You could say I am having a bit of an identity crisis.

The sad part even with all of this we have to deal with my job. The job of dealing with two guys who should have given up a long time ago.

Let's be honest here for a few moments. Neither of you belong in this match. Am I being bitter about something? No. I just now that this is a waste of time. The one thing I can't stand is wasting time. Emerson admits he fears me. Congratulations. He's the one man in SFT who actually has a lick of common damn sense. Then we have Saint Jude. I'll get to you in a moment.

Why do you fear me Emerson? Have I not always been nice to you? Did I not a mere few months ago give you a compliment in the ring?

Why are you afraid? I'm just a guy in a burlap sack? What could possibly scare you about me?

Is it my success that scares you?

The fact that I have gotten everything your play by the rules heart could ever want and desire? The fact that I am better than you by everyone else's standards? Come on Emerson? What's to be afraid of? That I can do more in this federation without even trying that you can fighting your heart our every night. You are perhaps the one person in SFT who has nothing to fear from me. Hell. I actually pity only you out of this whole asshat group of misfits.

You bust your ass every night and do the best you can. You don't make excuses. When you lose. You lose. You could give Hayes a nice little lesson in understanding what being a real competitor is. I will say that if SFT goes under I would do my damnedest to get you another job because any roster would be lucky to have you. You work hard. You fight hard. You don't back down. You are a workhorse. So you can sleep safetly knowing that this boogeyman isn't coming for you.

However...As much as I respect what you are. I am going to have to go through you to get to something that has gotten my attention. For that I am truly sorry. Because to get to that I am going to give you the match of your life if you get into the ring with me. If I were you I'd leave that pile of crap that is your partner to his own lesson in humility. You see I got no problems with Emerson Embry. I got no issue doing exactly what you would do and more to you in this match. I am going to beat you down. I am going to bust you open. I am going to not give one damn inch that you don't earn. If you beat me for these titles then you have done something on Titans that would be great for your resume reel. The facts are this though. I am going to have to throw what little respect I do have for SFT out the window to keep things going. That means throwing you under the bus. For everyone else it's just business. None of anything I have done has been personal. You don't want to see me get personal. You don't want to see me lose my patience.

Out of everyone here you are the only wildcard I worry about.

Your partner...on the other hand.

Jude. Let's be honest here. You owe me a thank you. You owe me a thanks for not caring about that match that you won the National Title with. This whole thing that all of you keep pushing about titles. If it hadn't been for my not giving a fuck we all know you wouldn't have it. At my prime. In my presence. You are nothing more than a one trick pony. I am the greatest not because I say I am the best, but because I know it. I don't need these little pathetic belts to tell me that. You do. These tag titles mean nothing. Getting my hands on you however is going to be oh so sweet.

You see right now people think you might have it.

For the past month of this defense I have had to deal with people coming out of the woodwork to try and force a champion out of my opponent. Hayes didn't have it. We all know it. Then we get a match between the man who is the greatest underdog in wrestling history versus the whinest little girl I have ever seen. Somehow you win both falls. Somehow people think hey...he beat Ataxia before...he can do it again.

Let's clear up something. No one in SFT has ever beaten me. Even when I lose I still win still stands as the truth. A ugly truth that you try to hide from. The truth is I am better than anyone in this business and you fucking know it.

That's what really bothers you. You see people talk about sins of the father. You carry your brother's sin. You have become Cain. You have become that which takes the blame for everything that has happened to SFT. The cancer that I am was all brought about by your flesh and blood. You don't forgive yourself...Good.

Because I am going to tell you exactly why you shouldn't forgive yourself. It is not for some divine providence to give you forgiveness or for you to earn it. You can't be forgiven because you are a human being. You are merely a man. You are a mistake of nature! You dare to tell people who they are and what they should do and you can't even deal with the outside world.

I bet you felt really proud when you won two fights in a row with Emerson.

Tell me. Do you trust that he wants to be a partner with you? Of course you do. See you can't have a team without trust. Yesterday I had an incident with Dude JoB. We had a bit of a spat. That's all that was. There is no turning. There is no hope for your tag team. There is nothing more than your pathetic run coming to an end. The first battle between us culminating in this fight for these pathetic belts will end with it still standing.

My three versus your one. Three? Oh yeah...still have that pesky title that no one asks me to defend because everyone knows that no one can beat me in a Hybrid Match.

Just like Fluffy knows you can't fucking beat me you pathetic little worm. That's why he signed Steel. That's why this charade is going on where we will see a build up to me taking on my former mentor and former fore-bearer of this mask. The thing is no one wants to see Ataxia vs Jude because let's face's not worth the effort.

You think you are World Champion material?


You aren't even curtain jerking material and everyone knows it. You talk a big game but in reality we all know that you just can't pull it off. You always get so close Jude...Then you fucking fail.

What is the point of this match? To test the waters. To see if you need two other guys backing you up to beat me. Because that didn't even help. Gary Mac decided to play for a winning team for once. He knew it didn't matter. It was all one big joke.

Just like the idea of Jude and Emerson being Tag Team Champions.

Oh, but you don't care about the titles.

You are right. I do not. I do however care about crushing the hopes and dreams of the people who right now have faith in you. So sad really. The only way anyone would ever like you is when you have to face someone who you truly can't stop. Hayes couldn't do it with help. What hope do you think you have?


Start praying because I don't think God is going to save you and neither is Fluffy. Hell not even intervention from my own face is going to save you. People say I shouldn't be in this business because of these titles. They say if I am not here to be World Champion then why am I here? Well I am here to save killing it. It's high time it happened and the longer people keep seeing me as this champion they will keep watching leading to the greatest event in wrestling history.

The live destruction of SFT...

Who can save it now...

What the hell?

Clever...Really clever. Well. I can see that there is something that should be done about you. Get ready for a show none of you will never forget...