Have I finally made you both mad enough to shut the fuck up?

Psh. Not really. I can tell you guy are going to make me eat my words. Please do. Please. I just want someone to finally shut me up because then I might have a challenge in this world of prattling that you two keep going on and on about. These quests you have put yourself on. Ego and noble. However you slice it is still a waste of your times and talents. You know why people settle in federations? Because they know they can't make it anywhere else. This is not the only game in town and yet it seems everyone flocks to it?

Tell me. Why in the world would you flock to this place except for easy career boosts?

This place is like the springboard between the gonna make it's and the going out of it's. Which one are you two? It's easy to see that TGM is out for one last round because he knows he can't cut it anymore. The booze and bad decisions have lived up to finally killing the great tree that he was by eating him alive from the inside. How else could someone like me beat him? How could he have fallen so hard? Time is our greatest fucking enemy isn't it? Back in your youth I'd be dead right? Sad day, when you know you can't cut it anymore. You talk shit about Gary Mac when in reality you are in the same geriatric boat. Getting ready for retirement? Picking which home nurse your gonna be pinching the ass off until she chokes you with your own pills. Let me give you guys a preview of what TGM's nights are. Sleep. Sleep. I want to drink. I want to drink. I want to drink. I want to drink. Get up in the morning. Pee. I want to drink.

Oh I attacked the way you delivered your message instead of the message. Oh silly me. Here let me attack the message. I'm better than you cause I got a belt neener neener neener. I love just how much you seem to want to try and insult me when really all you are doing is choking on your own smoke. What exactly have you done? Beat Nathan Gust? Beat Miranda? Beat yourself off? On that one I will concede I will never do that one.

Yeah. I toyed with the bitch. You seem to be under the impression that everything I have done or not done has not had a reason. The Dead Pac was a unexpected honor bestowed upon me by someone I won the respect for. You know...actually earning something. In your whole rise to power you never fucking faced me. To get your shot you never fought me. There is your fact. You get your shot without ever facing me. Then when you do I kicked your sorry bozo looking ass!

Deny it fuckface.

Try it!

Wow you are only four years older than me and you are sucking this bad. Four years in this business is an eternity pal. You are the old man going into this because all you do is bitch and complain about how good you are, but all I see is a bunch of smoke that all you do will fucking choke! That's your biggest fear is that I am going to prove myself right. If I win this match. You are going to be shown as the paper champion that you always have been. You are like Rocky in the beginning of Rocky 3. You got no fucking fight left so they threw you to people you could beat. Then when I wouldn't lay down to prove a point it fucked your world up! It's going to fuck your world up! It's going to make you into a snarling little bitch because who is going to let you into the hall of fame if you can't beat me! Miranda did it! Gary did it! I at least did them the courtesy of finally giving a fuck right before they decided to swan song out. To show them that I truly run this place. So shut the fuck up and take your lesson in wrestling well because I am about to show the old man that he doesn't know dick about how to fight.

My victim roster outshines this place it's just a fucking pet project of mine. Unlike Alex...I have a whole other world title win under my belt. I have done many things in many different places all ready. So your point there is invalid. You and I just never ran in the same circles because, excluding this hellhole, I don't sign up with shitty wrestling promotions. Besides. I'm still only in my first few years. Oh sure you've done more. I'm sure the indy feds must love you on bingo night!

Upset? If I beat you it's an upset? Wow. I figure it's just a sequel to what happened last time. Wanna try again? I'm the favorite going into this and the fans fucking know it. Fluffy knows it. Shadow knows it! You are just the one that can't put two and two together without getting five.

You are here to prove that you are better than everyone else? Then why don't you beat me then fuckwad! Why don't you muster up whatever you got left and beat me! Come on! Do it! If you are so big and bad then do it! Finish me the fuck off! Come on! I'm waiting for you to smite me oh mighty smiter!

I got a quote for you. It's an original one. Courtesy of myself.

'Never send a clown to fight a real man!'

Speaking of assclowns. Let's talk about the king of it all. Alexander Hayes. Whiny. Bitchy. Pathetic. Hayes. You shutting up concerns me only for a few seconds because you have never truly been ever to beat me in a war of words. This concerns me with you silence because maybe you are actually starting to get that out of everyone here I have given you the least mercy. I have toyed with you the most. Things are starting to make sense. Things are starting to take shape where you see just how I twisted you and turned you loose. Every decision influenced by SFT I have had a hand in.

This is the thing. If I win this match. I prove everything I have said. You have all lost. I am validated by your own set of rules that you two clutch to. Don't give me that shit that you don't care about the world title TGM. It gets you closer to the hall of fame. You don't need it anymore and want to drop it. I can respect that. Hell I admire that you think it's your best course of action. As for a challenge. How about you beat everyone on the roster first before you start shit with me?

Oh...Did I just call you out?

You like blaming Miranda for that shit that meant you didn't get to chose your stips. I've heard this before. Only it was Gary talking about how he didn't want to fight me in a Hybrid match. I choked that bitch out. Instead of blaming someone else who was clearly outmatched with me...maybe you should look at yourself. What do I need to improve on to make sure that doesn't happen again? You have to keep this shit storm with DI because let's face it...aside from me...whose left?

There is no one left for you, but me.

That's what really gets to you TGM. That's what really makes you wonder just what more do you have left to lose if you can't beat me? Tell me. Did that promo I did with all that booze actually get to you that bad. I know. Maybe I'll spritz myself with booze before I walk out to the ring just to get into your head some more. It is because you know nothing about my weaknesses that gets to you. I'm your worst fears made flesh TGM. I'm the one who you can't beat because you can't get to me. No matter what you do. No matter how much shit you talk. I am still going to get one leg above you because of one simple fact. You underestimate me. You didn't learn last time and I doubt you will learn this time. Still there is a chance Hayes could win this to. I'd be more worried about him. Right now he's got a reason to kick your ass. Me. You're nothing. I've all ready proven my superiority to you and him. The question is do I take what actually makes you a threat and send you right back down to the bottom where you belong or do I let you leave with some fucking dignity.

Nah. You don't deserve it. You should start looking up the rest home that Gary is staying at because you are just like him. Pathetic little whiny bitch who thinks he can get away with stuff just because he use to be somebody.

That's the real point that gets to you. The one thing I have said that gets to you more than anything.

Your time has passed and the only thing that mourns you is an empty bottle of alcohol. Chug chug. Glug Glug. Shut the fuck up.

As for you Hayes. Deaths have a way of haunting us. Don't worry. I'm sure where ever she ended up she isn't hating you. There are enough people in this life who all ready do. Above all else. You wanna honor her memory. Stop hating yourself. Because in all honesty. I find this whiny fan chaser to be the worst incarnation of you yet. Don't worry. I'm sure after I beat you yet again you will come up with some other gimmick to make yourself seem important again. I'll play along because in all honesty...it's fun.

It's finished just like I am with both of you assclowns.

Shine up my belt. I'm going to enjoy crushing everyone's hopes with it just for the fun of it.