I am the abyss that you can't look away from.

Surprise fuckwads!!!

Guess whose back. Back again. Miranda's back...the good one. Not the pile of crap.

What do I have to do with this pay per view?

Well. I am full of Christmas cheer early. This time I decided to help out SFT. Someone dropped out of a match. Woe and behold I have a personal connection with both groups in it. I decided to throw my lot in with someone who is very dear and special to everyone who knows her.

So officially. Henchwoman. I am your partner.

Since you can't have an Axis member to help you out I'm the next best thing. Titania thinks she's going to stop my buddy Tax and you guys. Seriously? Bitch you can't even last against me. What makes you think you can stop me and Henchwoman? Please.

Even if you win. You won't win the war. Your "sister" is going to still be on top. Ataxia will still be on top. Dirk will be on top to. Wow. You guys like to be on top.

Insert perverted laugh here.

So what can we expect from me in this match?

Something so awesome that no one will ever see it coming.

So what about my mystery opponent? Do I give a crap? Do I care?

After all the wild turkey I drunk last night. HELLLLL NOOOO.

So I promise there will not be a sleeper match on this card with any Axis member because you got the most awesome tag team of chicks in the world. Two Crazy Chicks!

We're rocking this my punks and weirdos.

Titania, I think you should pick a more appropriate name. How about Onbak? Because you are always on your back getting pinned? OHHHHH.

Oh I just went there oh my lawd whatever will I do?

Don't worry. I'll make it quick and painful. Like any relationship you ever had girly.

Just promise me one thing. You won't bleed to much on my nice new gear.

What could be the big surprise for the match? Well I'll give you a hint.

Something huge is going to be announced on this card.

And for once it's not my bra size boys.

There is no need to finish this trashtalk cause this match was over once I signed up.

Henchygirl. Moi! I loves you! Titania and mystery partner. Go suck a lemon.

I'm outtie.