction other than what future is told through Fluffy's magical reading of what was in his fortune cookie at the chinese buffet was before coming to the arena. 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions' and he adds in bed at the end of it to make it funny.

Well you've been beaten by this guy and that guy and...shut up. Ask yourself. Why did I lose to Saint Jude? Because he earned it. The guy fights hard and you know what all I was doing was carrying that belt till I could get someone to hold it who would do what I wanted to with it.

Admit it. I have never flocked for a chance for the world title. Why the fuck am I getting this match and not Jude or someone else? Someone who actually needs that thing to make themselves into something. I don't need or want the SFT World Title! I have never wanted it after what happened with Redd. Hell I didn't even want it during the Lethal Lottery. That was just the prize they offered. If Redd would have stayed out of my fucking life this whole mess could have been avoided.

That's what Strike Towers means to Ataxia...Sticking your nose in other people's business for your own fucking ego. That's all it will ever stand for. So it needs to be destroyed. I know who won't do it though. TGM is wanting that hall of fame spot so he can justify his alcoholic storyline that means nothing.

Wahhh I set my friend on fire. Go the fuck to therapy. I thought clowns were suppose to be funny.

Oh wait. ICP. Sorry. Funny would involve talent. Fitting you model yourself after those guys Alchy. Yeah I'm going to keep bringing it up. I'm going to keep forcing it down your throat like the shots you want to chug! You can't fight your demons and fight for what you want at the same time. It's like serving God and money. Pick one of the other. The problem is someone like me won't let you. Go ahead. Pick on something about my personal life.

Oh wait. I don't have one. Not from hiding it from you guys. Far from it. What I do on my days off don't matter to the fans. All they want is to hear me insult you and then see what the hell I am going to pull at this pay per view because something has to go down in order for it to be entertaining!

Maybe that's it. They saw your last match with Gust and thought this guy is boring to watch. Let's throw Hayes at him...wait he's boring to. Who do we have that isn't boring? Who do we have that always gets under everyone's skin? Who do we have that will steal the show early so we don't have a good main event? Oh yeah. Ataxia. Let's put him in the main event for a title we don't want him to have because if he gets it...all hell could break loose.

Is that what the front office really wants? Am I being punished to? Please. They know as well as I do I'm the one no one wants to be world champion. The sheer thought of it is enough to make people want to tune in. The masked freak could walk out with two title belts under his waist! He could defeat not just one, but two men to pull it off! They'd never let him have that belt! They'd never want him to have that belt! He'd destroy the company if he had it!

Please...I'll destroy the company without it. I all ready have. These fools who fight their useless fights still haven't caught onto it. I mean how much more obvious does it have to be before you all start picking up on the truth? The truth is as plain as the mask on my face. There is no smoke and mirrors here. I'm surprised no one has called me out on just how simple it all is. How the truth of this whole thing is going to come crashing down upon all of you at the right moment. The plan has worked flawlessly and all I had to do was throw a few matches here and there and just sit back and watch. They came out of the woodwork like maggots infesting. They all wanted a position of power over someone like me. Then one by one. I either made those who could stop me an ally, someone to use, or placed them as an enemy in a false sense of security. Gary didn't announce his retirement till after I beat him. Miranda's look of pure defeat when I defeated her showed her just how much I had toyed with her. Her reign is a joke. A shame. A lie. She just couldn't handle it. Johnny Legend got taken out like the trash he is. Hell...I should be thankful to you TGM. You took out Gust before I had the pleasure of deflating his sails as well. I guess I couldn't have all the fun. Then there was you.

I'm not gonna lie it felt good shutting you the hell up.

By your own rules you can't say shit to me. I've beaten you. That's all you and these idiots care about. I beat you nanna nanna boo boo! Insert your own raspberry noise here!

Yet when the chips are down and you all have to beat me I always stop you. I have toyed with everyone from Nirvana all the way down to Emerson! That's the whole point of this whole thing. Even when I lose I still win is the point that none of you seem to get. I can't be beaten because while you are all playing checkers I'm playing Chess. I'm winning because you are all stuck in your little worlds of hall of fames and redemption. It's pathetic really if you think about it. Nothing is nothing until you put belief behind it.

So why do I feel like I did in CWF when I got my shot and won the world title now...

Seriously. I don't need it. I never have for what I have wanted to accomplish. If I win it or don't my plans will still come to fruition. Does this mean I actually care about this match or does it mean I just want to shut you two up for the rest of your damn lives?

Dude JoB would say the man behind the mask is trying to seep through or perhaps my sense of pride in my work is finally coming back. Trent Steel would tell me I just want to prove my dominance in this sport yet again. To prove I am the worst of the worst and take these two aspiring made for television uplifting plot based idiots off their tracks.

My Miranda would just say that I just want to stop holding back.

Maybe that's it.

Maybe I just want to finally show everyone just what kind of game I have been playing. Maybe it's time I believe that I can win a world title even if it means nothing to me.

I guess I just inspired myself to actually give a damn.


It makes no difference, but when faced with something that could bring you a personal triumph...why not?

Besides the looks on the entire roster's face when they see me as World Champion would be a treat. How can they live in a world where I am world champion and they are not. The man who spits on their legacy is walking around with the symbol of it just to piss you all off.

It's really funny to me because I know what my opponents are thinking of right now. They are thinking about shutting me up once and for all. They are thinking about the match. What the other one is thinking. I know what's really going on. In the deep recesses of their minds. One is craving liquid courage. The other is craving perfection. This one. The one in the mask laughing at both of them.

He's perfectly calm and at peace because he's got everything he wants outside of the ring and soon everything he wanted out of SFT.

So why even bother? Why are you out to destroy something you don't even care anything about? Since my opponents aren't asking the right questions I guess I have to do it to right? The truth is if I would have been left alone none of this would have happened. DI would not have happened. Alex Hayes would not be in the state he is in right now. TGM probably would have come back, but wouldn't have had such a setback. Let's think about this. How many of the fans can think of SFT without Ataxia right now? What would it be like? It's almost as if every single conflict that happens in these doors is all of my doing on some level. I'm not getting a big ego about it. I'm just pointing out a fact. Hayes would still be the same loser he is, but would he be as focused? No. He would not. Truth be told Hayes. I've helped you out so much by giving you something you had never truly had in SFT. A challenge. With TGM it's easy what I give you. Someone to strive to shut up. Think about it. The only one who really stands in your way record wise of getting into the Hall of me.

Seems to me that the real goal of this match is not to win the world title. You both have to prove you are better than me. Sure you could pin each other and still walk out saying I beat you. In front of all of these people and in your own minds however. You'll be wondering...did I really?

Taking on the two of you might be to much for someone like me. Hell, let's be honest, I shouldn't be telling you two half of the shit I'm talking about tonight but I've grown bored playing unfairly with both of you.

I want a real challenge. Team up. Double team me. Beat me to a bloody pulp. Tear off the mask if you want to try. I don't give a fuck. Beat me down and tear me apart!

Then...after all of that is over. And I get back up and laugh in both of your faces. Then...maybe...just maybe you might fucking get it!

Because in that moment where you have thrown everything at me and I shrug it the fuck off maybe you just might know just how much of a pathetic federation this is when you two are at the top fighting against who holds back just to make it fair.

That's what you boys want is a fair fight right?

Life isn't fair. So get ready to bitch about this for next few weeks while I take what you two want and treat it as it should be treated.

As nothing important, because it's not the title that makes the champion. It's proving you are the best and you should hold it.

I am the best because I chose to challenge myself instead of worry about your little game. Chew on this for a while boys. I got more important things to do. Like help someone else out. Tune in and watch. I'll be ten times better than anything you two hacks can put together to 'entertain' us.