Did I finally make you see something?

Could it be that after all of this time you have finally begun to realize exactly what has been going on here. No. To much to hope for. Then again you are use to being a disappointment.

When are you actually going to put something on the line that matters?

Probably never. It's to advanced of a concept for someone like you to understand. No. That's not a racial quip. I do not hate you for being born the way you are. I hate you because you are a fraud. You are a lie. It's sad when the man in the mask is the one being the most fucking honest out of all of us. You sit there and preach to me about how superior you are...prove it. Just once in your damn life. Prove it. Is it that hard to pin me when I actually try? Ahahaha...It's so cute that you are starting to see just how pathetic these titles are. Here's a question for you...if you beat me...what's left?

Whose left?

There is nothing left of worth in these rusty crippled towers.

I've seen to that myself. Nirvana is a ghost. Hect is a phantom who shows his face only to cause chaos after it's all ready spread. Good to see you Hardcore one. Good to see that you were so interested in doing something. You've done the impossible. You've shut up TGM. A grand feat. Now if someone would just do me the favor of bashing Hayes' head in! I would do it if it didn't amuse me so to see you flail in the wind asking and begging for another shot.

What have you done to earn such a request of me?

Forget Fluffy. What have you done to earn another shot?

Hasn't Emerson and Jude gotten their place in line? No. Hayes has to stay stuck in line begging at the heels of his masters that he should be the next golden child...

It would be pathetic but it gives the word a more bitter meaning than any other use of it in the human tongue.

Finding solace in God eh? How...predictable. I'm surprised Jude doesn't sue you for gimmick infringement. You keep looking up to the heavens for answers Hayes. It sickens me to see this habit out of humanity. You want to find God. Look into the eyes of your fellow man. Have you ever held up the hand of someone you've beaten? Have you ever looked into the eyes of defeat and learned how to be a better man Hayes. Did all that talk of honor and good sportsmanship just sound cool to you as a gimmick or did you ever actually believe it? No spirit from another plane is going to help you in that match tomorrow because you have been possessed by another that you still cling to. Pride.

Such pleasant prose...you sure you didn't go to a non-ivy league school. You sound like a state educated creative writing major. Well...at least you are better than Lionel. Hahaha. Oh the joy it is for me to see you fall so low and yet still try to hold your nose up at us. The more it rains the quicker you drown.

Oh. Now you blame Fluffy! How cute. The only fault is your own. You got careless. You screwed up. You could have just stayed calm. Stayed focused. Instead...you lost your cool. Just like I knew you would. You feel for it and I struck like a cobra. It's a pity...Fatty was only trying to help. After all he was on your side. Yet. Anyone who is on your side you turn on. It's a fact. You turn on those who ally with you. It's a proven fact Hayes. We all know of your 'temper' and it's your Achilles heel. It cost you everything you hoped to gain. So I ask you again...what have you done to earn another shot at me?

You scoffed a title and got it taken from you. Turned on tag team partner, stable mates, and friends alike all because I made you look like a joke. Some honorable champion. Let's face it. Your only hope of gaining any sense of honor left is to start back at the bottom. No fan will cheer you. The only reason they do now is because someone they hate is holding the belt. The only reason they really hate me though is kinda funny...

It's because I'm right.

Now. I'm a little confused. Who exactly is to blame here? You? Fluffy? The fans for cheering to loud? Make up your damn mind and keep your stupid excuses straight for five fucking lines of monologue please! Jesus. Remind me to spend some of my championship winnings on sending someone to teach you how to fucking promo.

Pick a person to blame this week's failure on so we can keep knocking down your excuses until you finally realize that you just aren't fucking good enough to beat me.

There you go pointing out the race card again. I swear it's really funny to me how you keep pulling that card with me. It's like your ace in the hole yet you still can't get a suit to beat me. You keep saying you are going to beat me. Week in. Week out. Beat me. Beat me. You have yet to do it. It's the power of Ataxia. That fear that grips you in a paralysis because you are not going to defeat your own fear. The fear of failure drives you and that is why you continue to fail. You want redemption. Go to church. You want my belt. Take it! Because with or without it I am still far superior than your pathetic life ever will be.

I have loved. I have the girl of my dreams or have you forgotten my darling Miranda Steel? It's funny. You really don't get it do you. It's like looking into a mirror. I have the success. I have the love. I have the title. I have everything you want. Face it. The real truth that hurts you is you want to be Ataxia.

You want to be me and it really drives you crazy at night HAHAHAHAHA...

Who could blame you? I've played you all like a cheap fiddle and my next hat trick is going to make you all go even more crazier. Who can stop the Age of Ataxia? Not you. That's for damn sure. You criticize me without even looking at what I am going through. You want to get inside of my head? Okay. I promise you won't like what you see.

I see this world as a pestilent little child. Who complains about everything going wrong. Who scowls at his fellow man with some vain superiority. Human nature is a funny thing. We are the only fucking animal who tries to prove it's superiority to it's fellows due to any difference. You call me a freak. Why? Because I am different from you. If I am not you I can not be the best. Right? Is that where this philosophy of yours is? That Pride of yours is rearing it's ugly head Hayes. Some kind of dumb ass stupid idea that you are superior to anything is hilarious to someone like me. Has it ever dawned on you that maybe 'The Creator' is right in front of your face. You don't care about these people you claim to do this for. You do it for yourself. You always have and you always will. Because you don't walk a mile in any man's shoes but your own. I put on your face at least. I look at the world though your eyes and it's the same stupid point of view that makes us all sick. Look at us? What is the greatness of this generation? Nothing. No great music. No great art. We are nothing but filth. Will we rise up and start actually acting like what we claim to be or will we still be petty little dogs vying for scraps from the master's table? I don't see the world like you do because you see it with gold and glitter. I see it for what it is and I expose it. SFT is shit. Just like you. I aim to show the world exactly how shitty you are.

Why don't you actually put up something to give me a challenge.

Why don't you put up that little bit of pride and honor left?

Then maybe 'The Messiah Pariah' will be kind and after he takes it from you...he'll save you.

I doubt it though...After all...You are the hero...