So. You get counted out with me and you still get your shot again?

Oh I love the favoritism thrown around here. It really makes me believe that anyone worth a damn is gonna come my way to get a shot at me. Seriously? Is it because you threw me into something that these people still believe your lies? Yeah. Liar. Liar. If I had enough gasoline I'd set your pants, and you, on fire! I didn't want to do this. I really didn't. I mean let's face facts. No one really wants to fight someone like you. You are a downer. A downright depressing thing to behold. Oh I love the fake crazy act though. It'd make you almost tolerable to watch if it wasn't so fucking fake.

So is this where I start doubting myself. Saying that if you win it won't mean anything? No. I don't doubt myself. I just know how things work. Luck always plays a part in things like these. If you can't win in a fair fight you get tossed into something they think you have a advantage in.

Remember kids. Beating Ataxia is not about doing it fair and square like your masters want you to think. It's all about making anyone else who is a corporate stooge into the next world champion so they can “shut me up”, a feat that hasn't been done since the Lethal Lottery almost a whole year ago. You know, when “Redd” showed up and decided...I'm going to fuck your world up.

Don't ya just love it when unforgivable sins just creep up on ya.

You think you are really worthy of being world champion more than I am? What gives you that thought? If Redd doesn't exist then it was you who created the menace you see before you? If it wasn't then what the fuck right do you have to face me on that front? Because you beat me for the National Title? A title I give a shit about less than this one? Let me tell you something you all ready know even in your mentally challenged don't have any rights.

None of you do.

All these people want to do is make you think you have a chance. To make you think you can do it. The crowd eats this up because they are sheep. Sheep who believe that the good guys will win and the bad guys will fail because that's how they WANT life to work. It's not how it is! It's how they want it to work! Even if that is the truth and bad guys will lose...what makes you the good guy? Good and Evil are subjective. Wake the fuck up! You start listening to these people, Fluffy, and anyone else who tells you that you can beat me and you are going to start getting cocky. That is going to make that ego that all wrestlers have. The difference between me and the rest of this profession is that I acknowledge my own faults. I look into the mirror with this mask off and I see just where I screwed up. Every victory and ever defeat I watch to see what I can improve on. While you children film these lavish promos I actually do real work and have a whole other life to live. That's right I'm a success because I don't stop. You all seem to have forgotten the golden rule. A day's pay for a day's work. A day is twenty four hours long. Eight hours at most are needed to sleep. I knocked it down to six hours years ago. I work hard. I rarely go party except in costume. I work out while you all sit and do stupid things for days on end.

The main thing I do is I don't try to convince people I am crazy...we already know I am.

Otherwise I would say I've done it! I have won the world heavyweight title! This is the greatest thing in my whole life...when it's not! In fact after I leave here. I will never claim it or anything else I have 'won' here. Because they are all worthless just like the rest of you.

So why do this?

Killing time till the trap goes off. Oh not this again Tax. Not this I'm going to destroy SFT bullshit. First off it's not bullshit I'm just not taking a direct approach. When I set out to do this I did research into everyone who tried it. They failed because they actually thought they could do it by themselves. That they could somehow take down this great place like an ax to a petrified forest. To bad in this case it's a more indirect route. Every single one of you are helping me reach my goal.

The worst part.

You all don't take a step back and look at the big picture. That is why you fail.

Now onto this scaffold match. I could go on and on about how you are out of your league doing this like every other blowhard. I'm not. Instead I'm going to tell you exactly what is going to happen. One of us is going to fall. One of us is going to fail. You really want this? You think this title will somehow restore what you have lost. I am reminded of a story. It's not from the bible, but it still holds it's meaning.

In a certain village every year they hold a festival where the first person to reach the top of the mountain gets a grand prize. Usually only the young try it save for one old man. An elder. One young man won the prize for three years in a row and was about to go for his forth one. He was standing next to the old man who had never won and had no chance of getting to the top. So he asked him. 'I have watched you for years old man. You try and fail every year. Why do you climb the mountain when you have no chance of winning?' The old man smiled. 'I fell off this mountain the first year I did it. The woman who would be my wife mended me. Years later my two sons both won the grand prize because they wanted to do more than their father could. I have never won that prize. You yourself watched me as a child try and fail. Trying and failing to some is worth giving up. I am not here to win the prize my son, I have all ready won a greater prize than you have in those three years. I won a wife, two proud sons, and I have become a legend of trying. I am not failure, I am an inspiration.'

So tell me. Do you want to be a winner or a inspiration? Why not both? Oh nothing is wrong with winning. People in this industry dream of climbing to the top to get this. What they don't dream about is the fall! What they don't dream about is getting back up and moving forward. Keep going forward. That is the one thing that you don't hear anyone talk about. Damn that was a hard fall I took. Damn I don't wanna go through that again. Bullshit. I hope when I lose this title that I do get kicked to the bottom again just to prove to all of you that it doesn't matter how far I fall that I will keep getting back up.

One shall stand.

One shall fall...

That is the fate that we have to live out. One winner. One loser. The thing is. One of use doesn't have to be either. I am merely going to treat this like any other match. You. You will try something. You will push yourself. You will do something that you never thought you would do to try and win. It will fail. Because even if you throw me down. Even if you win this title. You have not beaten me mad man.

Because you do not have the guts to follow me down!

Now. To more important things.

I've always hated talking to Trent Steel. Seeing him wearing my face though is not making it worse. Just different.

Ataxia: So. What do you want? Really. You wouldn't sign up with Fluffy unless something I did pissed you off. What was it?

Trent Ataxia: Well junior. What do you think you did to piss 'Trent' off?

Ataxia: This has to do with Miranda doesn't it?

Trent Ataxia: Oh you are a smart one aren't you!

Ataxia: You all ready won when you said no Trent. Why are you trying to derail my plans?

Trent Ataxia: Why are you taking your sweet time? If I would have done this the place would have been a bad memory by now.

Ataxia: Or you'd be crushed under Shadow's foot. No Trent. My plan is simple and it takes a long time, but it will get the job done.

Trent Ataxia: Trent? I haven't seen him. You do remember you are talking to me don't you?

Ataxia: So. What do you want...Ataxia.

Trent Ataxia: I want you to go away. I want you to die. I want you to fall on your face and beg me to end it. I am going to break you.

Ataxia: How? To break me you'd have to...

Trent Ataxia: You got it! I'm just holding off till the world title match is over. I told Fluffy I'd not interfere though. So no worries about me hurting you. I suggest you take a moment to think about this though. Just how much longer are you going to run from me on camera till you and I have to have a showdown.

Ataxia:...When that happens. I'll destroy you.

Trent Ataxia: Try it'll fail.

I walk away at this point. I know what Trent wants. I just have to figure out how to stop him as Ataxia...This is going to require a bit more planning on my part.