=/= “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 starts to play as “The Reckoning” walk out of the entranceway down to ringside. Ryan Storm walks out with the aid of a cane as Jaiden Rishel and Ataxia walk out on either side of him. The audience boo's and starts throwing stuff at the entranceway as the trio walks down to ringside.=/=

Jim Gunt: What are these three doing out here?

Chester Taylor: Taking up valuable airtime.

Mike Rolash:...They never come out together.

=/=Ataxia and Jaiden help Ryan Storm into the ring since he is still recovering from his injuries. Jaiden gets in the ring with him as Ataxia grabs a microphone. He tosses it into the ring to Ryan Storm as he gets into the ring himself.=/=

Jim Gunt: I guess we're hearing from Ryan Storm first.

Mike Rolash: Wonderful. Let's see how quickly people stop watching.

Chester Taylor: Shut up. This could be important.

Mike Rolash: Unless it involves them all quitting I highly doubt I care.

Ryan Storm: