Oh am I getting the silent treatment? Or are you just starting to realize that I'm right?

Probably not. I am sure I am going to be seeing and hearing your little pathetic opinion of myself. I am sure a parody of my life is going to be shown. Oh wait. I don't show any of you my real life. Why is that? Why do I keep these people from seeing everything?

Simple. It's my life. It's none of your damn business.

It also means that you have barely anything to make fun of me about. Oh I am sure I will see a lovely parody of my silly little attempts to take over SFT and destroy it. The sad part is knowing what I know and seeing you fail so miserably at it will just be the most hilarious thing to me. In a little while people will rewatch it and see just how far off you really are from the truth. The truth that is as plain as the mask over my face.

Well why do you hide behind it Ataxia?

That's just it. I don't hide. This is the champion SFT deserves. It deserves someone who doesn't care about people's legacies. Let's be honest here. Nirvana is a fucking tool. Hect is a loser. Shadow is a fucktard who can't book his way out of a paper bag. Every single person who actually matters to me who has wrestled here are my tag team partner and my former mentor. Trent left this place because it was a plague. He warned me about it. I didn't listen. Then again...they didn't count on someone actually fighting back.

This title mean that much to you?

Does it mean that you are willing to be made into a joke, more so than you already are? What purpose does this have in the grand scheme of things. This belt that everyone is infuriated that I have is apparently the boiling point for everyone isn't it? It's the thing that you all want to have me dethroned over. Yet. What about the National Title? What about the Tag Team Titles? Oh those can survive my tainting but this...this...pile of horse shit is what we all have to become upset about?

Let me tell you something you all ready know.

This belt doesn't make you the best.

Fact. But Taxi...SHUT UP! You are wrong. Okay? Shhh. You are wrong. It's okay to be wrong. It happens to everyone at least once in their life. Oh what if you are wrong about losing the match this week? If I lose I still win. If I win I still win. Kalis in the grand scheme of things is nothing more than an instigating oppurtunist. Even in the match where I won it I didn't give to damns about this title. It doesn't matter to me anymore after Redd showed me just what kind of federation this is. A place where you people just come and go as you please and don't get any fucking payback for it. Well I am the payback. I am the wrath of those that you have screwed over and I will do everything I can to piss you the fuck off because of it.

This title means less than nothing to me. Just like you. You want to talk shit about how this is your one last go round. Fuck you. You don't deserve a last go round. I beat you. Bullshit! Bull-fucking-shit! Did you really think it was that easy? When have I ever tapped out in a match as quickly as I did in ours! I threw it! I threw the fucking match! Have you not gotten this through your head or are you dumber than a fucking bag of hammers!

I threw it because you needed to learn something. Winning is not everything. You lose a lot more when you win and I thought for once you got the lesson. I really had my hopes that one of you fucking idiots would finally get it! But no. You had to prove me wrong just this once and come back into my life. That moment when Fluffy added the stipulation though did make me giggle. To think that it's going to help you out in this hunt for this title is hilarious.

You have two other men in that ring wanting to rip my damn head off and shit down my neck. Only one of you can pin me or each other. That's the beauty of it! That's the whole fucking point! Hayes won't let you get to me. Fluffy probably has it in his head that only he can set things right in SFT at this point! Do you not get it! Fluffy didn't help you with this match...he fucked you.

Just like he's done to Hayes the past two times.

So why the fuck does everyone think I'm the bad guy?

Oh Taxi's rambling again. No. Let's look at this. It's all a matter of perspective. Am I the one who turned on his partners and all of his fans? No. Am I the one who keeps screwing up the world title matches? No. Am I the one who apparently can't get a leg up without attacking someone at random? No. Wait. Are you still a little sore about me taking your precious little title shot?

Tell me. How did it feel to have no control over your life?

It was all planned out. You were going to beat your friend and become the number one contender and yet someone came by and took it away. Kinda similar to a situation that happened to me. So why did I do it? Why did I just do the exact same thing that was done to me? Simple. To make you see just how easy it is to hate this place. I took you out of the equation because I could.

That's what pisses you off isn't it. That I did it to you first. That's what this is really all about because I know it's been eating at you. You just had to wait till you had a victory to make it seem like you had a legit claim to coming after me.

Here's a thought. Why don't you actually do something worthwhile instead of claiming you are the best. Why don't you prove it by sticking it out for a few months in this shit rag. Hell. They have had to tell me to take days off. I hate taking time off. I despise it! It means I have to stay here longer to complete the plan. Of course now the plan is almost to the point of completion in and of it's own right.

Oh yeah. You still don't think I have one right?


Right now the plan is to piss everyone off extremely well.

So far. I'm winning. How are you doing so far?