I am the abyss that you can't look away from.

This happened months ago. I had just graduated from college. My “mother” didn't show up, probably sucking dick somewhere. My adopted brother, Justin Zane, and his wife showed up. He's retired from wrestling for now from a injury. I always hated that he got to be one of the world's youngest world champions at the age of sixteen and I had to be the good girl because Trent knew my father. Justin is lucky both of his parents never met Trent. I had to be the good girl. I had to be the “black sheep”. I have always loved this. Hell. Trent wouldn't even let me go crazy till high school. Such a hypocrite. I got back to my apartment and there he was. My father.

We see a picture of Trent Steel next to Miranda in her graduation robe. She has semi long blonde hair then. She doesn't look to happy.

He had seen me walk, but he got out of there so no one would see him and he'd steal my thunder. After hanging for a while and having a drink we finally got to talk. I wanted to be a wrestler ever since my parents died. I was angry. Trent and Jen were great at that time. Jen tried to teach me to be a girl, but I'm a tomboy. Trent had never allowed me to do more than training. I asked him why. He said 'Your father wanted you to get a college education.' and that was why. He wanted to keep my father's wishes. I'm not happy wit this degree. I'm not happy because I didn't get to live my life. So I asked him if I could finally do what I wanted to do. He asked me if I really wanted to do this. I said yes. He said good. He'd start my training on monday. That's when I met him for the first time. We see another picture of her hugging on a guy wearing a hoodie with his back to the camera.

That's when I met Ataxia.

Fade to black.

So...this is a promo. I am so shocked. I've never done one of these before. I mean. I have no experience what so ever...

Thankfully neither do any of my opponents.

Oh I'm sorry I am being rude. I'm Miranda Steel, daughter of Trent Steel, which means nothing to any of you yet.

However once I kick all of your ugly skank asses and win this bitch I'm going to be the big bitch on campus.

Oh I'm sorry. Did you guys think that I was just going to be a nice cute little girl who just wears an outfit to show off my awesome boobs and ass right?

Well they are awesome. I love my boobs. They're cool. Who doesn't like boobs. Hell, gay men love boobs and they got no reason to. Chubby chaser...emmm...I chase chubby's to.

Oh my dad is gonna kill me for this. You're all fucked. Hahahaha.

Sorry I don't do the mad cackle like Taxy does. He said he'd teach me if I help him with his fashion style. I told him go talk to Dirk Roman if he wants to look like a girl.

Speaking of girls.

Wow...I have never seen this many angry wannabe supermodels on the rag.

I am my father's daughter. If you bitches thought you were going to get some kind of easy insult free pass I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm going to give you a better tongue lashing then a level eighty five lesbian.

For my nerds out there! Represent! For the Horde mother fucker!

Let's start off with the dumbest of the dumb. Titania. Seriously.

What the hell is your major malfunction. Seriously? You mess with my boy Taxy's match with your “sister”. Bitch there is a reason why you are in this rumble and Dawn is in the world title match. She's good. You suck. Better yet I think that's your maxed skill. Sucking. I'm going to nickname you hover because you being the “queen of fairies” just doesn't sound right to me you dumbass little whore. Don't worry. Don't fret. It'll end quickly. You know like all the guys you've been with. Quickly, painlessly, and really really sticky.

Smile you got pwned!

Dawn darling. No worries. I aint gonna get in your way. After you get revenge on she-bitch the dumbass all bets are off though. I don't like her. She smells funny. You. You rock! For this rumble I am going to put my best foot forward, but I won't hurt you cause I know you are pulling double duty where as Lionel is just doody.

Speaking of shit on a stick. He has a little girl in this to. It's like all the guys have a pet they want to show off.

Relax guys. We all know you smoke each other's poles. Girls. Take the night off. Seriously. We all know Hayes and Kingston are a tag team of catcher and pitcher. You guys make Dirk Roman look like John Wayne.

Genny Kingston. God I hope you aren't as boring as the seven foot tall small dicked wonder I keep hearing about. Hearing to a point of really wondering why they give him a camera. Seriously. This isn't entertaining. If he wants to shoot films. Go the fuck to LA and get off the show. It's killing ratings. Just fucking die all ready. As for you. I really don't know you. I really don't care to. You smell of boredom which is worse than smelling a girl who doesn't clean herself.

You remind me of a sewer rat.

Just as appetizing.

I know you are going to wait till the end to say anything. Which is fine. I expect you'll need your “ghostwriter” to actually take time out of his busy schedule of filming his remake of the live action Dragonball to get to you sweetie.

Get a life and get out of my face.

Oh we got a shooter! PA PA POW!

I found Serenity! I loved your movie. Nathan is the shit...you just smell of it. Sorry. I really hope you are not as lame as I seem to think you are because quite honestly you just seem bland. Nice butt though. Really. Accent it for your few minutes of fame before it hits the ground. It could be a highlight!

Henchwoman! I love your work. Do what you gotta do girl if it comes down to me and you it'll be fair. I won't go to crazy on you because Taxy asked me to be nice to his friends. A friend of Taxy is a friend of mine.

Which brings me to elephant girl in the room.

Hello other Miranda.

It's like we wore the same dress to the prom except I look better and you just suck. Oh. I'm gonna get a hit on me! Oh no! Get in line. I got so many ex's who want me dead for the shit I've pulled on them that you are gonna have to take out more than “seven deadly ex's”.

I'm waiting for this to go horribly wrong. I really do want to beat your ass just for the sheer fact that you seem to think you are the most awesome chick here. You aren't. Matter of fact...you aren't even a fucking speck of awesomeness compared to me.

Then again. Compared to you. Snookie is a better wrestler.

Suck it. Love it. Wash your mouth first. It's fucking Ambrosia.

Kresten and Maiko. Why are you guys here? More T&A? Oh one of you use to be here?...Wow...Old funbags. Woot!!!!

This is where I don't care about any of you and just need to be the princess of pain.

Get ready to go over the top and lick my gum off the bottom.

It's gonna be gross. It'll taste like Jack Daniels.

I am my father's daughter.

Holy shit! A Ninja! A Slut! Slutty Ninja? Are you the geisha girl to Murder Ninja?

Cause if you are I gotta ask you something. Do you wear underwear? Cause you just seem to like to gank people's shit so I was wondering if you wore underpants in that skin tight thing of yours.

Crouching Kitty, Hidden Pantyline!


All right kids. Have a great day. Because tomorrow. It's gonna be one night you will never forget.

Because I will make an impact in the best way possible.

Hugs and kisses freaks!


Now that I have your attention you are probably wondering about my friend, Ataxia. Are we an item? Are we awesome together? Do we make rage babies? No. Truth be told he's a good friend at least for now. He's taught me a lot as my sparring partner. He does some of his best work at finding out just to how be as brutal as possible.

We see a picture of Ataxia hitting a man extremely hard in the chest with his elbow as a now dark haired Miranda watches.

He is a master of pain. I don't know how he does what he does. It's all a part of his mystery. I don't know who he is under the mask but he's one of the nicest people to work with as a teacher. He's patient, but doesn't let me get lazy. We see Ataxia in a clip with his mask on training Miranda. He's being strangely not as bizzare. He's insightful, polite, and even laughing. Not with his death cackle but with a normal laugh. He still looks weird as hell with the red teeth and eyes.

The past few months I have felt more alive. All the while Trent has been working hard with me to get my style down. A combination of power, technical, and extreme aggressive violence.

We see Miranda in her new look. Black hair, tattoos, black and purple color look. She looks like she's just having a great time.

So what does this mean for the rest of you? It means this. You are all thinking I got nothing. I'm boring. I'm dull. No. I'm the princess of pain. I'm someone you have never faced before. I have been proven. I have been measured.

We see Miranda posing in the ring in her ring gear.

I am better than all of you fucking bitches.