Whoa! An angry fit from Dude JoB. I love how much this place is turning into a hell pit the longer I hold this. And I intend to hold this longer just to see how quickly the madness overtakes the rest of you. Now before we continue I would like to apologize.

To any Native American people who read this I apologize if my statements upset you.

Now...I also apologize that Alexander Hayes is a member of your race.

It would anger me to. I know the hate right now is misdirected at me but this sell out white bread little man trying to pass himself off as you is really quite pathetic in my mind. Oh sorry. Alex. Did you honestly think that I give two shits about your opinion of me.

Get ready for another rerun...

Because I'm tired of watching it to. Week in and week out. Over and over and over and over again...I just keep hearing the same shit ringing in my ears.

I am a Harvard Grad. I am Native American. I will be a champion.

Change. The. Fucking. Record. We've all heard it and NONE OF US CARE!

You talk about this title needing respect? The title worn by Nirvana? Lionel? Gary Mac? Miranda? Please...Have a little fucking dignity in your own words you pathetic plebeian.

Oh I mentioned a stereotype. Well that added five minutes to your promo. You are quite welcome. Now remind me again why I help you out?

Oh I am ignorant of historical facts!!! Yet so are you.

The fact I beat you once. Twice. Three times...ya lady.

How many is it because I keep losing count. The only time you ever even got the drop on me was when you turned on everyone and hit me so Miranda could pin me. Must suck knowing that someone else beat me thanks to you instead of you getting the credit in the record books.

Those better than me? Let me look around and see if there are any of those kind of people in SFT right now. Nope. Couldn't find them. Damn I love pointing out the flaws in your logic. I don't cling to this because I want it. I cling to it because you do. You are failing because I am toying with you. You take this thing from me I still destroy SFT. Hell...I think the roster might even be getting lighter as we speak.

Oh I have not yet begun to play games. My tricks are in massive supply because no one is going to see this coming. No one is going to see what's going to happen after this pay per view. I have plans. Oh yes. Plans that are about to come to fruition. All thanks to you, Fluffy, and Gary. See I did expect Gary to come back once I won this because he can't stay out of the spotlight. Let me ask you a question. How are you sure that Gary is trustworthy?

How can you trust Fluffy?

I will sleep better tonight than you will because I have no fear of anything happening at this pay per view that is going to change my fate. There is nothing I want from SFT. Nothing that means anything to me. None of you matter. Everything I want is beyond this federation.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

I wonder how many brave young men like you use Kelly Clarkson as a mantra?

Probably just you. Oh, but I know. I know. You are going to give the kiddies something to hope for? Why? Reality is not that simple. No one needs idols and morality. It just gets in the way. Have you not realized that for all your speeches playing by the rules has gotten you nothing? Nothing you can do can stop me. You all obsess over this game and I don't care about it. I am your worst nightmare. The rules do not apply to me and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it!

You hold this dear? Well...No wonder you are so pathetic.

Let me pose this question to you and then we will call it a night. What are the right reasons? This? This thing that can be taken away from you? This thing that means little to me, but everything to you. I don't care for this thing. It matters not to me that it exists. I spit on it. You crave it. One man's shit is another man's heaven. I got slapped in the face. You want to talk about respect. None was handed to me and none ever will be. You want respect? Go be a boy scout. You want something in this life what are you willing to do to get it? You are willing to play by the rules and get it when and if it is your time. It will never be your time. Because you say you are here for the right reasons. Bullshit. I am here for the right reason. Singular. That is the destruction of SFT. It deserves to die.

And you deserve to be the last corpse buried here.

Hmm. Trent just sent me a text. He'll answer my question at UnNatural Selection...Odd.

Oh well. I'm sure nothing is going to upset me. Not even a rant from a silly man wearing war paint that no one else seems to care about. Go ahead and get mad. I'm walking into a trap...and I don't care. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...