I don't know why I am doing this.

Not the wrestling. Doing a second promo.

It really isn't needed, much like this match. You see Fluffy liked the fact that you tried to hurt me. Tried being the appropriate word because I am not in any pain from last week. At all. Oh you revealed that the doctor you keep seeing is your father. Whopdee shit. Oh you aren't crazy. Gee. A possibility that I figured as well. Oh we aren't going to pretend this was all staged like some cheap ass soap opera.

I think I saw this on Guiding Light.

Oh and he analyzed me! OMG! I AM SOOOOO SCREWED!!


You still have no fucking clue about me. Everything that was discussed is wrong. Wrong. Wrong! Then again you are so use to being wrong it wouldn't surprise me that you are just use to failing so bad that you have to be right otherwise you'd be a real loser.

Pride is your sin Jude. It's the same as everyone else. You have this view that you have done something to earn something and thus you are entitled to it.


Yet again.

Is it just me or do all you old people just like to compare things to things you have seen before instead of doing research?

Oh this dude is just like LegionNirvanaSuperGringoNumber37!

Gee. You think maybe looking past the fact I have a mask might actually be where the truth lies. I mean the only difference between you and I Jude is that I admit this is a lie. I take this shit off at the end of the night. Go home. Enjoy my life.

You just sit around trying to come up with cliches to make your audience give a damn.

Mine tune in simply because they know I steal the show. Every. Damn. Time.

Seriously though that was the twist? That was the payoff?! Did you get ghost written by M. Night? Because this sounds right up his alley of lame ass endings. I'm sorry but...Douche I am your father is all I heard ringing in my ears as soon as it went off. I didn't even rewatch it for a while because it just hurt my brain that fucking much.

You really think doing shit like this impresses people?

You think people give a flying fuck about your personal life?

Let me ask you all a question? Who cares who I really am? Is that really driving any of you right now? Does that really fucking matter to the world at large anymore? You don't want me to take off the mask. The idea of this “mask” is what makes you listen to every word I say. Now we got this bullshit coming through the pipeline because I got news for you. We all know when we are being followed with cameras. Hell you even fell into the WORST stereotype of today's pro wrestlers.

You had a talk about your opponent with one of your sidekicks.


World Championship effort here folks!

Now let's talk about what everyone really wants to know about. Let's talk about the truest of the true here. The fact of the matter is this. At Divinity Falls someone is taking a dive in a literal sense. Falling down from on high to hell itself. Sounds like a main event written for you doesn't it? Why not? They're practically handing you a title for being a failure last week anyway?

Oh did I point out the flaw in the logic again? I really need to stop doing that. It's making me unpopular at the water cooler.

The fact is you have all ready failed and that seems to be rewarded around here. How many times did Hayes get a shot at me before the world finally realized he can't do it. Is there no one else? Have I ran through everyone all ready? Have I proven the mockery of SFT is at it's highest yet?! Have I not done what I have set out to do?

No children. The Messiah Pariah still has many more trials to face. Technically I am the longest reigned champion all ready. Did anyone else remember I still have the Hybrid Title? I have the tag titles! I have everything that you all want save for the hardcore title! Why the fuck should I give two fucks anymore?


I want the fall.

I'm looking forward to it. You are a man of faith. In other words Jude...you fear death. You fear everything so you do every good thing you can do please the guy in charge and hope that he doesn't cast you down where you don't want to go. Let me tell you something that might just put you on your ear son.

Heaven or Hell exist on Earth. Right now I am in Heaven. Even if I fall I will still be there because it's one more day off my list of having to spend in this pit of shame that is SFT. You put yourself through Hell for a reward. I got news for you. When you die. Nothing you do will matter after fifty years. You will be some figure in your family history if you spawn, but in reality...no one will care.

Just like right now.

No one cares.

You found your daddy!

No one cares.

You found out your aren't crazy!

No one cares.

You tried to put trashtalk into a promo and failed miserably!

...well I kinda care about that cause it's laughable.

Point is your life means nothing to these people just as much as mine does. The difference between you and I is I understand this. You apparently don't get exactly what is at stake this times. Allow me to show you...

From up here the ring looks really far away. If you hate heights you really hate my cameraman right now. He's not to happy about it either. I start to fade in on the screen. I lean back hanging over the edge of the scaffold without a care in the world.

Ataxia: Hey Jude!!! Look at what you and I get to deal with in a few hours.

I shake the side of the scaffold with arm and it shakes the cameraman as well. He really isn't happy right now.

Cameraman: Stop that!

Ataxia: All right! I just wanted you to get a good point of view of exactly what we are going to be going through. This is the rig on which both of us are fighting. One false step. One screw up. One trip. Phew...that's a long way down. It's kind of a metaphor for what you and I have went through. I was this high once in SFT when it mattered and then...I got pushed. Down there. I could have stayed down there. I could have rolled out of the ring and never come back. Instead I dusted myself off and got up. And I vowed right then and there to do whatever I could to take this place down. I fell down more than once. Let's be honest. I don't have the best record here and I don't claim to have. I'm use to being down there and up here. To be honest...I almost miss down there. To some people. That's hell. Failure is hell. That is the one thing you can't live with. Someone has to win...someone has to fall.

Cameraman: Can we get down now?

Ataxia: In a minute. I'm not a cruel man. I'm really not. You just represent what I find wrong with the world Jude. You cling to a moral code. If you are a good person. You are a good person. Right? When you hide behind morals which are subjective then I begin to question your motives. Your convictions are strong, but your path is flawed. You seek forgiveness...what exactly did you do that was so bad? I don't believe everyone is unforgivable...which is why I find this whole speech of yours that you like to spill to be nothing more than a bottle of ignorance that we are suppose to drink because of your “morality”. Let me show you what is all important in this match so that you are not confused anymore.

I take the camera. The cameraman is so happy. I motion for him to go ahead and get off the scaffolding. He does so gladly. I point the camera down to the ring.

Ataxia: There! There is where you belong. There is where I was. There is where everyone has to go at some point in their career and face the demons of their own mistakes. I have faced mine. I'm ready. I just have one question for you Jude. Are you prepared for it? Are you prepared to fail? Are you prepared to fall? I turn the camera to my face. I smile and I drop it. It falls straight down. It lands. I don't know if it is on or not after the crash. I breathe. Open up my arms out like I am on a cross and leap...a leap of faith. I land properly at the last moment right next to the camera. I look at the camera upside down and smile.


Fade to nothing...