~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"I'd like to see...how you all would bleed for me..." Bleed the Freak. Alice in Chains.

Didn't I always tell you be careful what you ask for. Hi kids. It's the original. That's right. I thought I would get your attention for a moment. This is probably very confusing for all of you so let's talk for a moment shall we?

{We fade in on a run down studio where it looks like the set of an old creature feature intro show like Elvira. We see an old style coffin in front of us start to open up. Out of it, dressed all in white save for his brown mask is “Ataxia”. He stands for a moment flashing those yellow eyes and teeth before he puts on a white top hat and starts walking towards the camera.}

“Ataxia”: Did we really think I wasn't going to hijack your little attempt at a promo junior? Come on now. Where would the fun be if I couldn't fuck with your head...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

{The laugh is just as sinister and maniacal as the other Ataxia's. The mannerisms are matching up just perfectly to. If not for the color change there would be no difference.}

“Ataxia”: Do tell me you haven't forgotten about little ol me. I would hate to think that I had disrupted your thoughts on this week's big title match, but alas and alack I think I have. That really hurts me junior. It really does. Why I might even cry if it wasn't so god damn pathetic! Here you are threatening lesser beings with your infinite power. Really? If you were so powerful you wouldhade destroyed SFT by now! Hell I had GCWA destroyed within a few months of joining and you are still holding out for something. What is that one moment? A real fight? Someone you can't beat? Someone you can not stop? Oh you can beat Trent Steel all you want. You can beat Hey Jude and Emmit Emberson or whatever their names are...but can you beat the original? The Ataxia that fans cheered for! The Ataxia that the people screamed save us! Save us! Save us! The Real Messiah of the Pariahs! Tell me...How does it feel for you to be a pale imitation of me? How does it feel to be a hand me down wrestler? Hell. At least Jude has a gimmick. At least Jude is himself. You are trying to be...me...and failing miserably at it...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA...Oh it's glorious really junior. It really is! To think that you wanted to marry Trent Steel's daughter? Please. You can't fool me. You can fool all of these people, but I know who you are. All who wear the mask of Ataxia are known to me...You...are...not...fooling anyone...even yourself. Why don't you take that mask off and prove to the world you are as good as you claim, or are you afraid of your own face. You've worn the faces of others...let's see how you fair when you have to face your own. Enjoy the rest of your night kiddies...we now return you to your regularly scheduled boregram! AHAHAHAHAHAHA...

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