=/=We cut to the parking lot to see Weapon X walking away from his rental car talking on his cellphone. Aside from his usual ring gear we see he is wearing a “I 'heart' Highlander” t-shirt. He walks at a slow pace as he talks on the phone.=/=

Weapon X: Yeah. I just got here. Good. So the boys are holding up well. Great news hun. Yeah, I just had to make sure about...

=/=X stops and we see Ataxia sitting on the back of a trunk of another car. Ataxia has on his usual ring gear plus a black top hat and cane.=/=

Weapon X: I'll call you back.

Ataxia: Hello.

=/=X drops his bags to the ground and eyeballs Ataxia very carefully as “The Messiah Pariah” gets off the trunk and walks towards him.=/=

Ataxia: I think it's about time you and I had a heart to heart in a face to face meeting. Don't you agree?

Weapon X: What is there to talk about?

Ataxia: Oh a lot. Misconceptions for one. Stupidity for another. Then let's not forget that little bit of humanity we both have left.

=/=Weapon X doesn't say anything. He just keeps watching Ataxia.=/=

Ataxia: Am I really such a bad guy?

Weapon X: You are a disease.

Ataxia: You're the cure right?

Weapon X: Yeah.

Ataxia: You know you can't usually get a cure without being a virus to begin with. See, I know for a fact that underneath this pretension you have of being this honorable idiot there is a bit of a darkside. You want to unleash hell but your pathetic little code won't let you will it?

Weapon X: You think you are so smart don't you?

Ataxia: No. I know I am smart. See. The thing is. A sensible man would do his damn best to make sure you were in your most limited condition. One call from me and Angelica will make this match so by the book that you won't be able to do anything that I can't counter. That would be the smart thing to do wouldn't it X? However...I'm not a little coward like you. I don't hide behind such pretensions. So I want you to know from me to you. You are nothing. You are weak. You will fail.

Weapon X: You gonna talk me to death Tax? And people say I ramble...

Ataxia: Oh yes. I am. After I end your career at Confliction. I'm going to do what I did to Amy Powers to Viper!

=/=For one brief second it's quiet. X reaches down and tosses one of the bags at Ataxia who kicks it away only for X to tackle him into the trunk of a nearby car, setting off the alarm. “The Hardkore God” starts kicking the shit out of Ataxia and then picks him up over his head. He “snake eyes” Ataxia through the back glass of the car. Ataxia rolls out of the car.=/=

Weapon X: HA! HA! Whose laughing now you little freak!

Ataxia: (coughs up some blood) You hit like a girl.

=/=X grabs Ataxia and places him into his crossface chicken wing submission hold. Ataxia lets out a yelp of pain.=/=

Weapon X: I will break you in half! I will destroy you and your "X-Factor" because you are nothing!

Ataxia: Agh! I know something you don't know though...

Weapon X: What's that?

Ataxia: I can do this!

=/=Ataxia dislocates his shoulder with a sickening pop and slides out of the chicken wing. He quickly swallows something and turns around blasting X in the face with a black mist. Ataxia runs for his cane and one handed he smashes it over X's head. Ataxia slams his shoulder into the car trunk over and over again until his shoulder pops back into place. Ataxia quickly grabs X by the mask and pulls it covering X's eyes.=/=

Ataxia: I'm nothing! You are about to be retired by NOTHING!

=/=With that Ataxia lifts up X and tosses him into the concrete wall of the parking area. Ataxia grabs his top hat and looks back at X who is slowly recovering.=/=

Ataxia: You want to continue this I'll be in my offi...AHAHAHAHAHA Oh man.

=/=We see the car that X and Ataxia have destroyed says “Gamble1” on the tag.=/=

Ataxia: Someone just pissed off the boss. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

=/=We cut to ringside.=/=


=/=Coming backstage we are inside "The Hump" as the cameraman is pointed at the entry door for the superstars for CWF Massacre.  Yelling can be heard from outside as then a loud thud.  Then another & another & even another before coughing is heard as then the door opens.  In comes Ataxia as he's dragging in Weapon-X by Ataxia's good arm.=/=

Ataxia:  You know, you keep talking about putting me in the electric chair got me to thinking you enjoy getting jolted every now and again.

=/=Off to the side is a power panel, with a sign reading "Do Not Touch:  Extreme Danger" as Ataxia opens it as if he had no fear.  He then picks X up & goes to throw X head first into it as if X was a lawn dart but before X is fully free from Ataxia he uses his legs to grab the head of Ataxia & what amounts to a backwards head scissors sending Ataxia down to the hard cement floor.  X starts to get to his feet as a smile can be scene from his face.=/=

Weapon-X:  You already put me through a flaming table with a burning hammer.  I mean hell it makes it seem like you actually don't like me.  I thought, from your words, that this was just a stunt by Gamble to make a lot of money off of a cheesy good vs. evil match.

=/= Ataxia is getting up as X delivers some kick boxing like knee strikes to keep him off balance.  Then he grabs Ataxia by the head & goes to throw him head first into the power conduit but Ataxia gets his arms out last minute holding the wall beside the box stopping it.=/=

Ataxia:  And here I thought things such as this were against your code of conduct.  Now what would the little kiddies that adore you think of this?

Weapon-X:  This is a example of when you try to do things in a respectable manner but when you keep say, getting hit in the back of the head by a lead pipe, that you must defend yourself by any means necessary.

=/=Ataxia delivers a elbow to the gut of X which gets him to loosen his grip on Ataxia.  Ataxia pop's out the back & then he has X by the head as he brings his face extremely close to the circuits & enough voltage to probably fry the both of them.=/=

Ataxia:  Aww isn't that sweet as your little kiddies will have to learn if their expecting the good guy on a white horse to make all of their problems go away that it's never going to happen. Because people like me always win and people like you always fucking FAIL!

=/=X is able to pick Ataxia up & deliver a back body drop onto the cement ground as they start to roll away from the panel.  X gets up first as they come across the boiler room for the arena. X takes Ataxia by the mask, which if you remember is glued on, as he throws Ataxia into the doors which open inwards into this dark area of the arena.=/=

Weapon-X:  Your fearless leader is injured & even if he gets every time he's attacked off of tv it doesn't mean it hasn't happened & oh where's Chance now Ataxia as he took my warnings & has taken a leave of absence from the CWF.  Now, since he's a great rookie, I did not want him to leave the CWF JUST The Reckoning but if he needs time to reflect on the company he keeps that's fine by me as your new member can not save you from The HarKore Warrior's brand of justice.

=/=Ataxia is standing up as he swings at X but X ducks underneath it.  X throws a kick but Ataxia blocks it with his hands as he goes to trip X but X jumps over his leg.  X goes into a tie up but Ataxia pokes him in the eye & then hits a belly to belly suplex sending X down hard to the mat as the laughter begins.=/=

Ataxia:  Seriously a tie up in a brawl?  Even when you have no rules your trying to do shit the "right way" as the only "right way" in the CWF is OUR way as if you think your the reason Chance Stevens has taken a break from the CWF then you really do have a bigger ego then we all know you do.  The Reckoning is stronger then ever as Jaiden will be a force to be reckoned with, and oh yes the pun is intended.

=/=Ataxia isn't paying attention as he puts his hand back, as if to lean on the wall, he comes in contact with one of the hot pipes that you would find in a boiler room.  Under that scarecrow's mask you can't tell but by his actions next a light bulb went off inside that sick mind of his as he catches X as he's trying to stand up with a knee to the jaw.  Now Ataxia grabs the legs of X & catapults him into the extremely hot pipe as X hits it he yells out in pain as once he tries to back up from it Ataxia goes to hit him with a super kick but X grab's his leg dropping him in a ankle lock.=/=

Weapon-X:  I may not laugh like you you sick little freak, you murderous bastard, but I can withstand the pain just as much as you can.  Japanese Deathmatches been there done that, light tube barbed wire for ropes matches, there is nothing you can do to me that I haven't been through before in my...

Ataxia: 16 years as a Main Eventer, blah, blah, blah fuck give it a rest ok?

Ataxia has found, in the darkened room, a steel chair as he has it with both hands & sends it full force backwards into the face of X.  X lets go of Ataxia's leg with 1 of his hands which is all Ataxia needs to spin around, nip up with the chair in hand & then lay the hard top of the steel chair into the gut of X.=/=

Ataxia:  Hell since I can't show you something you haven't seen before my thought is to keep it simple for you as well as most of your pre teen fan base. This is a steel chair. Let me introduce your skull to it!

=/=As X is doubled over from the first chair shot Ataxia, who is slightly limping from the ankle lock, goes to hit X in the back but X throws a knife edge chop right to the dis located shoulder that he gave HIMSELF earlier in the evening which stops Ataxia's momentum.  Then X delivers a hard chop right to the throat of Ataxia, which some legends say IF that shot is delivered perfectly it could kill a man, as Ataxia gasps for breath as he goes deeper into the Boiler room under some other pipes.  X grabs the steel chair & levels Ataxia in the face, just as he did last week with a lead pipe, as Ataxia DOES NOT fall but he's down to one knee as his sick laughter continues.=/=

Ataxia:  Come on old man is that all you got.  I bet your run down, used up wife can throw a better chair shot then that.

Weapon-X:  My wife is a Goddess!!!

=/=X throws the steel chair up to the pipes as, either they were faulty to begin with or X has some strength behind him, as two medium sized pipes come crashing down onto Ataxia which seemingly knocks him out as you can no longer hear him.  X looks at his handy work as he slowly, since Ataxia did put a beating on him, walks out the boiler room & near where the stairway is that will lead him down towards the locker rooms as well as the arena.=/=

Weapon-X:  Now that the easy work is finished I get to show the world that Jarvis King is not the only "Hall of Famer" in the world of Professional Wrestling.

=/=X moves towards the stairway when, from behind, Ataxia is back & hits a bulldog on X that sends them BOTH down the few flights of stairs as X lands chest & head first while Ataxia lands on his rear end as, from the boiling hot pipes, you can see burns up & down Ataxia's arms & hands but he's sitting up as X is rolling in pain as we go back to the ringside area.=/=


=/=We cut to the backstage area where Ataxia is tossed from through the staircase door right in front of some of the technicians just walking in the hallway.=/=

Ataxia: Ow! I think he's mad. Help! Help! A evil masked man is raping me!

=/=Weapon X comes out of the doorway and grabs a road box and tosses it at Ataxia who gets out of the way fast. Tools fall everywhere as Ataxia runs up and kicks Weapon X in the sternum and then grabbing X by the balls. He flips X onto his back my his “manparts” and then stomps on them.=/=

Ataxia: Well what do you know. You do have a set! Then again I'm really good at holding small things. Ohhh lookie here. HAHAHAHA.

=/= Ataxia picks up a pipe wrench and turns to Weapon X who has his back to him. Ataxia goes to slam the pipe wrench into X's spine but X comes up with a hammer and hits Ataxia right in the kneecap sending “The Messiah Pariah” down to the ground.=/=

Weapon X: Never turn your back on your opponent.

=/= X slams the hammer into the back of Ataxia's head hard. For a moment Ataxia doesn't move. He convulses for a moment but then turns towards X.=/=

Ataxia: Please sir...May...I have another! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Weapon X: Not a problem!

=/=X goes to slam the hammer into Ataxia's face but Ataxia grabs the hammer before it hits him then kicks his legs up. Using the momentum he flips X over him and X let's go of the hammer. X lands on top of the opened road box. Ataxia grabs X's hand and puts it inside the road box and slams the lid down hard on X's hand. Ataxia notices something and goes off camera. X gets up and his eyes get really big as he catches a full water cooler container coming towards him. Ataxia comes back on camera and sweeps X's legs out form under him causing the container to land on X's chest. X is out of breath.=/=

Ataxia: All that water weight. It goes right to the lungs. Now...

=/= Suddenly security finally interjects itself as Ataxia gets pulled away from X. President Gamble and the medical personal rush toward X. They get the container off of him and start checking his ribs.=/=

Ataxia: Just when I was having fun!

Steven Gamble: Get out of here! You got a match up next freak.

Ataxia: In this state you expect me to compete.

Steven Gamble: No. I expect you to lose!

Ataxia: You keep that pile of garbage back here and I'll be glad to disprove your theory. See ya later “old man”.

=/=Ataxia laughs as he walks away. X is livid as he tries to get up, he throws a wrench towards Ataxia and it misses.=/=

Steven Gamble: Calm down.

Weapon X: Let me end this now!

Steven Gamble: Take some time. Be patient. You and Viper are my A-Team. I know you can take this punk out. Let Angel wear him down some more. Let him lose to her again and then crush him!

Weapon X: I can finish him off myself.

Steven Gamble: I know that. I just want him humiliated again.

=/= The feed gets cut as X smirks at Gamble.=/=


=/= As we go backstage you see "The HarKore God" Weapon-X, with his historic "I heart Highlander" shirt laying on the ground getting taped up by CWF agents as Viper is talking to him.=/=

    Viper:  X, you do know who your facing tonight right?  Ok, as every CWF mark wants you to lose to Jarvis King so that it makes us look like amateurs."(Oh they were big everywhere but CWF is the major leagues since it's been around since 2001.)"X, we were in the WfWA.  WE are the major leaguers here.

  =/=Viper is hyping up her husband as his ribs has finished getting taped up as he smiles for his wife.=/=

  Weapon-X:  If you think I'm not focused on making Jarvis look bad then you forgot who your husband is.  Jace Valentine made this match KNOWING what I'd do to him but you have to think big picture Viper.  We may be allies with Mike Crisis or we may be dealing with the match of the week but the big picture is always going to be the destruction of The Reckoning.

    =/=X has just been finished being taped up when, out of the blue, in comes Ataxia punching X directly in his ribs.=/=

    Ataxia: I just had the urge for some cracked ribs! Big picture?! I'm the only thing in the fucking picutre losers!

    =/=Ataxia throws X into the lockers as then he looks at Viper as if a sudden urge came over him as she looks defiant.=/=

  Viper:  I won't dishonor my husband in getting involved in a 1 on 1 affair but I swear to you, Ataxia, you keep bad mouthing me. I will be the one you have to worry about not my husband in taking you down.

  Ataxia:  Well since you want to go down...why don't you open your mouth in a nice “O” shape and get ready to suck my...

    =/=X grabs the throat of Ataxia & puts on a Tongan Death grip type of a hold which sends him to the wooden bench X was sitting on.  Then X picks it up & moves him, still in the deadly submission move, to the lockers as Ataxia's body slams against metal as X yells out.=/=

    Weapon-X:  So you got by Angel good for you as she is weak in comparison to a Warrior as I will not stop til The Reckoning is destroyed.

    =/=X then throws Ataxia out of the door of his locker room.  He's still feeling his ribs but he follows out the door after him as Tex comes from his knee's up he delivers a knee thrust right to the ribs of X & then grabs him in a full throw before he could realize what was going on.=/=

  Ataxia:  Warriors have their limits.  I don't!

  =/=Ataxia delivers a t-bone suplex to X in the hallway which lands X nearly square on his head in the cement floor that is in the arena tonight.  Ataxia is now standing & moving as if he's gloating as he talks over a fallen X.=/=

  Ataxia:  I was studying you over the last month since Frozen Over stupid. You underestimated me X. I know you better than you know yourself.  Angel needed to be dealt with so I showed her what happens when I care about the match. I made it defiantly clear out in that ring that the only person that I want to destroy in this place is YOU!.

  =/=X starts to get up, as if you look closely he's starting to spit up blood from his internal injuries, as he motions to Ataxia to come get some as a small growl can be heard from his mouth.=/=

  Ataxia:  Oh I made the old man mad. 

  =/=Ataxia comes forward but X catches him with a upper cut that catches him off guard.  Then a few side kicks are to follow as then X slams Ataxia's head into the wall of the hallway.  Then he takes him to the other side as he slams him again as one wonders how that nose is holding up that was smashed into with a lead pipe last week as then X gets down to one knee.=/=

  Weapon-X:  I have come here not for titles or glory but to prove that I am who I say I am.  A man of my word & a man to the morals of my heart as Ataxia you have been found guilty.  How do you plead?

  =/=X comes up & knee's Ataxia in the stomach so that he launches over & then X has him set up for a powerbomb or possibly a last call maneuver.=/=

  Ataxia:  Not Guilty!!!

  =/=Ataxia powers out sending X into a back body drop onto the cold, hard cement as then Ataxia starts to laugh.=/=

  Ataxia:  If only real life were as easy as guessing how the "good guy" would fare in MY type of brawl.

    =/=Ataxia looks to come over X to deliver some closed fist devil punches but, all of a sudden, security rushes Ataxia to keep him at bay as CWF President Steven Gamble shows ups.=/=

  Steven Gamble:  Ataxia! X let you go peacefully so you could have your match as let him go so he can face Jarvis in the HarKore Rules match.

  =/=Ataxia, unlike X previously in the show, does not want to stop fighting as he is seemingly wanting to make his mark tonight that Weapon-X is not going to be the death of him. He just laughs and starts fighting security!=/=

Ataxi:  Hey X, if you got the balls, after your match with the supposed "CWF Hall of Famer" you'll find me outside.  And you'll find me ready for war.

=/=X is slowly getting up as about 10 security guards are holding Ataxia back as we go to the ringside area. =/=


=/= We cut to the outside of the arena where we see Weapon X walking out the front door with singapore cane in hand looking for Ataxia.=/=

Weapon X: Where you hiding? I know your out here Ataxia! Show yourself!

Ataxia: I really don't think you want that.

=/=We hear Ataxia's voice coming from all around.=/=

Weapon X: Show yourself?

Ataxia: Why? Your just going to get your ass kicked then everyone will laugh at you “bub”.

Weapon X: Are you really this gutless. Hiding in the shadows. It suits you. You are a coward.

Ataxia: Really?

=/=We see walking out of the shadows across the street from the arena holding a walkie talkie. It must have been hooked up to speakers outside of the arena. In his other hand Ataxia is carrying a barbwire baseball bat. In between both men is about four lanes of traffic.=/=

Weapon X: You think your cheap theatrics will scare me away?

Ataxia: Actually...I think it will be the fact you don't have your mommy to help you cross the street. You want me fucktard. I'll meet ya in the middle if you got the guts!

=/=We see cars speed by as Ataxia runs for the street and Weapon X follows. They meet in the middle and almost start dueling with the barbwire baseball bat and singapore cane. X is the first one to score a hit with the cane sending Ataxia down to the street. Cars are buzzing past both men as they keep brawling. X slams the cane hard into Ataxia's face with a sickening thwack! X picks up Ataxia and does a side russian leg sweep, with the cane over Ataxia's throat, sending the freak into the ground hard. Ataxia is clutching his neck as he looks up and see's a car. He rolls out of the way just in time.=/=

Jim Gunt: They have lost their minds! They're fighting in the street!

Chester Taylor: Someone has to stop this.

Mike Rolash: Hopefully it'll be the downtown express!

=/=CWF security is trying to stop the cars from coming close to the wrestlers who are still beating the hell out of each other. Ataxia dodges a cane shot from X and tackles him to the ground. Ataxia drives his elbow into the groin of X and then gets up. A car stops right in front of him and Ataxia flips off the driver. He grabs X and drop toe holds him into the hood of the car face first! The car driver gets out and then gets back in when he see's that it's two guys in masks fighting in the street.=/=

Jim Gunt: I smell a lawsuit.

Chester Taylor: Either that or free tickets for life.

Mike Rolash: That man just earned the first born son of Steven Gamble.

=/= Ataxia leaps onto the car's roof and waits for X to get back up. “Peaceful Tolerence” from the top of the car. X hits the ground hard. Ataxia picks him up and goes for a powerbomb move but X slides out of it. Kick to the gut. Evenflow DDT on Ataxia.=/=

Weapon X: What did you do with the girl? Answer me, and I might let you be able to walk.

Ataxia: Ahahahahahahahaha....

Weapon X: I'm going to break your neck boy.

Ataxia: Ahahahahahahahahaha....

Jim Gunt: I think Ataxia doesn't know where he is or what is going on.

Chester Taylor: When does he?

Mike Rolash: Okay I don't say this a lot but that is a zinger.

Weapon X: You got one last chance Tax. Tell me what I want to know.

Ataxia: Okay...Your ugly under that mask. THERE I SAID IT!

=/=Weapon X grabs his singapore cane and goes to slam it into Ataxia's face but Ataxia rolls out of the way and kicks the cane breaking it. Ataxia gets up and flips off Weapon X.=/=

Ataxia: You asked me if I was going to talk all day. I'm done talking...

Weapon X: Same here.

=/=Weapon X drops the remains of his cane and pops his knuckles. Ataxia pops his jaw and they both stand still for a moment. The feed is starting to break up as both men start to punch each other out in the street until we lose the feed.=/=

Jim Gunt: Damn it!

Chester Taylor: All we're getting is static till we can get another camera out there.

Mike Rolash: Great. Now I gotta wait to see if they get killed in traffic.