I smell hypocrisy in the air.

I an feel it coming back again. It's permeates in every pore of everyone who works at SFT. The hypocrisy of Alexander Hayes getting another title shot without earning it shows just how much they truly care about those who should get a shot. The hypocrisy of Fluffy. Who in his infinite wisdom, much like his obesity, has decided that he is a wrestler as well as the man in charge. Such a foolish hypocritical paradox. Mr. Fair Play is now stepping into the game. Finally we have the biggest hypocrite of them all.

Hello Gary...I knew you'd be back.

The only question was just how long it would take.

I honestly expected you earlier. So nice to see that you disappoint me with your tardy behavior as well as your inability to keep a promise. You said to everyone. I'm done. I'm retired. I quit. I am finished. Yet, once I gain the prize that you so longed to have around your waist you came crawling back like a worm. Did losing to me when you said you'd take my title really bother you that much. Must have done a number on you and Miranda since you both retired when I took you both out in a matter of weeks. Oh. I am sure we will hear all the crap that you want to spew to hype yourself up to actually take me out but we all know one thing that is a fact.

I did what you said I couldn't.

I beat you.

Deny it all you want. Rules you weren't use to. Fine. All that matters is your perfect little record against me is flawed and that's all anyone will care about. Because after this match I see you running away yet again. Because three on one...I'll still win.

Don't believe me? Wanna doubt me? Let's point this fucking shit out right the fuck now. If you do “take my title” it took three of you fuckers to pull this bullshit off. No one person can take out Ataxia when he is at his prime. So let that sink in. No matter what you do. You had to have help to stop me. You couldn't do it by yourself. Get that through your skulls. The fans. The boys in the back. Everyone in the whole world knows this is a screwjob.

Just I'm not the one getting screwed.

Speaking of screwjobs. Let's talk about Fatticus Maxiass for a moment.

You talk about fairness and trying to do what's best for the fans. I call bullshit to the extreme on this. The fans are mad at me because I enforced the rules. You fucking crossed a line with me twice all ready Fluffster. You coming down to the ring that night I won the title told me everything. The boys upstairs didn't want me to win this title. I didn't ever ask to be put into a match, but I'll be damned if I am going to be told I'm not wanted and fall in line. The sad thing is you know I'm right. SFT is fucking trash! Not your fault though. I want to point that out to everyone. This is not your fault. You are just the last middle management fucktard who got placed on this sinking ship. Let me tell you a message. If Shadow really doesn't like me holding his precious little fucking pathetic no account pile of shit title then he can come down here like a man and TRY to take it!

I'm serious. He wants it. All he has to do is say he's shutting this hellhole down forever. I want it in writing. Then I will gladly hand this over once it's fucking closed.

That is the only thing I want out of this. No one seems to care about that. This. This thing. It's the only fucking thing that matters right? Everyone else is like 'Oh he's TRYING to destroy SFT'. They laughed me off for months and months. Now. Now there is a sense of dread. Just like...I might just do it now that I have the one thing everyone gives a fuck about.

Except me. Then why do I fight so hard for I? Because to you all this is what SFT stand for.

And you wonder why I piss on it.

Speaking of piss. That leads us to the last...wrestler...out of this bunch.

The one who is the least of threats to me.

Why don't you just kill yourself.

Seriously. I fail to fathom how you can keep trying to psyche yourself up against me. 'I never give up Ataxia!'...Bullshit. You did it when you joined the Cult of Gary a few months ago. I didn't even force you to do it. I just gave you a push. Poof. Oh you've said this stuff all ready Taxi. What? You got no new material.

Oh I do...so glad you wanted it.

You know for someone who has so much pride in his ancestry I bet they are really wondering what the fuck happened to you. 'You see that little shit right there. My descendent. I kill many bear, deer, and scalped many white men. Him. He lose to white boy constantly and still talks about how great he is. What's up with that?'

Do you want some Aloe for that burn?

How about this one? How many people from that stupid ivy league school of yours do not want anything to do with you because you are not a world champion yet? I mean I could keep pointing out the flaws in your logic about how I should be intimidated by your accomplishments and where you come from, but let's be honest.

You have never beat me in a single match.

What the fuck do I have to fear from you?

Your backup? Please. You honestly think that they are going to let you pin me. No. Fluffy doesn't want you as champion just as much as he doesn't want me. He's there just to make sure Gary gets it, because Gary is someone they can rebuild with.


It's sad that we live in a world where I am more marketable than you. Hell. That's why Fluffy put his hands on me. That's why he was there to make sure you didn't fuck it up. Funny. The look on his face wasn't shock that I had the title is that he let it happen. You were suppose to be handed this and like a paper champion lose to someone else down the line. The whole point of all of that was to give you an unfair advantage. All of these stipulations are all geared to give you more of a percentage chance of beating me.

It would work to...if I wasn't as good as I say I am.

This whole thing is just one more clusterfuck that I will walk away from unscathed. Because even if I lose...

Yeah. I know you know. Because deep down the only reason this is happening is because this thing matters to you. Let me tell you one thing. It will not be washed. I will do horrible and nasty things to it. Remember that when you or Gary or Fluffy are holding it in your hands.

I peed on this.


I don't know what I am thinking sitting down with Trent Steel. It really bothers me from time to time just how hard it is to talk to my 'mentor' about anything of merit outside of the ring. He had recently started back at OWF so for once he was in between gigs and so was I. We talked for a while about SFT and what I was getting myself into this week, you know...that shit everyone else throws into their promos that doesn't really matter and seems really freaking staged. Yeah. I'm not going to bore you with that crap. However...This was the interesting part.

'So what's the real reason you came down here to see me?' He asked finally content with the amount of bullshit I had put myself through to have a civil conversation with him. I held out a small black box and handed it to him. '...No.'

'I figured that would be your answer.'

'Look. Dating her is one thing but...'

'Before you start. I don't have to get your permission. Let's be honest here. I could go around behind your back and do this. I'm at least coming to you face to face about this. So hear me out at least.'

'All right. You got two minutes before I reconsider taking that mask from you for good.'

'Look. I love your daughter. I know she's not your real daughter but she is like your daughter. Here's the thing. I talked to her about this. Not exactly this. Which when she see's it she is going to be pretty upset, but that is something you have to deal with. Hell. If you're right I'm going to prove to be a pain in the ass anyway and she'll dump me for a better guy right?'

'...Probably. You still haven't told her who you are under that thing haven't you?'

'No. I am keeping with your wishes and likewise her's. She said the only way she would accept this proposal of mine is if you gave me your blessing. So I'm asking and I figured this would be the response.'

'You know why I can't do that.'

'Yeah. Doesn't mean I have to like it.' I got up to leave. I stopped and grabbed the box. 'You know we all don't have to be miserable and alone just because you are.'

'...'He got up and pulled out something from under his t-shirt. It was his wedding ring.

'Whoa. I thought you got rid of that thing.'

'I never will. Just because we got divorced doesn't mean I don't love her. You want to prove to me that you and Miranda should put yourselves through what I went through? Because that will happen. You know that. That mask is going to come off one day and when she finds out the truth about you. What then? You have to be willing to go through what I go through every day. To know that the one person that you can't live without doesn't want you anymore. You think about that and come back at the end of the week. I'll think on rather or not you've earned it by then.'

With that he left. I looked down at the box. This was gonna probably be the next few hardest days of my life. Hey. It'll be a nice storyline so people can get inside of my head and try to use it against me. Sad part is...I can't use any of my tricks. Egads. I may have to be honest for once. Oh the irony just might kill me.